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​Spanish Bilingual Program (K-12) at the CBE

Our Spanish Bilingual Program provides students with the opportunity to acquire the basic skills for speaking, reading, writing, listening and communicating in both English and Spanish at a young age. In this program, Spanish and English are used as the languages of instruction, beginning in kindergarten or Grade 1 and continuing to Grade 12.


  • Students entering kindergarten or Grade 1

Benefits of Learning Spanish

  • Expands the intellect
  • Teaches responsible citizenship
  • Develops enhanced feelings of self-esteem and pride in having acquired an additional language
  • Strengthens English literacy skills
  • Encourages the joy of lifelong learning
  • Promotes exploration, understanding and appreciation of the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world and contributes to multilingualism and multiculturalism
  • Allows students to compete internationally
  • Provides students with more choices for advanced education and career options
  • Broadens students' cultural life through access to literature, art, music and theatre in another language

Benefits of Spanish Bilingual Program

  • Dedicated parents/guardians result in a high retention rate of students
  • In elementary, a 50/50 split in instructional time between English and Spanish allows students to build fluency in both languages; our children learn to understand and respond appropriately in Spanish in a range of everyday situations
  • Students may take the DELE, which is the Spanish language credentialing exam 

Subjects Taught in Spanish

  • Kindergarten, Grades 1 to 6: Spanish Language Arts; Mathematics; Health/Physical Education; Optional Subject
  • Grades 7, 8 and 9: Spanish Language Arts, Mathematics; Optional Course
  • Grades 10, 11 and 12: Spanish Language Arts; Mathematics or Complimentary Course

Visit the CBE website to help determine whether or not the Spanish Bilingual Program (K-12) is right for your child and for information on language credentialing.​​​​




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