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C&E - Hlth & Well, Ill & Med: Meds & Forms


Student Health

Medical information is completed at the beginning of each school year. 
Parents are responsible for informing the school of a student's health needs or health concerns which could affect the student's behaviour, learning or the welfare of other students and/or staff. 

If your student has a health concern please inform the office/principal, or appropriate staff member when a health concern is diagnosed. It is important that we are informed of any health concerns:
  • ​At the beginning of each school year
  • When a health concern changes, and
  • When a student changes schools
We will work with you to complete the Student Health Plan and the Student Health Emergency Response Protocol Form as required. 

For more information please review our Administrative Regulation 6002 - Student Health Services​.

Administering Medications

Parents need to be aware that school personnel are not authorized to dispense or administer medication without the written consent of the parent. When medication must be taken at school, a Student Health Plan form must be completed and approved by the principal. 

Emergency ​Forms

Student Health Emergency Response Protocol Form must be completed for each child. This information is vital to ensure the proper care and safety of your child during illness, accident or emergency. Please notify us immediately of any changes to ensure we have accurate records. 

Illness During the Da​y

If a student becomes ill during the day at school, the principal or designate will notify the emergency contact person who has been identified by the parent. Arrangements must be made for the parent or emergency contact person before a student is sent home. ​ The most effective way to prevent the spread of illness is to have students stay home from school when they are unwell.




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