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TL – PF&A, Dual Credit


​Dual Credit at the CBE

As a CBE student you may choose to take a dual credit program as part of your high school learning plan. Dual credit programs allow you to:

  • Study in an area of passion and interest
  • Get a jump start on post-secondary learning.
  • Earn high school and post-secondary credits (transferable).
  • Build confidence and develop skills that will support a successful post- secondary transition.
  • Experience a post-secondary learning environment and learn about on-going opportunities.
  • Reduce first year course load and the time required to complete a program.

As a dual credit student, you would be enrolled in both a post-secondary institution and in your high school concurrently. You would earn credits towards both a high school diploma and post-secondary degree or diploma.

Application packages and program details will be posted on:​.




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Dual Credit


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