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January 17
January Principal's Message

​Hello to all of our Awesome Acadian Families,

I am happy to say that we have survived our first week of extreme winter cold weather and our students demonstrated Mastery and Independence as they made it through an entire week without any outside recess time.  Not being abe to go outside for fresh air sometimes makes it difficult to sit and focus on our learning but our classes did a great job getting lots of physical activity in to their days through gym times and some extra Go Noodle and Just Dance dancing opportunities.  As we all know in Calgary, our weather can change very unexpectedly, so please ensure that students are coming to school dressed appropriately. 

I want to remind our Acadia Families that we have many upcoming field trips happening at Acadia School the next few weeks. Mrs. Pinkett is also sending home payment invoices for these field trips and for previous field trips for any amounts owing.  I just want to remind families that any unpaid field trip monies comes out of our instructional funds so please try to remit any outstanding balances as soon as possible or please come and see myself so we can come up with some kind of a payment plan. Please note that we will never exclude any student from partiipating in a  field trip opportunity due to inability to pay for a field trip but as I said previously, this money does come from our school budget which impedes the schools ability to purchase resources required to support student learning. 

A reminder to families on January 24 at 10:30 will be our grade 4 celebration of learning.  I look forward to watching this presentation with our students and families.  Feel free to join us if you are able.  

As always, feel free to give me a call or an email if you have any questions about the exciting events we have going on at Acadia School.  You can also join us for our next School Council meeting on Feb. 12 at 6:30 pm in the library.

Stay warm,

Lisa Bartel


December 03
Principal's Message

​December greetings to our Acadia Families. 

 It’s hard to believe that our first term is almost finished here at Acadia School.  As I write this in the first week of December, teachers are hard at work completing report cards that reflect the learning and growth each one of our Awesome Acadia Students have achieved over these first months of learning.  Acadia School is truly a dynamic learning environment and I look forward to reading every student’s report card over the next coming weeks before they are sent home to parents.

December is again a very busy month.  We are excited to welcome back Sound Kreations to teach our students some amazing hip hop moves which we will present to our families the evening of December 12.  Please remember that if you volunteered for the casino in November, you will be receiving priority seating for our Sound Kreations December performance.  This is our small way of saying thank you to those families who were able to volunteer their time to raise money for our students.

Please remember that our December School Council meeting has been cancelled but we will meet again in the new year starting Wednesday, January 15 at 6:30pm in the library.  

Another reminder is that with the cold weather setting in, we are now having a resurgence of lice in our classrooms.  When a case of lice is reported to the office we send home information to the whole class advising parents as to how to check for lice and ensure the lice is completely gone from home.  Please note that we never share any identifying information about specific children to other families.  It is essential that if lice has been reported in your child’s class that you diligently check your child’s head over a couple of weeks as lice can be resistant to the medication and require repeated treatments to ensure that the lice is completely gone.  Please remind your children to not share hats, barrettes, scarves or anything else that touches the head or hair.  We will continue to remind students of this as well.  

Finally, I just want to say thank you again to our Acadia School community.  It is an honor and a privilege to work with your children every day.  Again, thank you for trusting us with this very important work with your children.  

Please remember that a paper copy of your child’s report card will be coming home with students on December 19th.  Students have no school from December 20th until they return on Tuesday, January 7 2020 (no school on Monday, January 6th).  

I wish everyone a safe and restful holiday and we look forward to resuming our work with your families in 2020.


Lisa Bartel

November 26
November Message

November has been a busy and exciting month!  Classes have visited Heritage Park, had “Scientists in the Classroom” and welcomed the ELEV8 Lacrosse Residency program to our school.  Many families attended our special Remembrance Day Assembly which honoured veterans through visual arts and the voices of students from Grade 1 – 6 singing inspirational songs.  There was a HAIR SHOW of interesting styles during our CRAZY HAIR DAY.  Students were invited to bring a donation to support Grade Six charities.

 We look forward to meeting with Families for Parent Teacher Conferences on the evening of Thursday November 21st and Friday November 22nd.  Conferences provide families with the opportunity   to learn more about your child’s strengths and areas for development that are critical to help them with their learning.  Conversations with your child’s teacher are a great place to ask questions and discuss specific concerns.  At Acadia School, we believe in ongoing communication between you, your child and the teacher in order to understand their achievement over the course of the year.​

October 24
October Principal's Message

It IS a great year to be an Acadian!  We are excited to have grown to over 360 students.  Acadia school welcomed more Kindergarten students than were expected and opened a third class in the morning. Mrs. Prigotzke is teaching this new Kindergarten class.  Our school also saw an increase of number of students in Grade 5 and 6.  To support these classes, Mrs. Prigotzke is teaming with the Grade 5 teachers to teach Science and Social Studies in the afternoon.


There was a GREAT turn out to the GOBBLE GALA family dance on October 10th.  Families enjoyed sharing their dance moves, browsing used books and buying special treats. The Grade 6 Leadership students raised over $700 for OUTDOOR SCHOOL through the sales of books and items at the concession stand.


Thank you to the Acadia School Advisory Society for organizing the CASINO on November 19th and 20th.  They do have a few more spots to fill for day and evening shifts.  Please go to GET INVOLVED/ SCHOOL COUNCIL on the website tab if you are able to volunteer.  These funds support events and materials that enhance student learning at Acadia School.



Lisa Bartel

September 06
Welcome Back Update

To Our Acadia Families,

Wow!  What an exciting first week of school we have had here at Acadia!  I am excited to report that we are up in enrollment.  We were projected to be at 340 students and at last count we are at approximately 355 students and counting.  The majority of our students have registered in Kindergarten so we have been busy this week hiring a new Kindergarten teacher and setting up a new Kindergarten classroom which will start Monday, September 9. 

Here is a list of our current staff members at Acadia School:

Kindergarten am and pm Room 1 – Jen Arruda

Kindergarten am room 16 – Cayla Prigotzke

Grade one room 11 – Krista Galway

Grade one room 9 – Lisa Epp

Grade one/two room 12 – Jessica Oyelusi

Grade two room 2 – Carol Stubbs

Grade two room 3 – Roberta Fulmes

Grade three room 8 – Julie Traveson

Grade three room 4 – Alicia Bateman

Grade three room 5 – Crystal Moore

Grade four room 19 – Erin Brown

Grade four room 18 – Danielle Martin

Grade five room 15 – Lisa Lunnin

Grade five/six room 14 – Sonya Bradley

Grade six room 13 – Marianne Dyck

Grade 1/2/5/6 support room 16 – Erin Purdy

Music room 10 – Natalya Veresovaya

Assistant Principal – Donna Brown

Principal – Lisa Bartel

We have some new staff and we look forward to parents booking parent teacher conferences which will occur Thursday, September 19 (4-8pm) and September 20 (8am-10pm).  Families are required to book school conferences online through their My Cbe/PowerSchool account.  Information as to how to create a CBE/PowerSchool Account was sent home in your introductory package on the first day of school.  If you need support to create your account please call the school office at 403-777-8440.  Please note that the conference system will not be able for families to book conferences until TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10.

We invite all families to join us for our first school council meeting on Wednesday, September 11.  We meet in the library at 6:30 pm.  For this meeting I will be sharing more details about our increased enrollment and the exciting things we have happening at Acadia School this year.  If you wish to be fully in the know about what is happening at your child’s school you should attend school council.  We meet on a monthly basis and we do have a lot of laughs at our meeting. We also invite teachers from our different grade teams to  present at our school council meetings each month. Please also note that our major fundraiser for our school is our casino in which will be in November and we will be looking for volunteers to help us out with this. 

A final reminder for next week is that we will have our Terry Fox run on Friday, September 13.  Please watch your emails for more information to follow.

I would like to thank our Acadia Families for bearing with us as we worked very hard this week welcoming our new students, hiring additional staff, and creating new classrooms.  Our staff are very excited to be working with your children this year. 

If you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to call the school at 403-777-8440 or to email me at labartel@cbe.ab.ca


Lisa Bartel


August 30
Welcome Back

To Our Awesome Acadian Families,

Welcome back to Acadia School for another amazing year of learning.  Our office has been very busy since we opened on August 28 with new registrations.  We are expecting a significant increase in our enrollment which will mean some changes after our first day of school to accommodate all of our new students.  This is exciting news for our school as in my three years I have seen Acadia grow from 225 students to over 340 students possibly for this school year.  We will confirm numbers after our first week and we will start making changes to our school organization once we have confirmed numbers. 

As in previous years, our first day of school entrance activities for grades 1-6 students will be happening outside the school by the playground.  Teachers will be posting large copies of their class lists on the school wall for families to look at to identify their child’s teacher.  Teachers will be holding up large signs with their names, grades and room numbers so your child can stand by their teacher until we head inside the school at 8am to begin our school day. 

Our grade 1,2,3 teachers and their class lists can be found on the wall outside the Division one wing (this is the outside wall that faces west).  Our grade 4,5,6 teachers and their class lists can be found on the wall outside what was our grade 5 classes but is now our grade 4 class wing (this is the outside wall that faces North towards the playground).

Kindergarten families, just a reminder that September 3rd  and September 4th are our staggered entry days.  Students with the surnames starting with A-M will attend class with the parents on Tuesday, September 3 and students with surnames starting with N-Z will attend class with their parents on Wednesday, September 3.  On these days, parents will stay to complete paperwork and when completed they will be able to leave their child to attend their first day of Kindergarten then return to pick them up.  Students will then come to school at their normal class time starting on Thursday, September 5th (without their parents J)

Our Kindergarten hours are as follows:

Monday to Thursday AM class 8:00-10:49

Monday to Thursday PM class 11:51 to 2:40

Students attend alternating Fridays (Parents will be given a calendar when they come to school with their child on the 3rd and 4th.)  Please note that Kindergarten students will NOT have school on Friday, September 6th as our Kindergarten numbers are much larger than expected this year and if all the students who are currently registered do actually attend we will probably be looking at creating a second Kindergarten classroom.

Please know that Tuesday, September 3rd will be a very busy day as I expect more families to be coming in to register.  As Mrs. Brown our new Assistant Principal and myself will be outside on that morning helping students find their teachers so Mrs. Pinkett will be on her own in the office until we can come in and help her out. We ask that our families be patient as we ensure that all of our students are welcomed and settled into their classes. 

Our staff are very excited to begin our work with your children for the 19-20 school year.  I personally am excited to get to know all of our new students and their families.  We will see everyone on Tuesday, September 3 bright and early for our 8am start!


Lisa Bartel


December 21
Happy Holidays Acadian Families

​At this time we would like to express our wish for a very enjoyable and safe winter break for all our students and their families.  Our staff are looking forward to great learning experiences in the new year with our students, particularly our visual art project connected to math learning in the month of January with Artist in Residence Sharon Fortowsky.  Please note that school resumes on Tuesday, January 8, 2019.  We look forward to seeing our students well rested and ready to go that morning. 

Lisa Bartel - Principal

Tamra Wilcox - Assistant Principal 

October 29
Acadia Updates

Hello Acadia Families,

As parents are aware, Acadia School has had an increase in enrolment since last year of approximately sixty students.  As a result of this we are able to increase our school staff to support our students which we have already done so by increasing Mrs. Sablatash from a half time music teacher to a full time music teacher which gives our students an additional music class each week and frees up Mrs. Wilcox from teaching gym on Mondays. 

In addition to increasing Mrs. Sablatash’s hours, I am excited to introduce Mrs. Charmagne McKenna who has joined our Acadia School teaching staff.  Mrs. Mckenna comes to Acadia School with a lot of experience working with students in the province of Alberta and as far away as Taiwan and Mexico! She will be joining our grade one and two teams to support our early learners on their literacy skills with this week being a chance to visit each classroom to get to know the teachers and the students.  Mrs. McKenna will be at Acadia School every morning from 8:00am – 12:00pm.  We all welcome Mrs. Mckenna to our Acadia Learning Team!

Also, to let parents know about further staffing events, we are in the process of hiring two additional Educational Assistants who will increase our Educational Assistant team from our current number of four Educational Assistants to six.  This will allow all of our classrooms to access Educational Assistant support for our students learning needs.  As these additional positions are filled, I will endeavour to send out welcome emails to introduce these new staff members. 

Finally, we were sad to say goodbye to Mrs. Naylor in the lunchroom.  I am working with our support staff team to find someone to fill her positon at this time.  Again, I will forward on this information to parents as soon as it has been decided as well.

One final note to families is that we are partnering with our local Calgary Fire hall during our fire drills which means that in the near future you may see a fire truck outside of Acadia School as we practice evacuating the building.  Our community firefighters will attend our fire drills to ensure that we follow safe evacuation procedures and we are thankful to have them support us in this work.

As always, if parents have questions or concerns, please feel free to give myself a call or an email.  I welcome feedback from parents any time.


Lisa Bartel



October 09
October Principal Message

​The 2018-2019 school year has started with a bang at Acadia School.  We are currently up about 60 new registrations for our K to 6 school which is very exciting for our school community.  As parents are already aware, we are accepting students from the Fairview, Acadia and now also the Maple Ridge and Willow Park communities which has helped our school grow!

Our school patrols are out in force in front of our school, helping students safely cross 5th street.  We thank all of our parents for helping our school patrols in this very important work.

The Gobble Gala was a huge success even with the snow.  We thank all members of our school community in helping to keep our floors clean at the event by removing their outdoor footwear.  It made clean up a breeze afterwards.  

I would like to remind all parents to ensure that your children are attending school every day.  To make sure that your child is not late for school, I encourage students to feel free to enter any entrance door if they see that classes are already making their way into the school.  That way they can make their way through the school to their classroom instead of going to the office for a late slip.  If students wait to enter through the front doors of the school, they are often marked late.  

Don't forget, October 10 at 6:30 pm is our School Council meeting in the library.  We always welcome any parents that wish to join and/or sit in on the meeting.

October 19th is also our grade 6 assembly at 11am.  We welcome all families to attend.

Stay warm!

Lisa Bartel                  Tamra Wilcox

Principal                     Assistant Principal

June 26
Summer Principal's Message

Our Teachers are excited to share your child’s final report card with you and your family. After reading through all of the report cards, I am excited to see the growth our students have​ made throughout all areas of their learning this school year.

We hope that everyone has a restful and relaxing summer holiday and you get a chance to do some fun family activities.

I would like to remind everyone that the City of Calgary Parks and Rec Department will have their regular Park and Play and Stay and Play programs in the Acadia School Field from July 9-13.This is a free program open to all children. Feel free to check it out on the City of Calgary website.

If you are returning to Acadia School for the fall of 2018 we look forward to working with you and your children once again. Please note that school will start on September 4 for a regular full day. See our back to school information​.

Please watch your email for further information. If you are moving on to a different school for the 18/19 school year, we wish you and your children the best as you move on.

Thank you to everyone for making this school year so memorable and enjoyable and we look forward to seeing everyone next school year.


Lisa Bartel

Tamra Wilcox
Assistant Principal

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