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September 12
Welcome Letter to Parents!

​Dear Parents, Students and Guardians,


Welcome back to school.  I read an article over the summer that recommended that taking time every day to show gratitude for those things that we are grateful for.  I’m sure I speak for all staff when I say that we are grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community of students, parents and staff – it’s an honour to walk alongside you and your child(ren) through their school learning journey. Starting from this position of gratitude, we are well positioned to enjoy the successes and to take on the challenges that face us on the road ahead.  


The following 6 updates are important as we begin our year.


1. One of our first challenges to this school year actually happened last spring, when our staff and School Council parents faced difficult decisions with respect to how we would staff our school for this school year.  As you may have heard in the media, schools are facing reductions in staffing as a result of the anticipated provincial budget.  We knew we would be receiving more students this year, however in order to keep our class sizes smaller, we eliminated our French as a Second Language program and we reduced our Physical Education/Health Specialist time.  While we value these courses for our students, French as a Second Language is not mandatory and we were providing students with more physical education and health than is required by Alberta Education, we opted to take this route to ensure our class sizes did not climb too high.  As this is a change for our school, I would be happy to discuss this with anyone who is interested.  I’m confident that we followed a thorough process and then made a difficult decision in the best interests of our students.


2. This year we have more students than were anticipated.  Despite the staffing reductions mentioned above, our afternoon Kindergarten class has 32 students and our grade 4 classes have 30 and 32 students.  As such, we are able to hire a new teacher who will be assigned to some of our grades with a higher number of students.  Currently, we are planning for the addition of this staff member; more information will be shared soon.  


3. We have had some exciting changes to our staff.  Mrs. Patrick taught grade ½ last year and this year she is teaching grade 2.  Mr. Boothman (formerly our Physical Education and Health teacher) is now teaching grade 3!  Miss van Ellenberg taught grade 4 last year and will be teaching grade 1 this year.  Finally, we welcome Mr. Clayton Bergman to our staff as one of our grade six teachers and a Learning Leader.  For a complete list of our staff, please consult our school website under the link, “About Us”.


4. It is our pleasure to announce a new key parent to our School Council.  Mrs. Jessica Moran is our new School Council Chairperson.  She, along with Vice-Chair Mr. Brent Bromley, will be working with Mrs. Adams and myself to organize the activities of our School Council this year.  Our first task was to welcome all of our new Kindergarten families to our school.  It’s great to see the vitality and fresh perspectives this group will bring to our community.  Through our conversations with these new families, we emphasized some key messages that are important for us all to hear.


The “parent-advantage” is a real thing at Battalion Park School.  We are able to bring many extra activities and resources to our school because of our parents.  A reality, however, is that many of these activities are driven by a small number of parent volunteers.  In order for our school to keep this advantage, we need parents to be involved.  Throughout the year there will be several requests for help (Fun Lunches/Snacks, Welcome Back Picnic, Halloween Dance, attending monthly School council meetings, etc.).  Please consider being a community builder by becoming involved in these activities.


Remember the “gratitude-attitude”.  Don’t keep your gratitude all bottled up.  Show your gratitude to the staff who work with our children every day.  Our staff thrive on those little notes, comments and emails that come from the heart.  I still have cherished notes from my first year teaching -  don’t do the math on how long ago that was!


5. On September 19 and 20 we have scheduled our first set of Learning Conferences.  This is an opportunity for parents to share their understandings of their children with the teacher.  Specific times for Kindergarten families and for Grade 1-6 are as follows:



Sept 19

9:00-12:00, 1:00-3:30, 4:45-8:15


Sept 20



Grade 1-6:

Sept 19



Sept 20



Note – there is no school for Kindergarten on Sept 19 and 20.  There is no school for grades 1-6 on Sept 20.


Finally, our Welcome Back to School Picnic is scheduled for Thursday, Sept 12, 5:30-7:30 pm in the West Field next to the Mini building.  If the weather is in-climate, we will re-schedule to Sept 26.  School Council needs a few volunteers for this event.  We hope to see you out there to meet your neighbors and celebrate our learning community.


Kind Regards,


Jeff Campbell


September 06
Wecome Back and 2019 Summer Reading Challenge

​Dear Students and Parents

Welcome to Battalion Park.  For our students we hope this year will be characterized by wonder, curiosity and development of a sound foundation of skills for future learning.  For our parents, we encourage you to participate and become involved in our school.

There are many updates to provide regarding our school this year, however our main purpose for this email it to remind you about the Summer 2019 Reading Challenge.

Students who were with us last year were informed about a reading incentive program in which families were invited to visit Calgary public libraries.  Following each visit, students could fill out some responses to questions about each library.  The reading packages are called “Summer 2019 Reading Challenge” and are still accessible on our school website (from the school’s main page, click on View All Stories).             

This year we are very lucky to have 3 iPads to give away to 3 students who hand in their packages by this Friday, September 6.  

We will draw names and announce the winners on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Good luck to all


J. Campbell


June 27
Farewell and Thanks from Battalion Park School

​Dear Battalion Park School Families


With the conclusion of our school year, we take time to reflect on our time together.  Each student learned, grew, and changed and our school community became stronger through our connections to school and to each other.  It’s been wonderful to hear from so many parents and students who tell us about their positive feelings about Battalion Park School.  Our thanks to our parent group for their amazing support – you are one of the pillars that makes our school so strong.  United, students, parents and staff have created experiences that we will all carry for a lifetime.


We have been busy making plans for the upcoming school year.  Our bell times have a slight change in order to provide a bit more play time at recess.  Specifically, our school time will start at 8:55 and those 5 minutes will be added to lunch.  Our dismissal time (3:40) remains the same as this year.


2019-20 School Bell Times


a.m. – 8:55-11:45 (Monday –Thursday)

p.m. – 12:50-3:40 (Monday-Thursday)

8:55-12:30 – alternating Fridays


Grade 1-6

8:55-3:40 (Monday-Thursday)

8:55-12:30 (Fridays)


Students who are returning to BPS can anticipate an email from their new teacher on August 29-30 to welcome them to our school and provide Day 1 instructions.


Our 2019-20 School Calendar will be posted on our school website this week.  For our bus students, bus maps will be available online on or before Wednesday, August 28.


Our school office will be closing at noon on Friday, June 28, 2019 and re-opening 9:00am, Wednesday, August 28, 2019.


For our students who are moving on to new schools next year, we are thankful that you were a part of our community this year and we wish you all the best in the upcoming academic year. 

On behalf of Battalion Park School staff we offer our warmest wishes to you for a safe, restful and enjoyable summer.


J. Campbell and B. Adams, on behalf of Battalion Park School Staff

December 12
Season of Giving - Dec 13, 2018 

​Dear Families,


In these middle days of December our school is busy as we continue our daily learning while also preparing for our Season of Giving event.  Thanks so much for the great support we are receiving so far.  We have had many students and parents contacting us to ask about socks, cards and toy donations.  We are very hopeful that with our work at school and your efforts at home, our children will develop an increased understanding about gratitude, empathy and generosity - the gift of giving.  


In order for this event to be a success, we are providing a few FAQs:


Stuffing Socks

 - This year we are asking you to fill a sock at home and bring it to our Season of Giving (or send it to school ahead of time)

-  Socks go to Calgarians in need at the Drop in Centre, many of whom do not have a home of their own.

-  For more information, visit their website at https://www.calgarydropin.ca/



-  Families are invited to make a festive greeting card for an elderly Calgarian from your family…. decorate it, send a warm message from your family. 

-  Cards will go to Calgary Senior Citizens at Garrison Green Carewest 

-  For more information visit their website at  http://carewest.ca/dir/carewest-garrison-green/​

Toy Mountain

•  Families are invited to buy a new toy to donate to Toy Mountain

•  These toys go to children in and around the Calgary area who are staying at the  Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter

•  For more information about Toy Mountain, please see their website at https://calgary.ctvnews.ca/more/toy-mountain​

We welcome this opportunity to give and share our generosity with others, however we would not expect your family to donate to each of these organizations.  Please feel free to pick only those recipients that make the most sense for your family.


We look forward to welcoming you and your family at our Season of Giving on Thursday, Dec 13.  Our school will be open for the evening, but to minimize problems with parking and crowded hallways, we encourage you to arrive 15-30 minutes before your scheduled performance (see times below) and then to head home after that presentation to make room for the next grade.  Students are to go to their classroom 15 minutes prior to their performance time.  Parents with children in different grades are welcome to attend those performances.


Performance Times:

6:00 - Kindergarten / grade 1

6:30 – Mrs. Patrick’s class, grade 2 and grade 3

7:00 – grade 4 and grade 5


Should your family be unable to join us that evening, please feel to attend our Dress Rehearsals on Thursday afternoon in the gym.  Dress rehearsal times are as follows:


1:30- K-1

2:00 - Gr 2-3 +Mrs. Patricks class

2:30 - gr 4-5


Finally, we offer some activities around our school that your family is invited to participate in.  Specifically, we will have a photo booth where your family can dress up and use your own phone/camera to capture a memory of the evening.  We also offer an art walk where families can stroll through the school to view student created art work.  

J. Campbell
November 22
November Updates

Dear Families,

It was great to see so many Battalion Park families at our School Council Halloween Dance. With our smaller school this year we were able to host everyone in the gym – we even invited a few members from the Calgary Fire Department! Please join me in extending our gratitude to our many parent volunteers, and especially to the tireless efforts of our organizing committee. 

Remembrance Day Assembly / Grade 6 Celebration of Learning

Our grade six students have been engaged in learning about significant events, challenges, hardships, and successes from the wars in which Canadian men and women were involved. These students will be hosting one of our most important ceremonies of the year – Remembrance Day. Through poetry, creative writing, art and song our students strive to convey their learning in a meaningful way at our Remembrance Day Assembly. We invite parents to join us on November 9 at 10:30 am to celebrate this learning and recognize this special day.

Please note that the media has been invited to attend this public event. A form came to parents at the beginning of the year called, Consent for Use of Student Information by News Media and Outside Groups (Third Party) form. If the media requests to interview a student, we would only ask students who have this form signed. Should you have any concerns about the media's presence at our event, please notify us at the school office (403) 777-7187.

Learning Conferences

Teachers share student progress in a variety of formal and informal ways. Informally, teachers can use:

phone calls,


notes in agenda books,

work samples sent home, etc.

Formally, we:

invite parents/guardians and students to attend Learning Conferences (Sept, Nov, and Mar),

provide written report cards twice a year (Jan and June).

On November 22 and 23, we invite parents for another round of Learning Conferences at Battalion Park. Our first conferences in September were designed to connect the teacher-student-parent partnership and for us to learn more from you about your child. At our November conferences, teachers will provide parents and guardians with information to describe how their children are progressing in relation to the Alberta Education Programs of Study, particularly in literacy and math, as well as in Citizenship, Personal Development, and Character in and through Learning. Teachers will be prepared to share students' strengths as well as overall areas for growth and specific next steps in leaning. Parent participation in these conferences is highly valued as we work together to support learning. Parents can book their Learning Conference time in PowerSchool, starting at 8:00 am on Nov 15.

Thanks for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you at our Remembrance Day Ceremony and Learning Conferences!

J. Campbell


April 27
April Updates

Dear Parents

Thank you for your recent participation in Learning Conferences last week.  These events are important opportunities for teachers to provide updates on student learning progress. Many grades also use Learning Conferences or Celebrations of Learning for students to share their own learning. Reflection, self-assessment and goal setting are all important early steps towards student self-advocacy.  

In addition to our day-to-day work in classes, several events have been happening around our school.  Several grades have completed or have upcoming Residency experiences to augment their learning.  Grade six recently welcomed Mobile Escapes in to their classrooms.  After participating in some locked room challenges, students worked in groups to problem solve and create their own locked rooms.  While learning about the wetlands, grade five students worked with a visual artist, Michele Austen to practice several art techniques and then created some amazing watercolour art.  Kindergarten and grade two students invited Trickster Theatre to come in.  They worked together to use their imagination and creativity to write and perform plays based on Social Studies or Science topics.  Other grades will be working with a Residency in the near future.  More details will be provided on the News Stories section of our website.

We are most grateful to our eternally supportive parent group at School Council and Signal Hill School Enhancement Society for funding these residencies.  Some of the common characteristics of these Residency experiences include:

- High levels of student engagement

- Learning from an expert in their field of expertise

- Learning is unique and alternative ways

- Students experiencing new ways of learning

Parents may have heard through their children that we had a great assembly on Thursday, Apr 19. First, our Enviro Club shared ways to become a better friend to the environment – a very important message.  With the help of our young volunteers, students are becoming much better at using our refund, recycle and compost bins. Our next step will be to reduce the number of plastic utensils and Ziploc bags and increase the use of reusable containers. 

Secondly, we learned about an upcoming Talent Sharing at the school.  Students will have the opportunity to share a talent during music class and some may decide to audition to share at a whole school assembly.  

Thirdly, we drew names for students who have been raising money for Jump Rope for Heart.  We have raised approximately $7500 toward our goal of $8000!  Our community continues to prove that our students and their families want to make a difference.  We encourage students to complete their fund raising and return forms by Monday, April 30.   

Finally, we gave a heart-felt farewell to our Library Assistant, Mrs. Hall who has decided to retire and travel with her husband.  We extend our sincere thanks for many years of buying books that students love and turning them on to reading.  All the best in your travels, Mrs. Hall.

If you are in the school in the coming weeks, you will notice that our walls are getting some treatment.  Starting in the Mini, then in the Core, our walls are getting patched and painted!  The “New Battalion Park School” is starting to take shape!

Thank you to those parents who attended our School Council meeting on Wednesday, April 18.  These monthly meetings are open to all parents and provide an important means to find out about upcoming events and future directions for the school.  Each meeting typically involves asking parents for input in an aspect of our school.  Last month, parents provided input on when to have PD days and Learning Conferences next year.  This week, we asked parents to prioritize events at our school, which will help us shape future in school presenters, Residencies, etc. We hope to see you next month!


J. Campbell

November 06
November Updates

It was great to see so many Battalion Park and Griffith Woods families at our School Council Halloween dances. This year we split the evening into two dances, Grade K-3 and Grade 4-6. As a result, more students were able to attend. Our gratitude extends to our many parent volunteers, and especially to the tireless efforts of our organizing committee. Rumour has it that one of our Grade 3 girls woke up on Saturday morning after the dance and asked when we would be having our next one! 

To students, we understand that social traditions, such as Halloween are fun, however at an adult level it is important that we recognize that these events connect us together and help us strengthen our community. With the opening of Griffith Woods School and all of the changes this brings, we have an opportunity to model strength, confidence and resiliency for our children. Through our talk and through our actions we can show our children that, regardless of the color of your school shirt, we still belong to a strong, supportive, and cohesive community. I have often said that one of Battalion Park School’s greatest advantages is the strong community of adults who support the growth of our children. Thanks for your Hawk Pride. 

Our Grade 6 students have been engaged in learning about significant events, challenges, hardships, and successes from the wars in which Canadian men and women were involved. These students will be hosting one of our most important ceremonies of the year – Remembrance Day. Through poetry, creative writing, art and song our students strive to convey their learning in a meaningful way at our Remembrance Day Assembly. 

We hope that all Grade 6 parents can join us on Nov. 9, 2017 to celebrate this learning and recognize this special day. In addition to our regular Communication folders, School Messenger emails have become one of our main tools that we use to communicate with you. 

Swim lessons have been a success for our Grade 1-3 students. Staff at the swimming pool have commented on how well our students listen and how open they are to feedback. 

Teachers communicate student learning in a variety of formal and informal ways. Informally, teachers can use phone calls, emails or send home student work to share learning progress. Formally, we also host Learning Conferences and send home report cards twice a year. On Nov. 16 and 17, 2017, we are inviting parents for another round of Learning Conferences at Battalion Park. Our first conferences in September were designed to connect the teacher-student-parent partnership and for us to learn more about your child.

At our November conferences, teachers will provide parents and guardians with information to describe how their children are progressing in relation to Alberta Education Programs of Study as well as Citizenship, Personal Development, and Character in and through Learning. 

Thanks for your continued support. 

See more in November Newsletter​

J. Campbell 


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