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June 20
Looking Ahead - 2018-19


As we end our year we are all looking forward to long warm days and quality time with our families! This last week we will mark the end of our school year with celebrations and goodbyes to some in our school community.  Our annual Summerfest tomorrow afternoon is paired with a morning #Belfasty Day exploring the richness of our Indigenous Communities. We would like to thank our teachers for their creative planning for each of our special #Belfasty Days this year. Each of these days has provided unique experiences that unites our community in learning together!

Next Tuesday we say farewell to our grade 6’s. This group of exceptional young people have been tremendous leaders in our school. They have brought us laughter and pride as they braved new challenges and while they embraced Growth Mindsets and Mathematical Mindsets. Their example to our younger students has helped our entire community to grow. Whether that be through literacy and numeracy leadership with our Kindergarten, grade 1 and 2 classes, organizing for social advocacy projects through the We Care Club”, or attempting to  teach their principal to “floss” (?)... you have been phenomenal examples of what is possible when you believe in yourself!  It is bitter sweet to see you grow beyond our little school but we know that each of you will always be part of our Belfast Family!

This month, our teaching staff has been very involved in planning for the 2018-2019 school year. Our student enrollment for next year is currently 230 students from kindergarten to grade 6. This is less than our 2017-2018 student enrollment and offers some challenges and opportunities. With a change in student numbers, we anticipate need to make some adjustments to our staff numbers, our room allocations and our configuration for the fall. Some of these adjustments are harder to predict given that we regularly see a number of new registrations during the first week in September. As a result our planning for next year is contingent on new registrations and therefore subject to change.

Our first priority is always to provide the very best learning environment that we can at Belfast School. We know that an important part of our planning is to ensure that our class configurations meet the needs of all students. We also know that our youngest students require smaller class sizes as they build a solid foundation for years to come. Based on the number of students in each of our grade groups, we have a  challenge when it comes to our organization. If we were to keep our current configuration, we would end up with our largest numbers in our youngest classrooms. For this reason we have had to think differently about how we arrange for learning next year. Our teaching staff has considered many possible options in order to ensure equity and opportunity for all our students.

Based on our current  enrollment, we expect to open in September with the following:


Number of Classes



Grade 1


Grade 2/3


Grade 4/5


Grade 6



Again, our organization next year is subject to change based  on our actual enrollment in September. What doesn’t change however, is our commitment to making sure that we make the best possible decision that meets our students’ needs. Please note that our school office will be closed as of noon June 29th. the office will reopen August 27th at 9 am. Teachers will reach out to families by phone between August 29th  and 31st to introduce themselves and welcome students to their class. Classes resume Septemer 4th at 8:30 am.

A special preview: 

Next year we  look forward to introducing a new communal work space into our school. This space will become our Atelier or artists’ studio. We are very excited to have a dedicated space for artistic pursuits within the school that will act as our hub of creative expression and exploration!

We are also very grateful to our School Fundraising Council for their generous support of new classroom libraries in each of our classrooms next year. We have committed to investing $20 000 to greatly enhance student learning and encourage Joyful Literacy across the school!

As we enter our last week of this school year I wish to thank everyone who has grown  with us this year! We are indeed fortunate to do the work we do with the amazing students at Belfast School. 

I wish everyone a safe and happy summer break and look forward to seeing our returning students and families in the fall!

Lori Holford

Proud Principal, Belfast School


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