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May 30
June 2018

Planning for the new school year is once again underway.  We always evaluate what has been done at the school level each year such that we can carefully consider what we can maintain and what we have to adjust.  The following sheds some light on that planning.

Class lists have been analyzed for next year to bring a better balance to each classroom setting.  Teachers have spent an entire day during our last organizational day in May to create these settings.  Please note that a great deal of time and consideration is put into organizing classes.  While our emphasis is on addressing the diverse needs of each child, we are also cognizant of the responsibility we have to organize the school in a way that meets the needs of our entire student population.  Your child’s teacher, in consultation with other teachers and administration, has met to begin discussions about the best class placement for each and every student for next year.  Please note we will not accept parent requests for teacher-specific student placements in any grade.

Student Enrolment for 2018 -19

The 2018/2019 school year projections are as follows:



Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5



Number of students

















Although our student projections for 2018-19 have been posted as 685, we currently have approximately 680 students registered for next year.  We are unsure that number will be sustained as ongoing information continues to come in about students leaving the program for various reasons (moving, discontinuing in TLC, special placements, etc.).  It is imperative that parents let us know if plans are changing for their children next year as soon as possible as it affects our staffing decisions for next year.

In June, we continue organizing classes for next year at Brentwood because of ongoing changes to our school demographic.  Student placement decisions will be made keeping in mind an in-depth analysis of a variety of data.  We will be taking into account a range of factors including a balance of boys and girls, student abilities, learning styles, personalities and overall school organization.  Going forward, if you have any information about your child that you believe we may NOT yet know, or that has changed, please put this in writing to the attention of Tim Michayluk, prior to June 12 , 2018.

Tentative class lists will be created mid-June with the final adjustments being made August 29, 30, and 31 when teachers are back in school.  Students will be informed of their placement on the first day of school, Tuesday, September 4, 2018.
Please be mindful that decisions of this nature that are made in June are based on projections.  Final resource allocations are not determined until September 29.  While it is not preferred, there are circumstances that require school reorganization. Once again, any changes will be communicated through our website, newsletters, school messenger and school council meetings.

Important to Note!  Please review the adjusted times (recess and lunch adjustments and minor adjustments to Kindergarten times), very carefully such that you can plan accordingly for the upcoming school year (listed in this newsletter under School Hours).

VERY IMPORTANT!!  Transportation pre-registrations can be completed using My CBE Account. To be included in the yellow school bus route planning for September, parents must pre-register by June 11. Any registrations received after that date will not be considered until route changes are done after Thanksgiving. The more registrations transportation receives by the deadline, the more efficient route planning will be for September.

New volunteers at Brentwood next year will be required to attend aVolunteer Orientation’ session in addition to getting/having a police clearance.  This will be about a 45 minute presentation by administration whereby clarification about what the role of a volunteer within Brentwood School is, as well as an appreciation of the importance and necessity that the role of volunteering brings to a school environment.  There will be two daytime sessions (September 14 AM/PM) as well as one early evening session (September 21) offered to accommodate working parents’ schedules.  Times will be posted on our electronic calendar in September.  PLEASE NOTE –if you have attended a volunteer orientation in the past, you do not need to attend again.  We maintain attendance records of those who have attended as this is a one-time requirement.

‘School Messenger’ will continue to be our main vehicle for conveying information home.  In 2018-19, we limit using ‘paper’ notification as much as possible to continue our environmental stewardship. If you have not yet signed up for School Messenger (receiving information via email and text), you may register by going to the following link.

Brentwood School continues to be vibrant.  Successes and opportunities for growth are our main goals for your children.    I encourage you to continue to know and understand your child’s progress and be a part of your child’s learning in any way that you can. Your involvement in your child’s education is of the utmost importance.

Let’s set the stage together for a bright future as we ‘think, know, and value’ in all that we do!

Mr. Michayluk

April 06
April May 2018

​I hope everyone had ample opportunity to connect with family and friends over spring break and that the last three months of school prove to be productive as usual.  As always, I draw your attention to the following.

  • A huge thank you to our Parent Council / Association members for putting on two very fine events – Family Dance and UR Strong (the Language of Friendship).  As well, we appreciate their financial support of enhancing our literacy resources at the school level to assist with establishing more and up to date reading materials for our students. Without their dedication to shepherding these events and fundraising for resources, student success and community engagement at our school would not be what it is.  To all who contributed to both of these endeavours, my hat goes off to you all!
  • We are once again reviewing student numbers and the resulting staffing scenarios for next year.   It is very important that we know of any students who have decided or who are making plans to not attend Brentwood School in 2018/19.  If you have not yet conveyed that information to us, please call our main office at 777-6103 ext. 0 and connect with our office staff with these updates.
  • Our school development plan is in the making for 2018/19 and will continue to have a focus of moving student learning towards using strong skill based learning practice in combination with answering essential questions that promote higher order thinking.  A second component this upcoming year will include the system focus of ‘assessment.’  We will be incorporating system specialists to assist us with the second component.
  • Much work has been accomplished towards meeting our goals of teaching and learning in the area of Indigenous ways and reconciliation.  Our most recent student and staff engagement included presentations by both Brent Scout (understanding the history) and Elder Shirley Hill (dance and song).  Our focus continues to be enhanced with supplementing of reading resources for our library to support the curriculum requirements at each grade level.
  • Thank you to all who participated in our latest student led conferences to see firsthand how students are learning to apply their skills and knowledge in critical thinking application.  It is encouraging to see how students are better able to apply themselves in many authentic tasks, putting their skills to use to answer real world questions.  Bravo Brentwood students!
  • Last but certainly not least, congratulations goes out to our Kindergarten, Grade 1 and 5 students and staff for putting on a fine exhibition of dance and song from around the world just before the spring break.  Their hard work and dedication proved once again to be nothing less than the best for the excellent performances for parents. 

Tim Michayluk

February 01
February-March Update

Excerpted from our Feb. - March Newsletter​

As I reflect on what has transpired over the course of 2017, I am happy to say that 2018 promises much excitement and anticipation for great things to come. 

Past focuses…
In December, the ME to WE Club had our school focus on global issues that were designed to support a Calgary optometrist who volunteered her services to work on a mission in Jamaica with the CVC (Canadian Vision Care).  They are a registered charity organization dedicated to providing eye care to those without the funds or access to proper care. ME to WE Club members once again used their time to raise awareness around our school and encouraged students to donate adult and child prescription glasses. Almost 100 pairs of glasses were collected for donation.  Congratulations!

The most recent campaign ME to WE organized was WE CREATE 'CHANGE' in partnership with the Royal Bank of Canada.  School members of this powerful student organization at Brentwood School encouraged our school community to raise money to purchase dairy goats to help families with an income-generating opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty. Through morning announcements, eye-catching posters, classroom visits, and special events days, our school community raised enough funds to purchase 43 dairy goats!  Bravo Brentwood!

Future focuses…
As part of the Brentwood Indigenous Strategy and understanding reconciliation, we have several future plans for members from the Indigenous Community to share knowledge and resources with our school.  Elders, Aboriginal presenters, literature resources that support understanding of ways of being, reconciliation information, and a variety of activities that present the Indigenous story have been set in place to help us better understand the history of the Indigenous people and the way forward to the future.  I am amazed and very proud of our students and staff as to how they have embraced this important work.  Well done everyone!

Student Led Conferences are scheduled for March 22/23.  Be sure to review your child’s progress as presented in their January report card.  This will help give correlation to the work your child will present to you at the conference.

Please note that the student-led conference is a very special and exciting time for students.  Your child will depend on your undivided and personal attention for the entire conference.  There will be several student-led conferences conducted in the classroom at the same time. It is important that all conferences have the opportunity to be conducted without distractions.  For this reason, we ask that siblings not accompany you to the conference.  School-aged siblings may read or engage in a quiet activity in the hall while they await their own conference.  As well, we ask for cell phones to be set on vibrate. We thank you for your cooperation in helping to ensure all parents can enjoy this important time with their child!  Read more in this newsletter about how students and teachers will share children’s knowledge and wisdom!

Mr. Michayluk


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