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Principal's Message

March/April Update

​Excerpted from our March-April Newsletter.
Academic Rigour – Learning is our Central Purpose 
Escuela Canyon Meadows has an excellent reputation for academic rigour as well as with our students and families feeling a sense of belonging to our school. Feeling as though you belong and knowing your child’s learning is of importance to all of us, allows us to continue to excel. Students know they matter in our school! 
Throughout the school day students are engaged in explicit literacy and numeracy instruction to gain a solid foundation. In grade teams, teachers carefully design bilingual learning experiences through an interdisciplinary approach. The learning experiences allow students to transfer the skills taught through explicit teaching into new and complex situations. 
Currently, students have been investigating and exploring questions within engaging grade team projects with great success! They are able to visualize the end product that they will be celebrating and sharing with you during our annual Student-Led Conference on Thursday, March 22. On Saturday, March 17 the Conference Manager will open through your My CBE Account. 
During the one hour time allotment your child will showcase his/her learning with you as well as you will have a 10 minute opportunity to sit down with the homeroom teacher to review the goals set in December and the new learning goals for the last part of this school year. If you have any questions or concerns prior to March 22, please contact your child’s teacher immediately as we believe in ongoing communication regarding your child’s progress as well as achievement. 
The Student-Led Conferences are designed to provide students with opportunities to share their learning with our families so that parents better understand the work they are engaged in during classes and can see a variety of evidence of student learning. You will have a chance to meet the teacher and may ask or reflect on questions such as:
What gains has your child made over the past months? 
What gains have been made on the parent’s goals? The student’s goals? The teacher’s goals?
How is your child progressing and achieving in relation to the Alberta Program of Studies? 
What are the best next steps for your child and how will the child be supported? 
How has your teacher-parent communication plan been working? 
To learn more about what is occurring at ECM, we encourage our families to read the weekly online class agendas. ​
Staff Update
The arrival of Sra. Cameron’s baby is quickly approaching, and we look forward to welcoming a new addition to her family. We would like to welcome Sr. Maurice Libre, who will assume the role of the Grade 3 homeroom teacher until June 29. Sr. Libre has a wealth of experience teaching elementary at international schools as well as within Calgary. 

Three Left Feet Residency – Three High Energy Evening Performance
The rich cultural dance residency has concluded. The dance company worked with your child(ren) from February 5 to March 1. We will miss Ingrid Dias Cespedes and Allara Gooliaff. The dance lessons incorporated the Spanish language as well as taught the students about physical expression, rhythm, spatial awareness and performance. The students, along with their teachers, took a musical journey and explored some of the finest “moves” and “grooves” our world has to offer and performed to their peers and parents! The performances were jetfuelled by cross-cultural rhythms and sound-enhanced movement fusion. Thank you for sharing in this experience as we believe whole school residencies and bringing our families together creates school spirit and builds school community! Thank you to our School Council for supporting the residency! 

Oral Story Telling Residency - Jeff Stockton
Jeff Stockton returns to ECM on Tuesday, April 3 to work alongside our students and teachers until the end of May! We will host an oral story telling night for our students to showcase their learning. Please view your child’s online classroom agenda and stay posted for more details to come your way. ECM’s application for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts grant was accepeted and along with the School Council support, the cost of this experience has been greatly reduced for our families! We are looking forward to the rich learning experience. 

Welcome Back Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School Leadership
We feel most fortunate to be collaborating with the Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School leadership classes. On Mondays and Wednesdays from now until June, over 70 high school leadership students from Grade 10 will be coming to work with students here at Escuela Canyon Meadows. These high school students will be providing one-on-one reading mentorship and will also be working with small groups of students on self-regulation strategies, self-esteem building, making and keeping friends and developing social skills. The Spanish bilingual students from Dr. E.P. Scarlett will also be working with all of our Grade 2 students, creating second language projects. Many thanks to Mrs. Shari Goodfellow, Principal, and Ms. Mallory Love, Leadership teacher at Dr. E.P. Scarlett for helping to support our Escuela Canyon Meadows students. If you have any questions about this work, please contact Sra. Perera Perez, our Assistant Principal. 

Nurturing Ethical Citizens
Our students and families have contributed to the Calgary Food Bank through two major events: Veteran’s Food Drive and Canyon Meadows School Mayor’s Christmas Food Drive. To date these activities have brought in 465 pounds of goods from the Veteran’s Food Drive as well as raised $105 through the Mayor’s Christmas Food Drive. We thank you for your compassion and generosity! 

School Council
To stay current as well as provide your voice we invite you to attend our monthly School Council and Parent Society​ meetings. We look forward to hearing your voice at our next meeting on Monday, March 19 and Monday, April 30 at 6:30 p.m. Our AGM meeting will occur on May 28. Your voice matters!
Warm Regards, Sra. Bobbie Schmidt, Sra. Lilien Perera-Perez and the Escuela Canyon Meadows Staff​​​​​

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