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Alert:  All Classes Cancelled - Do Not Send Your Student to School

On Sunday, March 15 the government announced that all classes are cancelled immediately and indefinitely due to COVID-19. We thank the government for ... View Full Details

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​Believe it or not, we are already planning for the 2020-2021 school year!
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Update | Fee Refund Process for Families
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Whale Sanctuary Project
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We Are Canadian Video
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Continued Learning Update for All Parents
  • ​Believe it or not, we are already planning for the 2020-2021 school year!

  • Update | Fee Refund Process for Families

  • Whale Sanctuary Project

  • We Are Canadian Video

  • Continued Learning Update for All Parents

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Principal's Message

April 3, 2020

​Dear Families,
There are a small number of us who are required to be in the school every day of the week. The school has an emptiness, a hollow feeling as the familiar sounds of children are missing in the halls. The laughter, the hum of work period, the lines of kids walking back and forth in the hallways, the waves of hello and goodbye, the sound of music…even the recorders! Without our kids, school is simply not the same. Regardless of what the future of global human health holds for all of us, just know as educators, we feel very fortunate to still have the opportunity to continue to be part of your child’s education. Virtually everything we normalized in our day-to-day lives, besides caring for each other, now takes a very, very distant backseat in comparison to the Herculean task this pandemic is presenting us. This on-line teaching ‘thing’…is not likely what any K-12 educator signed up for. I can’t imagine any parent would choose this either. I am so proud of each of our educators for taking this up in stride. I am equally as impressed with our community of parents for showing up and supporting. I am so proud of our students for being eager to try something new. Our lives, collectively are about to become one giant conference call with two dozen “littles” who have no set bedtime, are likely eating everything in the house and whatever the family has stress-baked for the past 2 weeks…what could possibly go wrong?
It has been heartwarming to see children and educators alike connect with each other via a computer screen. The initial hello, a wave and a sigh of relief that this worked, could, turn into many other things in the weeks to come. Please know we will always do our very best. There is the possibility the screen could go dark, perhaps a day the teacher can’t get connected, there could be another CJP teacher in the session you planned with someone else, there is even the chance the teacher could fall ill and not be able to make the on-line meeting on a certain day. Of course there is also the possibility, your child might not want to do the task, might want to sit at the table and colour or even play video games all day. Things are going to happen that are out of our control and beyond our understanding. There will be days we need to extend patience and grace to a student or teacher, and likewise, there will be days we need that same consideration. We humbly thank you for your care and thoughtfulness.
Our current situation is changing at a speed we have never experienced before. What was thought to be unheard of a month ago (on-line learning in kindergarten!!) is now an expectation. The platform as we knew it yesterday has been responsive to our requests and updated overnight allowing us to do new things and possibly restricting us from what we did yesterday. Thank you for understanding and for being patient.
Just by showing up, by checking in, by caring enough to do this impossible thing called on-line learning – we have all taught our kids enough!
We’ve taught them:
-they can adapt to new things
-people will show up for them, even when it is hard
-communities work together for the greater good
-the world is a good place, even when circumstances are scary, people are good
We have loved our kids enough to be there, to participate (in all kinds of meaningful ways) and to show up on-line, and that is all any of us can do, is love each other through these difficult times. Our kids will be okay. Take care of yourselves too. We love each and every one of you. You’ve got this!
Dr. Bettesworth, Ms. Sharpe and all the CJP Team

A Few Updates to On-Line Learning
· We had initially shared with many families that we will record the on-line sessions so they can be accessed by students and families at a later time or date. This is no longer the case. Until further notice, we are not permitted to record any on-line session for sharing at a later date.
· All students will be respectfully asked to leave the on-line session following the session. The teacher cannot leave the session and end it until all students have exited and closed their browser. Please assist your children with this.
· The on-line sessions are strictly for students. If a parent needs to connect with a teacher about student learning, please send the teacher an e-mail and arrange a time to connect.
· All students have had a chance to connect with their homeroom teacher on-line this week. On Monday, we officially begin our guided reading lessons in the mornings (Mon-Thurs) and our homeroom lessons in the afternoons (K families – your schedule might look a bit different). We are looking forward to the addition of this learning time and hope it is as successful as the first two homeroom sessions. Parents, please know, we will continually be tweaking the learning experience as we try to reach optimal teaching and learning in this emergency remote teaching experience.
· If you have difficulty connecting to an on-line session, please send an e-mail to your teacher (either home room or guided reading – depending on the session). All teachers are respecting social distancing and therefore are working from home. The school office is most likely unable to assist you with your questions about connecting. Sorry!
· The CBE is currently working to establish technology for our high school students. They will be proposing a solution to get technology into the hands of families who have none. How this will look at elementary school will be announced in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

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Our "classrooms" look different, but we continue to support student learning. Check out this video for more info. #wearecbe

Learn more about what students and families can expect to hear from their schools next week. Classes are cancelled and students will not be returning to their schools, but learning is ongoing. #wearecbe

Yesterday we sent a message to all Gr. 10, 11 and 12 families about diploma exams. Diploma exams are cancelled, but under special circumstances, students can request to write a diploma exam. For more info, see info on our website

All city and school playgrounds are closed effective immediately to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. City parks remain open. Let’s all work together to protect the public’s health. #WeAreCBE

CBE Spring Break runs Mar. 23 – 27 for Traditional Calendar Schools, until Apr. 3 for Modified Calendar Schools. CBE Schools are closed during this time. Students and Staff, enjoy your time off, be safe and take care of yourselves. #WeAreCBE

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