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February 20
Feb. 2018 | Kindness

“If you have a choice between being right and being kind, choose kind."
-Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

This quote by Dr. Dyer, is particularly familiar to many in our school community who have had the pleasure of reading Patrica Polacio’s fantastic novel, Wonder.  Dr. Dyer’s wise instruction sets the tone of Polacio’s story, which at first glance is about a boy with a craniofacial difference but at its heart and soul, is about kindness and tolerance.

Like the characters in Wonder, we at Chaparral School are exploring, celebrating and practicing the virtue of kindness. This focus supplements and supports our ongoing pursuit of a safe and caring community and culture in our school.

In a recent PA broadcast, grade 4 students in Ms. Van Gorp’s class explained kindness as, “Treating people with respect, being friendly, generous and compassionate.  It is doing acts for other people and showing care and concern.”  The students further noted that, “One small act of friendship and love can send a rippling effect throughout our school.” 

We seek to model, instill and practice the virtue of kindness every day.  Yet over the past few weeks as we have intentionally focused on it, many random acts kindness have occurred within our midst.  

On Wednesday morning, grade 5 students from Ms. Swan’s class followed the lead of their friends in grade 4, by using the PA system to once again share a kindness message.  Their broadcast prompted the school community to consider kindness through the medium of music.  As they played John Lennon’s Imagine, grade 5students arranged themselves in the hallway performing the same dance as they shared at the Remembrance Day assembly.  The announcement caught everyone’s attention.  We stopped what we were doing, and listened, imagining how we can make the world a better place through our acts of kindness.

Earlier this month, in another act of kindness, a group of grade 6 students hosted an extremely successful bake sale with proceeds going to Fur-Ever Homes Rescue.  This organization works to find caring homes for dogs that otherwise might wind up in shelters.  The students raised a significant amount of money ($614.00) through their efforts.  They also provided a very exciting diversion during one of our many indoor recesses. 

Another act of kindness that greatly touched my heart occurred when Ms. McCune spontaneously invited me to come to the music room to, “Provide an audience” for the grade 1 students.  The class had been working on an amazing lesson that combined literature, visual art, music and movement.  My experience watching the students joyfully respond through intentional movements to the beautiful visuals, lovely music and the poetic words Ms. McCune read from a picture book brought tears to my eyes.  I am very proud and grateful that students in our school are able to take part in such high quality, joyful and artistic learning experiences.

As always there is a great deal going on at Chaparral School.  This newsletter provides a reflective glimpse at the learning that has been taking place and a forecast of some of the wonderful things to come.  Please enjoy reading through the articles.

Kindly yours, Chris Buhler ​


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