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November 26
Nov. 2018

Dear Chaparral Families,

Each year, teaching teams and school council groups throughout the CBE system contribute to and create a School Development Plan. This plan is to be read and understood in correlation with the school’s annual results report. Both documents focus on continuous improvement in student learning through planned and intentional responses to evidence of achievement and data about the learning conditions that support student success. The various sources of assessment information and feedback that inform the School Development Plan are unique to each school. At Chaparral, our considerations include:

  • Report card marks,
  • Provincial assessments like Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs – Grade 6) and Student Learning Assessments (SLA’s Grade 3),
  • Observations of student learning patterns, accomplishments and needs,
  • Accountability Pillar Survey, and
  • School process goals – the impact of previously identified goals and strategies.

Through collective review of school results, we have determined that this year teachers and students at Chaparral will continue to focus on improving student achievement in written expression. In this process teachers will implement high impact instructional strategies. Ultimately, we intend that students at each level will understand what counts in writing and how they can stretch their skills to the best of their abilities. The article in this newsletter included under the heading, News from Grade Three, illustrates how this approach is being taken up. As the year continues, we are looking forward writing celebrations where students can commemorate their accomplishments in the writing process and share their writing with an audience.

In addition to our writing goal, we have identified a secondary focus for 2018-19 in the area mathematics. This goal will see students improve their ability to apply appropriate and efficient strategies for mental math and automaticity. These skills are key components to achieving the goals of mathematics education. Our students will be well served through this focus as they take part in daily practice through games, energizers, and oral activities and apply self-assessment strategies to confirm mental math calculations. Parents will note that at our recent conferences, teachers shared two handouts that provide further explanation number fact fluency and the developmental process students go through to develop number fact fluency. Throughout the year, we will continue to share strategies for home practice.

For further information on our School Development Plan for 2018-19 and Results for 2017-18 please visit our Our School page. Please look under Resources, on the right hand side of the screen to download PDF copies of the School Development Plan, the Annual Results and Mulit-year Reports for Provincial Achievement Tests.

As always, yours truly,

Chris Buhler


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