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October 06
October Update

Dear Chaparral Families,

September has been an incredibly exciting month at our school. It has been my great pleasure to reconnect with students, staff and parents and to welcome those new to our community. I am very proud of our school, and based on the gains made in previous years and the fantastic start we have made to this one, I am confident that our students will continue to thrive as their learning, engagement, and well-being remain our central focus.

Highlights from our first month include the September 19th opening assembly hosted by grade 3 and 5 students in Ms. Swan’s and Ms. Gilson’s classes. This assembly provided us with an important opportunity to join together as one big family. At the assembly we enjoyed focusing on the virtue of caring. Our hosts explained that the potential to make a difference in the world lies within each of us. The impact we have relies on our ability to care and to take action on our sentiments. The grades 3 and 5 students reminded us that citizenship at Chaparral is modeled around the three (+ one) pillars of care; care for self, others, our environment, and our learning. They also reinforced the idea that there are many ways for us to show care toward those both near and far, each and every day. On Friday September 29th, in conjunction with the Chaparral Terry Fox run, the grades 3 and 5 students hosted a lemonade stand as a way of showing care and bringing awareness to the plight of those affected by recent natural disasters in the Caribbean, the southern United States and southern Alberta.

This month we also hosted our first round of Parent, Student, and Teacher Learning Conferences. These meetings represent the first of three formal occasions for parents, and students to connect with teachers to discuss individual needs, strengths, progress, and goals. The next Learning Conferences will be held on November 16th and 17th,. On March 22 and 23, 2018 students will host conferences using the Student Led format.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the September conferences. The teaching team at Chaparral appreciates that parental engagement is integral to student success. Please note that you are always encouraged to connect with teachers to talk about your child’s learning. Please contact teachers at any time to discuss concerns, seek clarification, and celebrate successes.

We closed the month with our annual Terry Fox Run and Toonies for Terry fundraiser. This event provided another wonderful opportunity for our school community to join together, strengthen relationships, and show that we care. Mr. Van Roekel and the Chaparral Terry Fox committee organized and facilitated a meaningful assembly and running activity to help us focus on Terry’s legacy of hope and courage.

As I made my way around the running field I was inspired by the many students who jogged alongside me and asked, “Who are you running for today, Mrs. Buhler?” I told them, and then asked them the same question. My Terry Fox experience became more and more meaningful as student after student earnestly shared concerns and stories. My heart is warmed by the students’ empathy and understanding.

To conclude our event, classes gathered for a picnic of juicy oranges supplied by the Walden Save On Foods and sliced by Chaparral parents.

Please enjoy reading the rest of this newsletter.

Best regards,


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