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June 28
June 2019

​It’s hard to believe that another school year has come and gone. We’ve had a great year with many things to be thankful for. Many highlights throughout the year that include our band concerts, winter movie night, sporting events and Lunar New Year Celebration to name a few. The one that stands out the most was celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day this year as a whole school community. We’d like to give special thanks to Sheena Breaker, Malcolm Cow, Ralph Weasel Fat and Becky Matiowsky for providing us guidance and support in making the day so successful. The day wouldn’t have been possible without their knowledge and guidance. 

I would like to thank parents, our educational partners, for all of their support. Parental support has in various ways contributed significantly towards making this year a successful one for students at Colonel Irvine School. Gratitude is extended to all parents and community members that volunteered their time and effort in support of students at school functions this year. Without your support, many of the special events would not be possible. Thank you to those volunteers who joined us for an appreciation lunch, realizing that was only a small fraction of our volunteers. We value and appreciate all of our volunteer’s time and commitment to our schools learning community.

Special thanks to members of this year’s School Council: Windchill Ha (Chairperson), Karen Charlton (Vice-Chair), Jenny Woo,  (Treasurer), Megan Limbird (Secretary), Annette Lovan (Sign-up Volunteer Coordinator), and Sarah Wong (Casino and Social Media Coordinator) Wendy Farrance (Band Liaison), Heather McRae (Key Communicator), Nora Low (Special Events Coordinator), Nathalie Callede (Fundraising Coordinator), Mearah Tong and Diane Myers (Auditors), Julie Wu and Tim Suddaby (Directors)  for their contributions. Your work has been invaluable to our school learning community. 

We will be having our first council meeting September 10, 2019 @ 6:30. School council will be holding an election at that time. Regardless of whether or not you aspire to one of these positions, your attendance and support in school matters would be greatly appreciated. Please join us!!

Staffing Updates

Dr. Ma has taught with the CBE for over 25 years, and has been a strong supporter and advocate of the Mandarin Program.  As one of the founding teachers of the Mandarin Program, Dr. Ma has decided to retire. He has reached this very important milestone, and will be embarking onto a new chapter in his life.  He has taught many students over the years and will be greatly missed by both students and staff. Thank you to his many years of service to the CBE and in particular the Mandarin Program. We wish him the very best and his Colonel Irvine family will miss him and his dumplings.

Ms. Ramona Cook has accepted a new position as an Indigenous Education Learning Leader for the next school year. We like to thank Ms. Cook for her service to Colonel Irvine School. Students, parents and staff will miss her and we wish her well with her future endeavors. 

We’d like to welcome Ms. Sarah Hills and Mr. Scott Claiter to Colonel Irvine School. They both come to us with a variety of experience and we are excited for them to join our family at Colonel Irvine School.  We will be finalizing staffing details in late August and early September. 

As the 2018-19 school year draws to close, I like to say a special farewell to all students, parents and staff. Changes are never easy but I hope that everyone will see opportunities within change. Whether you will be entering high school, going to another school or staying at Colonel Irvine, I hope that all of you will have a successful transition. 

Best wishes to all families for a great finish to the school year. 

Bea  Ko


May 08
May 2019

We’d like to welcome the newest member of our Roadrunner family to Colonel Irvine School; Ms. Jennifer Gale. She will be taking over the role of Administrative Secretary. Ms. Gale is excited to join our team and has a few days of overlap this week with Ms. Elliott-Suliak to assist in the transition to her new role. We’d also like to extend our gratitude to Ms. Elliott-Suliak for her dedication and work over the past 3 years at Colonel Irvine. We are excited for her as she begins a new journey on her well-earned retirement.

Upcoming sport events include our badminton divisional meets coming next week. The grade 7’s will be on May 13, grade 8’s on the 15 and grade 9’s on the 16. Divisional play will be Sir Winston Churchill High School. Games will all start at 4 pm.  Track and field is underway and it is a great school-wide activity and affords many, many students the opportunity to have a competitive athletic experience in an educational and fun setting. Our school meet is scheduled for the May 15 at Glenmore Athletic Park and our in-school track meet will be on June 18.  Volunteers will be needed for both track meet days.

We still have a very busy couple months of school. Our grade 9 farewell will be on June 6th. Grade 9 students will be spending time at the new YMCA in Rocky Ridge and come back to the school for an evening of celebration. Our grade 8 Mandarin program students are off to visit the Confucius Institute and a bi-lingual Mandarin school in Edmonton on May 27-28.  Our spring Band concert will be on June 4th and we have a group of students and staff going on the West Coast trip from May 29 – June 2. 

As a reminder, we ask that students adhere to our dress code listed in the student handbook.  It is easy for students’ thoughts and priorities to wander from the rigors of school. While this may be the case, I encourage students to keep their eye on the finish line (June 27) and parents to help their children maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle that includes a strong focus on being successful at school. As students prepare to complete the school year, it is crucial that they attend regularly and punctually, put forth a positive effort while at school and maintain a regular homework and study regime. Parents, please be sure to continue to keep yourself updated as to your child’s academic progress by checking PowerSchool on a regular basis. If you have any questions regarding how you can help your child be successful at school, do not hesitate to contact their teachers.

Thanks for your continued support.

Bea Ko, Principal​

April 03
April 2019

I hope that everyone had a restful Spring break. I can’t believe we are in the final few months of the school year.  It is time to set our sights on bringing the school year to a successful conclusion. Students and staff alike are extremely busy both completing the current school year and preparing for next year. 

First and foremost on the mind of staff is ensuring that all curriculum is covered and that students are as prepared as possible for the completion of their current grade. For grade six and nine, this includes being ready to write the provincial achievement exams in May and June. 

In addition to their teaching assignments, teachers are engaged in planning and organizing numerous year-end activities. These events make Colonel Irvine an extra special place to attend school and include things such as the Spring band concert, in-school track and field meet and the grade nine farewell activities.

We realize that activities of this nature are essential to a well-rounded educational experience and are valued by students. We still have a few more field trips planned for the rest of the year. Our grade 6’s just finished their outdoor education school and our grade 7 band students were at River’s Edge.  We also had “Mobile Escape” room at the school. Grade 6 and 7 students had the opportunity to work with peers and exercise problem solving, reasoning and communication skills to solve various puzzles in hopes to break themselves out of a locked room. They also made use of our Maker Space to create their own riddles, codes, puzzles and prototypes. 

On the athletic scene, we just wrapped up our basketball season. Congratulations to all our teams who made the playoffs.  Special kudos to our Junior Girls Basketball team for placing first for the past 2 consecutive years. Thank you to all of our teachers and student teachers supporting our teams. Our badminton will be starting up this week. We always get a fantastic turnout for our badminton teams. I am hopeful we will have a smashing season. 

As the hours of daylight lengthen and the weather warms (hopefully soon), we ask that student adhere to our dress code listed in the student handbook.  It is easy for students’ thoughts and priorities to wander from the rigors of school. While this may be the case, I encourage students to keep their eye on the finish line (June 27) and parents to help their children maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle that includes a strong focus on being successful at school. As students prepare to complete the school year, it is crucial that they attend regularly and punctually, put forth a positive effort while at school and maintain a regular homework and study regime. Parents, please be sure to continue to keep yourself updated as to your child’s academic progress by checking PowerSchool on a regular basis. If you have any questions regarding how you can help your child be most successful at school, do not hesitate to contact their teachers.


Also a reminder to all students that cell phones are not permitted during class time. Students are allowed to use their phones at lunch, and before and after school. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

Bea Ko, Principal​

February 19

The month of January seems to have flown by since our winter break. We have had a month of many exciting events and transitions.  On January 23, we had our Feeder School Tours for incoming grade 5 and 7 students, followed up with an Open House that evening. This was an opportunity for our prospective students and their families to visit our school community and meet teachers and students in action. It was also great for our staff to meet next year’s students and their families. We had over 250 students and parents in attendance at the open house. I would like to acknowledge Mr. Cody Andreason’s time and effort for putting together our fabulous Open House video. If you missed this evening and have questions, please feel free to contact us.


We celebrated the Lunar New Year on January 29th with a Dragon and Lion dance to bring in the Year of the Pig. We had an afternoon of festivities for all students and an evening program to finish off the day of celebration. We hosted over 450 guests at our evening performance. We would like to thank all the many parents (and grandparents) who volunteered their time to help make the day so successful. We had more than 50 volunteers supporting our school learning community. We would also thank the numerous student volunteers and performers for their energy and support. Special thanks to our Mandarin Program Learning Leader, Ms. Angela Litchfield, for spearheading our Lunar New Year committee. Thank you to our staff members who devoted their time into ensuring another successful Lunar New Year celebration. The following teachers were on the planning committee: Ms. Bayda, Ms. Borgeson, Ms. Fenwick, Ms. Lu, Ms. Ly, Ms. Morton, Ms. Wilmott, Ms. Yang, Ms. Yu, Dr. Ma, Mr. Biela, Mr. Chang and Mr. Sundstrom.

 We held our second rounds of Student/Parent/Teacher interviews on January 30 and 31. If you were not able to connect with teachers at that time, please call or email. Parents are encouraged to check Home Logic on a regular basis to ensure that they stay current on their child’s progress.


Our basketball season is also underway with four teams shooting and defending strong. Colonel Irvine students are welcome to come and support our teams during our home games. A parent or adult supervisor must accompany any student wanting to support our teams at other schools. Our coaches are not able to supervise students while coaching.


Please remember that morning supervision by teachers does not begin until 15 minutes before the bell.  If you must drop off your child before that time, remind her/him that they must not roam the school.  Students are also not allowed in the staff room, staff offices, or unsupervised classrooms.​

Thank you for your continued support of our school learning community.

January 18
January 2019

Happy New Year! I hope that everyone has had a restful holiday season and an opportunity to celebrate the arrival of 2019 with family and friends.  We had a very successful month of fundraising last month. Thank you for your generosity in donating to the Mustard Seed. The Mustard Seed has been serving people experiencing poverty and homelessness in Alberta since the 1980’s. It has become a haven for those needing help, which is offered with open hands and unconditional love.  We were able to raise $1500 for the Mustard Seed through proceeds from our movie night and school dance. We were also able to fill up 3 boxes of food for the Mayor’s Food Drive. We have such an amazing school community. Special thanks again to all the students, parents and staff members who made the fundraising possible. We are so very fortunate to have such a dedicated group of stakeholders in our school community.

 December marked the end of our school’s cheque writing campaign. Over $6400      was raised. We are very appreciative of the money donated by our generous families.

Thank you to school council for spearheading the fundraising campaign.


Another big thank you to the parent volunteers who come with us during our field trips. We are thankful that we have parents wanting to spend time to support our students and teachers. It makes the rich learning opportunities worthwhile for our learning community.


I am very pleased to introduce Ms. Elise Anderson as the newest Roadrunner Staff member to Colonel Irvine School. She will be providing additional support to our Resource room and for students in the regular classrooms. We are delighted to have her join our school learning community.


We are in the midst of planning our Feeder School tours and evening Open House on Wednesday, January 23rd. We are looking forward to meeting our prospective students for next school year. We will have students touring during the day and our Open House will begin at 6:30 pm in the evening for students and their parents. Everyone is welcome to join usJ


The Year of the Pig will begin on February 4th, 2019. Students and staff have begun planning for our Lunar New Year celebration, to be held on January 29th. Activities are being planned for all of our students during that day. Our evening celebration will begin at 6:30 pm. I would like to thank students, parents and staff for volunteering their time in preparation for our celebration.


Semester 1 report cards will be distributed on January 25th. Students will be spending time to reflect on their progress with their homeroom teachers. The second semester begins on February 4. At that time, students will begin their new options (complementary courses). In most cases, students have already been scheduled into their option classes based on their original requests.


Thank you for your continued support.


Bea Ko


December 21
Season's Greetings!

Season’s greetings! We are entering into the holiday season and with that comes the excitement and anticipation of the festivities associated with it. For many people, the coming of a new year provides us with an occasion to slow down long enough to reflect upon and to be thankful for those things that are important and dear to us. It also affords us an opportunity to look ahead with a renewed sense of optimism and hope and to dream about what could be in the world. It is at this time of year, perhaps more so than at other times, when we recognize the positive difference that we can make in the lives of others through generosity, good citizenship and graciousness.


We had an evening of beautiful music at our Winter Concert on December 12th.  All band students performed under the direction of our band conductor Cassandra Fenwick. Thank you to the members of Band Council who organized the evening. They provided snacks and refreshments to our audience members and created a wonderful ambience for the event. We had about 500 people attend the concert. Well done Colonel Irvine band students and Band Council for sponsoring our event. Thank you to staff who came out to support the students and band program.


In the Colonel Irvine school community, citizenship is alive and well. Our students, parents and staff continue to be actively involved in contributing to the creation of a better local and global community. This year was no exception as again we continued to undertake charitable initiatives such as the Mayor’s Food Drive in the weeks leading up to winter break. These initiatives speak to the consideration and compassion that our school community extends to others less fortunate. We also had our very successful Movie Night (our inaugural one) which included other fun activities such as ornament making and gingerbread house building. Lisa Morton and the Student Council (STUCO), in conjunction with School Council support, spearheaded this event. The evening would not have been possible without the collective efforts off all our stakeholders—students, parents and staff. It truly was a night of school community celebration. Funds raised from the event will go to the Calgary Food Bank and the Mustard Seed. In January, STUCO will have an opportunity to volunteer and learn more about the Mustard Seed.  We will announce how much we will be donating to each charity in January.


On another note, our second Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews will be on January 30th and 31st.  Parents are encouraged to check Home Logic on a regular basis to ensure that they stay current on their child’s progress at school. As always, if you have questions regarding your child’s performance, please contact her or his teachers. Email addresses for all teachers can be found on the school web site at schools.cbe.ab.ca/b622/.


I would also like to thank our staff for volunteering their time for our clubs and sports teams, and events that we have at Colonel Irvine School. I am so proud to be part of our school learning community.  As 2018 draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many parents and community members that encourage and support our students and staff. The successes that students at Colonel Irvine experience would not be possible without your assistance and contributions. On behalf of all staff, I extend wishes to the entire school community for a wonderful winter break and a happy, prosperous and peaceful 2019. I hope that this holiday season will be a time of peace and good will and that you will have an opportunity to spend as much of it as possible with family and friends.


Thank you for your continued support of our school community.


Bea Ko​

November 22
SDP and 2019-2020 Bells

A note of thanks to the parents that came out for our most recent School Council meeting on Tuesday, November 13th.  We went over 2 important things, one being our school development plan (SDP) which is now posted to our school website. The SDP was created by staff over the past couple of months during our early dismissal afternoons and non-instructional days. We analyzed our Provincial Achievement Tests results and report card data to set goals for the current school year and strategies for students with an aim to reach these goals. Through the collaboration of staff, teachers will be using high impact instructional strategies to support student learning and achievement. High impact instructional strategies are based on the work of educational researcher John Hattie and may include:

·         Direct Instruction

·         Note Taking & Other Study Skills

·         Spaced Practice

·         Feedback

·         Teaching Metacognitive Skills

·         Teaching Problem Solving Skills

·         Reciprocal Teaching

·         Mastery Learning

·         Concept Mapping

·         Worked Examples


Our administrative team comprised of our learning leaders, Principal and Assistant Principal will continue to monitor our SDP for the rest of the school year. We will be regularly reviewing progress toward our goals through analysis of school work and gathering feedback about student progress to help in determining the next steps for learning.

We also looked at the early dismissal Fridays for the next school year. Our bell times for next year will be from 8:27am – 3:10pm. The lunch hour will be 45 minutes in length. Every Friday that there are classes will be early dismissal: 8:27am to 12:05pm. There is also a PowerPoint presentation posted on our website about the Friday early dismissals for the 2019-2020 school year. Additionally, there is a link to a survey for parents in regards to early dismissals on our website – this survey will be open until November 28.

If you have questions or concerns about our SDP or the changes to our bell times and schedule for the 2019-2020 school year, please feel free to contact myself or Mr. Bylsma.​ 

October 16
October Updates

September was a busy month with many sport teams starting their season and activities at the school.  We’ve had a great start and would like to thank all of our parents for allowing us to work with your children! We have an amazing learning community at Colonel Irvine School.


Students and staff alike have settled well and we have quickly been able to focus on the important work of teaching and learning. It is now one month into the school year and we trust that your child is continuing to learn and enjoy school. Communication is important to us. As always, you are welcome to contact your child’s teacher and/or contact Mr. Bylsma, Assistant Principal at msbylsma@cbe.ab.ca or myself, Ms. Ko, Principal at bsko@cbe.ab.ca, by phoning the office.


Thanks to all parents and students that attended “Meet the Teacher” night in September. The turnout was fabulous and confirms that parents in the Colonel Irvine community are committed to building a strong partnership with the school and their child’s teachers. Thanks to our Council Chair, Ms. Windchill Ha for being at the School Council Booth welcoming parents and promoting both volunteers and Council membership. Should you wish to volunteer at the school, and you are most welcome, you will need a police volunteer security clearance and complete an annual volunteer form. Please come to the office to see our admin assistant Ms. T. Elliott-Suliak to complete these. We greatly appreciate all of the volunteer assistance we receive at Colonel Irvine!


We held our annual Terry Fox Day in September with a rally organized by our Terry Fox committee of teachers, which highlighted the history of Terry Fox, his dream and our fundraiser.  Thanks to the committee for organizing our run and pep rally. We raised over $500 in one day during the pie throwing and “waxing” of willing teachers in our pep rally. It’s amazing to see everyone work together to support our cancer fundraiser.  We have raised about $8000 for the Terry Fox Foundation in the past 5 years through our fundraising initiatives. Our goal this year is $2000.00, which we are on mark to meet by the end of October. Keep your ears open for more fundraising events. 


Our professional development day on October 5th provided valuable time for our staff to collaborate and gather evidence of student learning. Time was also spent planning the strategies and goals for our students who are on Individual Program Plans and English Language Benchmarks. Their child’s key IPP teacher should have contacted parents and guardians of students with an IPP. Please remember, do not hesitate to contact your child’s teachers if you have any queries regarding their educational progress. Teacher email and telephone voicemail information, as well as other useful educational and school-related information, is found on the school webpage (www.cbe.ab.ca/b622).


I’d also like to share some exciting news with our community. Ms. C. Zhao is a proud new mom. She welcomed a baby boy just before Thanksgiving. We wish Ms. Zhao and her family all the best as she starts her maternity leave. We’d like to welcome Ms. Sunny Yang as she will be taking over Ms. Zhao’s classes. Ms. Yang has been with us at Colonel Irvine since the first day of school and that has provided a smooth transition for her and her students.


Our first virtue for September, October and November is Acceptance and our first Virtue assembly is on November 30. These are wonderful celebrations and you are most welcome to attend. More information will be sent closer to the date. As part of our virtue program at Colonel Irvine, we provide a Character block period on alternate Fridays (along with Math block). Please talk to your child about their daily work in this area.


We have upcoming student/parent/teacher conferences on October 24, 4-8 pm, and October 25th, 1:30-4 & 4:30-8. Please ensure that you signed up for a MyCBE/ PowerSchool login. This will allow parents and guardians to view your child’s academic information including schedules, grades and attendance. This is also needed to pay fees online and to book for conferences. We look forward to meeting with parents and guardians to discuss the learning progress of students.  



Ms. Bea Ko



September 17
September Updates

September 2018

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year. I hope that everyone had a terrific summer holiday and that all students and their families are ready for a successful start to this school year. The start of the school year is a busy and exciting time. We know that working to develop good work habits, taking time to relax when we can, eating well and getting enough sleep are key factors in being successful.

This message is intended to let parents know about staff changes from the last school year and upcoming events.

Staff Updates

I am pleased to share several new talented staff members joining us this year.

Welcome to the following individuals that are new to Colonel Irvine School:

  • Ms. Hadley Wilmott – Learning Leader – Language Arts
  • Mr. Dan Biela – Learning Leader – Language Arts & Social Studies
  • Ms. Junting Lu – Mandarin Language Arts and Math
  • Mr. Piseth Pich –Science
  • Mr. Sanpreet Cheema – Science, Applied Technology and Physical Education Plus
  • Ms. Brenda Borgeson – Grade 5 Language Arts and Social Studies & Grade 8 Language Arts

Returning to Colonel Irvine from parental leaves:  

  • Chelsey Boley - Resource teacher
  • Janet Bayda - Grade 5 Language Arts and Social Studies and grade 7 Language Arts

Special News

Ms. Jodi Peat has just accepted a new position at Nelson Mandela High School. We would like to thank Ms. Peat for her service to the Colonel Irvine learning community. Students, parents and staff will miss her and we wish her well with her future endeavors.

Ms. Jenny Le will be joining our learning community effective Monday, September 17 as a Math and Science teacher. She will be joining 8D’s homeroom as Mr. Pich will be taking over Ms. Peat’s science classes. Changes are being made with student learning as our primary consideration. If you have questions or concerns, please contact school administration.

Photo Day

Photo day will be on Tuesday, September 18th. All students will be required to take a photo for their School ID card.

Meet the Teacher Evening

Parents are invited to Meet the Teacher Night Thursday, September 19 at 6:30 p.m. This is your first opportunity to meet your child’s teachers and we look forward to seeing you there. We will also be offering help sessions for parents to navigate through Power School, a website to help parents/guardians to view and monitor student progress at the school. Please note that this is not a parent-teacher interview evening (October 24 and 25 will be our first parent-teacher interviews), but rather a chance for you to put faces to the names of your child’s teachers and to help in establishing strong communication connections between school and families.

Terry Fox Run

Our Terry Fox Run will be on Thursday, September 20th in the morning. Fundraising activities will begin shortly and continue through the fall season as our school has committed to raising $2000 for the Terry Fox Foundation. Our students have always shown great leadership and effort in raising funds for charity. I believe that we will be able to achieve our goal of $2000. Together we can and do make a difference.


With the change to a new student registration system, there were challenges with student timetables and scheduling of options. Student options are manually timetabled to ensure students get most of their top choices. We then integrate those choices into the timetable each student receives. This is a front-end work intensive process but it does reduce the number of students requesting changes once they receive their timetable. A full year timetable that includes the 2nd semester options will be distributed later in September or early in October. If students have questions about the option classes they are scheduled in, they are encouraged to come to the office to speak with Mr. Bylsma or Ms. Ko.

August 27
Welcome to Colonel Irvine

We hope that you have enjoyed your holiday and that you are excited about coming to Colonel Irvine in September. We are delighted to welcome you to our wonderful Colonel Irvine Community of Regular, Mandarin, and Bridges Programs. To help you with the first days of school we are providing you with some information that will be helpful.

Our office is open at 9a.m. on Wednesday, August 29.



Our parents and students have expressed how helpful it is to have a staggered entry for our younger students, grades 5, 6 and 7, to allow them the opportunity to get to know bussing, the school and each other without the older students on this first day. A hamburger lunch (beef and vegetarian options) will be provided for students on that day.




Busses will be running on the first day of school.  Bus schedules and maps are now available on our website http://schools.cbe.ab.ca/b622 (follow the transportation link at the bottom of the page).  Please also note the “My Bus Stop” link at the top of the page. Transportation questions should be directed to 403-817-7433 or transportation@cbe.ab.ca


September 4th, our grades 5, 6 and 7 students will learn and have fun enjoying their day:

  • Upon arrival, go to the gym immediately to be met and welcomed by their teachers and administration. They will then be taken to their homeroom.
  • You will receive and review your school handbook and other important forms with your class.
  • You will be provided with a complimentary lunch of an all-beef or veggie burger, snack and a juice box.
  • You will participate in team building and get-to-know the school and teacher activities.
  • Dismissal at 3:00.

September 5th, all grades of students will:

  • Upon arrival, grades 5, 6, and 7 students go to their homeroom. Grades 8 and 9 will have their homerooms posted in the main hall.
  • You will receive and review your school handbook and receive other important information as necessary.
  • You will participate in further team building activities and begin classes.
  • Home of the ROADRUNNER - School Teams – There will be a short lunchtime meeting for students in grade 6-9 interested in trying out for fall sports: cross-country running, soccer or volleyball.


We celebrate a different virtue every three months in the school year.  September to November’s virtue will be “Acceptance” and will be celebrated the morning of Friday, November 30. Parents are invited to the assembly and we encourage you to attend all of our assemblies, as you are able.


There is additional information for parents on our website.


School Website: http://schools.cbe.ab.ca/b622


Some important dates:


September - School Fee Collection. Fees will be collected for option courses, more information later in September.

September 7 – Welcome back BBQ lunch for all students

September 11 – School Council meeting, 6:30; all parents are encouraged to attend

September 14 – Early Dismissal at 12:02

September 19 – Meet the Teacher Night 6:30-8pm

September 20 – Terry Fox Run, Early Dismissal at 12:02

September 21 – Non-Instructional day, no school

October 5 – Professional Day – no school


We look forward to seeing you in September!




Bea Ko                                     Mark Bylsma                            

Principal                                   Assistant Principal        

t | 403-777-7280                    ​   t | 403-777-7280

bsko@cbe.ab.ca                       msbylsma@cbe.ab.ca​

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