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May 14
May 14 Update
May 01
May 4 - 8, 2020
April 17
April 20-24 Update
April 09
April 13-17 Update
April 02
Learning to Use Google Classroom
February 21
Admin Update
February 12
Long Weekend
January 31
Report Cards
January 24
Cribbage Club
January 10
CWS is a Special Place
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Today we sent a year end message to families about our planning for school re-entry this fall. Re-entry survey results and a transportation reminder. Check your email to read it online: #yycbe #WeAreCBE

Due to increased traffic, we’re experiencing issues with the online report card feature of PowerSchool. Check out these instructions on how to view your report card marks/indicators. Sorry for the inconvenience! #yycbe #WeAreCBE