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September 26
Establishing Good Night Time Routines

Dear Parents & Guardians,

As we settle into the school year, it is important to review and re-establish some good night time routines. Did you know that children age 6 to 13 should sleep 9-11 hours each night? Why do I mention sleep and its importance? 83.9%  of our CWS students in grade 4-6 last year stated in their student survey, that they feel tired during the school day. 36.7% of the grade 4-6 students also stated that they have too much screen time. It doesn’t seem far fetched that the two could be related.

Today, one of the biggest health challenges is the lack of sufficient sleep (for children and adults). A consistent, predictable night time routine of: taking a bath/shower, reading to/with your child, singing a song, tugging them in, a back rub, are essential for a good night sleep. Sticking to approximately the same time each day is also important.  Note: no screen time or sugary drink/snack close to bedtime! Studies have shown that the bedrooms children sleep in should not have any technology: no computer, no laptop, no iPad and no phone! No screens at all. If your child has a screen in the bedroom, please, do consider to remove it. The room also needs to be quiet, cool and dark. Children should only be able to access the internet if supervision of the parents is possible. If you would like to read more about why sufficient sleep is important for children, visit the following link:

On another note: How can you support reading at home? Reading with or to your child is important. If you don’t like to read, go and listen to an audio book together, stop occasionally and discuss what you had heard. Who is the main character? What is the problem in the story? Where does it play? When does it play? Who is the antagonist/protagonist? How does the author share this with you, the reader?  How does the story relate to you/us? What would you do in this situation? Why? Did you like the ending? What could have been a different ending?

A ‘just right’ book has less than 5 errors per page. Children enjoy reading with mom/dad. You sit together and your child reads all the ‘easy’ words while you fill in the ones that are still too hard for your child. After you read the difficult word, encourage your child to reread it while tracing it.

How about math?  Think about all the time you spend driving in cars. Make it a game of doubling. You say a number and your child says the double. Go up as high as you can! Once they know how to double. It is essential that students learn multiplication facts by heart. Instant recall allows them to focus on the process of long division/double digit multiplication. If you would like to see some practice sheets, come and see me.

Thank you for supporting your child’s academics at home! 

Meike Thomsen, Principal


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