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October 10

​This is an extra long weekend for you. Friday is a professional development day and Monday is Thanksgiving! There is no school on either of these days.

Thanksgiving is the time of year, when the harvest is finished and the work on farms is slowing down. Growing up in a farming community and with my dad farming as well, the seasons, but especially the summer, will always be important to me. It is difficult to teach students the importance of growing food and how that is connected to weather, if all they know is that you can go to the grocery store and buy whatever your heart desires – even strawberries in January at -30C. This has not always been so.

Growing up, we would eat what was growing in the garden. Some years, the rain didn’t come when it was needed. I can still see my father looking at the sky, praying for rain. Everything revolved around what the crops were doing: on the field or in my mom’s garden. In April 1986, when the nuclear accident in Chernobyl happened, the wind carried radioactive rain to our part of Germany. I still see my mom crying while ripping out all the spinach and salad that now could not be eaten. Anybody who is trying to grow vegetables or fruit in Calgary knows how difficult that can be. This year, with the amount of rain we had, a lot of mildew afflicted plants. Growing food is difficult. Being able to eat when hungry and purchase what you want is a gift. Having our CWS students being able to sow/plant, observe the growth and finally harvest the vegetables in our vegetable boxes in the Inglewood Community Garden is amazing. This is hands-on learning at its best! The soup they made was enjoyed by all of the students at CWS. Thank you to the volunteers who helped peel and chop!

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. Thanks for the food on our table, thanks for the family and friends we have in our lifes. Thanks to live and work in a country like Canada, where we can say what we want without being afraid and a country in which girls have the same chances in life as boys. Personally, I have extra reasons to be thankful: my first grandchild was born healthy and her mom is recuperating well. I have also been welcomed warmly by all of you here at CWS. For that, I’m thankful as well. 

Wishing you and your families a very special Thanksgiving. 

Meike Thomsen, Principal


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Over the course of the 2019-20 school year, we will continue to have conversations with students, parents, and staff to learn from their experiences and to seek their input and suggestions for improvement #yycbe

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There are no classes for students on Friday Oct 11 because it is a system-wide non-instructional day. All schools and offices are closed on Monday Oct 14 for Thanksgiving. Have a fun and safe long weekend! #WeAreCBE