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November 22
Student Success

Thank you to the many parents who attended the November school council meeting. The staff at CWS very much appreciate the many words of encouragement and support at this difficult time.

Thank you to everyone who came to the parent-teacher conferences. One of the key components of student success (academically & socially) is parent engagement. We are fortunate at CWS that our parents are engaged in the learning journey and willing to lend a hand when a hand is needed.

We have one more week of gymnastics left. Starting in the first week of December is our much anticipated (or dreaded, depending on whom you ask!) ballroom dance residency. Rest assured that it is perfectly normal for students to – right now- think/say: “Oh no, I have to ‘hold hands’ with a girl/boy?” During a lesson, nobody ‘picks’ a partner. The boys stand in a circle and the girls stand opposite of the boys. Every minute or so, the boys or girls rotate to the right. So, within a 40 minute block of dancing, they will have practiced with EVERY person in the class and probably more than once. Learning to dance means that you learn to lead/follow any person, not just one in particular. This is the biggest learning of it all. Please speak with your child and share with them that it is normal to be a little uneasy when learning something for the very first time. None of them have participated in ballroom dancing – so it is normal to feel uneasy/uncomfortable​


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RT @RobertThirsk: Canada is going back to the Moon and the Canadian Space Agency is engaging young Canadians to play a role in the next generation of space exploration. Learn more about the #JuniorAstronauts campaign:

RT @UsihChristopher: Had a terrific visit with students and staff at A E Cross School! The school offers regular Gr. 7-9 programming as well as Spanish Bilingual. Thanks to Principal Brandy Yee, AP Rhonda Williams & entire staff for supporting rich learning and well-being! #WeAreCBE

We’re doing important system maintenance that will make many of our websites unavailable for a short time this evening. The outage is planned for 8 – 10 pm #yycbe #WeAreCBE

Earlier this week the talented students in the PVA Chamber Choir from @cmhsrams gave a delightful performance before the public board meeting #WeAreCBE

Join us for the Board of Trustees public meeting today at noon at the Ed Centre or stream the meeting online #yycbe #WeAreCBE