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May 02
Spring Update

Connaught continues to be a busy place full of fun and exciting learning opportunities.  We are trying hard to use our website to share these news stories with you.  Please visit our home page often at http://school.cbe.ab.ca/school/Connaught/Pages/default.aspx to see what’s new.


Please check out the following links to read about:


Outdoor School http://school.cbe.ab.ca/school/Connaught/about-us/news-centre/_layouts/ci/post.aspx?oaid=4af4880b-0e79-4aea-a725-eb1b33e58cf3&oact=20001


Spring In to Action BBQ and Games night http://school.cbe.ab.ca/school/Connaught/about-us/news-centre/_layouts/ci/post.aspx?oaid=07218759-1d38-4cda-9582-d6ed13238cc2&oact=20001


Heart of the City Piano recital http://school.cbe.ab.ca/school/connaught/about-us/news-centre/_layouts/ci/post.aspx?oaid=1e078369-622b-408e-9264-5402cecf9aa0&oact=20001


Visits from our S4 officer http://school.cbe.ab.ca/school/Connaught/about-us/news-centre/_layouts/ci/post.aspx?oaid=800454ff-67ab-445a-987b-073c2491271d&oact=20001

A reminder that we have a fabulous Little Free Library on our school grounds. You may take a book or leave a book for others to read. Remember ~ this is not a place to return school or library books!

Our Little Free Library is always looking for donations of children's books. Please leave your donation books in the Little Free Library, or if you have boxes of children's books, please contactlee.e.stanfield@gmail.com to arrange for pick up.​

March 22
Principal Message

Hello Connaught families.  I have been your new principal for five weeks now and I am loving every minute.  Thank you so much to all of the staff, parents and students for the warm welcome.  It is such a joy to walk through the halls and playground and have people stop and say hello and introduce themselves.  I have spent time in every classroom, reading, introducing myself with pictures and answering students’ many questions. I’m sure you have heard from your children that: my favourite colour is blue or purple; I love sailing, art and spending time with my family; and that I love adventure!


We need your help.  Our West field has become a dog park and not everyone is being responsible about picking up their dog poop.  For the next little while we will be locking the West gates overnight and on weekends. We hope this will help dog owners change their habits and use the nearby dog park instead.  If you see people with dogs on our school grounds please encourage them to leave or call 311 to report. It is illegal to have dogs on CBE property. Thanks for your help keeping our students play spaces clean and safe.


A friendly reminder that children should not be picked up in the parking lot. We are worried for the safety of students who are running between vehicles to get to theirs.


I wish you all a wonderful Spring Break full of the right mix of adventure, family, friends and fun.​

October 18
Oct. 2018

It is hard to believe it is October! September was full of learning, establishing routines, old and new friendships and developing a sense of our school community this year. The hallways, classrooms and school yard are full of engaged conversation, laughter and much curiosity.

This year, our School Development Plan will be focused again on math and literacy - specifically problem solving and reading. We are continuing our research partnership with the University of Calgary, and look forward to deepening our work together. Ms. Corinne, Mrs. O'Connor and Ms. Jaques will work flexibly within and amongst the classes to support our SDP work, as well as English Language Learning.

Thankfulness is on the mind's of many at this time of year. The Connaught School community is a special place, and I am ever grateful to the students, families and staff for making it so.

It is not joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that makes us joyful. - David Steindl-Rast

Run Club/Cross Country

On Thursday, October 4 many of our run club students, along with Mrs. Clark, Ms. Kristy, Mr. T and Ms. Rae will be attending a Cross Country meet at Cecil Swanson School. We are excited to represent Connaught School!
Clothing Exchange

On Thursday, October 11 from 4:30 - 6:30pm Connaught School will be hosting a clothing exchange in the gym. Please bring some re-usable bags and fill them with as much as your family needs for just a twoonie! There will be baby through to adult clothing and other odds and ends available.

Scientists in School

We have had an incredible partnership with Scientists in School for the past three years. They have provided 2 workshops for every class, every year - that is a total of over 80 workshops!! On October 25, from 6:00-8:00pm we invite you and your family to 'get sciency' with us. Scientists with diverse expertise will be running a variety of experiments to enjoy.

Erica Rae

May 07
May 2018 Update

Excerpted from our May Newsletter​.

​Dear Families, May has arrived! We look forward to so many exciting things between now and the end of the year. Please watch the calendar for reminders. 

Math Fair 

We will be hosting a school wide Math Fair on Thursday, May 24 from 5:30-7pm. We have engaged in a great deal of professional learning this year, and have focused on impacting student understanding of mathematics. We are so excited to share our learning with you. More information to come. 

School Staffing 

Schools are in the process, or in our case have completed, their resource allocation for the 2018/19 school year. At this point, our teaching and support staff FTE is exactly what was at the end of September 2017. We are staffed for 18 teachers, 5 Educational Assistants, 4 ELL Assistants, 1 School Assistant, 1 Admin Asst and 3 lunchroom supervisors. We are in the process of organizing classes, and will let you know ASAP what that will be. 

Expected/Unexpected Behavior 

At Connaught School, we have been speaking with students about expected and unexpected behavior. Things like following routines, having a safe body, speaking kindly to adults and peers, sharing, waiting for your turn, walking safely in a line, being safe on the playground equipment are just some examples of expected behavior. Thank you for reinforcing this at home. 

Thank you, 

March 08
Math and Mittens

Students and staff alike are being energized by our focus on math! Please ensure you have taken time to visit our school-wide math weebly page at: connaughtmath.weebly.com

We will be hosting a family math evening in the near future - please stay tuned for a date.

The weather continues to be incredibly unpredictable! Please ensure your child(ren) comes to school with boots, warm jacket, hat and mitts. Also, our lost and found is overflowing. We have put everything out on tables - please feel free to come by and have a look. Every class will be coming by to take a look as well. It is extremely helpful if you put your child's name on their belongings.

Thank you for your continued support.


December 15
December 2017

"Let us embrace the beauty of every culture and faith to create peace in our world."
Mitra Sen, Canadian teacher and filmmaker

December is a month of celebration for many in Canada. At Connaught School, we honor the different holidays and traditions of the world. It is important to us that all students and families see themselves in our learning.

We are very excited about our 2nd winter festival! As we have grown in size, we have added a few activities, inside and out. We are staying with a Canadian theme - winter family fun in Canada. Please come prepared to spend time inside and out, and plan your visit to make the most of all the activities, as well as your child's musical sharing in the gym. More information regarding the festival will be sent in a separate email.

Along with the celebrations in December, many organizations and individuals take time this month to help others. The economy in Calgary is making it difficult for many people to get by and it is impacting families and staff at our school.

If your family needs help, or you know of a family that needs help– with meeting basic needs, accessing support to meet basic needs etc. - please reach out to me or your child’s teacher.

In turn, many of you have generously made donations of time, outdoor clothing, food and other resources. Thank you. We have had a number of community groups make donations as well. If you are able to contribute in anyway, please consider giving to the Food Bank. There is a large box in the main foyer.

Whether you are celebrating a significant holiday over the winter break or not, I wish you joy, peace and love with your family and friends during the two-week break.

I look forward to a new year of learning when we come back together in January!


November 06
November 2017

Dear Families,

After the fun activities of October, November often brings a reflective and quieter time. We Day and Remembrance Day remind us to think about those around us - close, far, now and in the past-  and the significance of small and large acts of kindness, generousity and even sacrifice.

Every year my family goes to visit the Field of Crosses Memorial Project on Memorial Drive. It has become a poignant activity for my own children and me, to reflect on the freedoms and responsibilities they have as young Canadians. “Over 3400 crosses are placed along Calgary’s Memorial Drive from November 1-11 each year. Each cross memorializes an individual soldier from Southern Alberta who made the ultimate sacrifice during active duty protecting our country”
(taken from: https://www.fieldofcrosses.com/)

“I love this country. I love my idea of this country.” — Gord Downie, 2012

Remembrance Day Ceremony
On November 10th, at 10:45am Connaught School will be recognizing Remembrance Day with a ceremony. During the ceremony students will share their learnings about peace and Canada. We will also share a famous Canadian poem called "In Flanders Fields" (John McCrae), as well as have a bag piper to play the 'The Last Post". This ceremony is solemn and reflective as we consider the sacrifices of people around the world in pursuit of freedom, as well as joyful and grateful for the freedoms we experience in Canada. Families are welcome to join us.

Every year on November 11, Canadians pause in a silent moment of remembrance for the men and women who have served, and continue to serve our country during times of war, conflict and peace. We honour those who fought for Canada in the First World War (1914-1918), the Second World War (1939-1945), and the Korean War (1950-1953), as well as those who have served since then. More than 2.3 million Canadians have served our country in this way, and more than 118,000 have died. They gave their lives and their futures so that we may live in peace. (retrieved from: http://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/remembrance/history/a-day-of-remembrance/r_intro).

We Day

Our grade 3/4's and 5/6's all participated in We Day this week - whether at the formal event at the Saddledome or our own Connaught We Day. Students were exposed to incredible life stories and significant world issues. They were encouraged to 'be the change' and to find the 'I' in 'We'. This spirit, a commitment to making the world better, is a commitment the staff and students of Connaught School take very seriously. We believe it begins in the daily, one on one interactions we have with one another, caring for our community and country and for those far, far away from us. 

Dressing Warm

Please ensure your child(ren) come to school with appropriate clothing for all types of weather. Outside time and fresh air is critical for student well-being and learning. There are very few days each year (if any) that the weather is so bad that students are kept in.



October 12
October 2017

​September brought joy, challenge, new students and staff, much laughter and learning to our school. This time in the school year is one of my favorite - we are knee deep in learning and experiences. October is often a time we reflect on thankfulness. I have many things to be thankful for, but of all things professionally, I am most thankful for the students, families and staff of Connaught School. Every morning I 'head to work' I am filled with gratitude knowing it is you and your children I serve.

It is not joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that makes us joyful. - David Steindl-Rast



September 14
Good to Be Back!

Wow! We've been back a week and it feels great! 

As I spent time in classrooms this morning it was clear our students are already settling into routines, new and old friendships, and learning is everywhere. What a wonderful feeling. 

There are many activities this month, and many opportunities for families to be in the school. Please ensure you check your calendar! I look forward to seeing and speaking with you. 


Erica Rae 

April 26
June 2017

Dear Families,

It's June! June is a funny time in a school. Some students and families cannot wait for school to be over. For other students and families the 'end of the school year' can be difficult for a variety of reasons. So, while many of us are looking to forward to the summer, it is also important to recognize the significant role our school and the community of people in it have daily in the lives of students, families and staff. If you are needing support finding summer activities or support for your family or child(ren) please contact your child's teacher or me.

It will be a busy month. We are grateful and excited to have our K-6 students engaged in a number of off-site activities. Kindergarten will be visiting Telus Spark, Grade 1/2 Field School, Grade 3/4 Drumheller and Grade 5/6 Telus Spark, as well as Grade 5 students attending ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen. Several of these activities have been subsidized by the following partners including: Kids Up Front, the Honorable Kathleen Ganley, The ATCO Group and CBE Integration and Environmental Services. Without this support we would not be able to offer these rich learning experiences. Thank you also to the many parent volunteers giving of their time to support us with supervision during our many field trips.

There are also many of school-based activities planned for June. Please ensure you check the calendar often, and know that you are always welcome to join us!

May this last month of the school year bring many rich experiences and celebrations and recognition of learning.

"Green was the silence, wet was the light,
the month of June trembled like a butterfly."
―Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets




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