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January 08
New Year

Happy New Year


January is proving to be a very busy month.  The biggest event will be report cards. Please remember these are no longer printed and will be accessible through you MyCBE/PowerSchool. If you require a paper copy you can request it from the front office. 


As you review the marks on your child’s report card please be aware of how hard some of them have worked. At no time should the mark be a surprise as teachers have been asked to be in constant communication with all families within their portfolio. With the structural organization we support at Dr. George Stanley, there should be no problem with communication. If you are surprised by any of the marks, please do not hesitate to contact the teacher directly.  We must work together to support the success of each child. 


Looking ahead it is always important to establish expectations and goal. One way to support your child is to increase your communication with the classroom teacher. As well, you could be more active with the classroom blogs, these provide a wealth of conversation starters. Ask the questions teachers are posing and see what your child knows, understands and how you might be able to increase their understanding with connections to current events or family histories and experiences. 


Attached is a link to an article which, also provides questions you could utilize to support student learning at home. We all know “What did you do at school today?” doesn’t usually yield a great conversation.  Take a look at the link and hopefully it you will find it helpful. 



I particularly like the question: 

Were there any moments today when you felt proud of yourself?

What do you appreciate about your day?

If you require any further support or would like clarification please ensure you contact us here at the school. ​

December 02
School Focus

Year 4 at Dr. George Stanley is definitely busy and productive.  We are very proud of our staff and students at the school and want only what is best for them.  


Our first couple of years were learned that parents were very concerned about safety.  We feel we have addressed those concerns and continue to deal with the occasional issue on a case by case basis. The School Resource officer (SRO) for our area is impressed with how few issues he deals with from our school compared to others.  I attribute this to our organizational structure that emphasizes relationships. All students have the opportunity to connect with one or two adults to support them academically and social/emotionally. 


The next thing we learned from parents is the desire to have students be happy.  This is understandable as we are living in a time with a significant increase in students diagnosed with anxiety. Again, our organizational structure allows for each student to have support for those issues and others. If you ever feel your child requires more support we are very willing to set up some time with the classroom teachers and discuss how we can best support the student. 


As this year progresses we feel it is the right time to emphasize expectations and rigour. The new School Act from the Alberta Government stressed the responsibility that school, students and families have to work together. 


Thus, we are stressing academic rigour within all classrooms. PAT results within the learning community indicate that students are very competent and can do well.  The focus must be on working diligently towards academic pursuits. Incomplete assignments, attitude towards increased expectations, and school hallways or classroom expectations are all of concern. As a school, we are continually discussing assessment and instructional practices to support student success.  


Our School Development Plan is published on our school website. These are the goals we will be working on this year: 

-  We would like to increase in the number of students achieving acceptable on the Social Studies PAT with a focus on questions involving interpretation of visual materials. 

-  We are also like to increase the number of students achieving acceptable on the Mathematics PAT specifically in the area of Shape and Space. 

-  We want to improve upon student respect for one another. As per the Accountability Pillar Survey results 

These goals are a result of looking deeply at the academic successes we have been experiencing as well as the areas students may not as successful with on the Grade 6 & 9 PAT. The goal of respect is a result of the student data on the Accountability Pillar Survey.  


We look forward to working closely with staff, students and parents as we pursue success in these areas.  Our success is greatly reliant on all of us working together and speaking positively with one another. 



October 11
Digital Citizenship

Hi Parents:

Last week we sent home a lot of paperwork, including contracts and CBE policy pertaining to digital citizenship. Because technological advancements and its consequences are ever-evolving, a few adjustments have been made to CBE policy as per changing laws defined by Alberta’s School Act. Please familiarize yourself with the document and some of the changes as it relates to parents as well.

We, as a staff, have a huge role to play in making sure students are safe and learning. Technology gives us a lot and it can take a lot. For example, smartphones can be a great way for parents to text or call their sons or daughters on their way home from school to check-in. And, smartphones can help students collect information and research to gain greater skills and knowledge. On the flip-side, phones can be used to send, post and look-up offensive and hurtful material and can be very distracting when full-attention is required. Our objective is to make sure students are safe and learning during instructional time. We hold teachers to high expectations around this matter as they are charged with supervising students in the classroom. As an administration, provided we are aware of ongoing problems, we never ignore or overlook misuse or misconduct when it comes to digital citizenship.

Our school’s data on relationships, provincial test results, report cards illustrate a community of success. We want technology to enhance our results not limit them. Thank you for your support in this matter and please take time to go over the contract with your sons and daughters and returned signed copies to the school so we can continue to use technology in moments where it can support safety and learning.


Our basic responsibilities are:

Students: Know their rights and responsibilities. To use technology in classrooms only when the teacher has granted permission and to use devices in service of learning in a safe & respectful manner. To house their devices in their assigned lockers or in-class safety storage containers.

Teachers & Staff: To know and uphold the CBE administrative regulations and progressive discipline. To inform students of their rights and responsibilities. To teach students how to use technology to support their learning. To supervise technology use.

Parents & Guardians: To understand the CBE regulations pertaining to tech use and personal devices. To help support student understanding of rights and responsibilities. And, as per the Alberta School Act 32b: “take an active role in the child’s educational success, including assisting the child in complying with [student responsibilities].”


September 16
September Start Up

We have successfully completed our fourth school start-up! Things went very smoothly. All of our grade fours and new students were quickly organized into their new classrooms and everyone settled in very nicely. Many classes were busy getting into routines and even completing assessments by 9:00.  

Watching the growth in students over the last 4 years has been extremely gratifying. Thank you so much for working closely with us towards student success, which is always a shared mission. This has allowed Mr. Bews, Ms. Wright, Ms. Duffy and myself to be in classrooms and to observe ways to support students immediately. Our meet the teacher night was designed to provide you with an opportunity to meet with each teacher and establish some initial goals. If you were unable to make it, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher and arrange a meeting time. Student success depends on all of us working together.

You may have noticed the amazing work on our sport court and landscaping that was completed this summer. We are extremely grateful to Mr. Rokosh and Mr. Klein and their students. They worked tirelessly in the last two years in surveying, creating a plan and working closely with administration to implement their ideas into a practical and beautiful creation. Our gratitude is also extended to Rockyview Projects under the supervision of Duncan O’Nions for making this vision come to fruition. As well, we are extremely grateful to Mrs. Erin Thorpe for lending us her expertise in project management to make sure we were in compliance with city expectations and for coordinating the many dimensions of this undertaking. 

The playing surfaces of the “Sport court” are now open to students. All community members, their friends and families are welcome to enjoy this space. It has certainly been a positive and popular site. Please note: school personnel are responsible for incidents between students until 3:15PM on Monday – Thursday and 12:15PM on Fridays. Should any incidents and altercations occur after these hours, it will be up to individual families to handle. 

We look forward to ongoing communication as the year progresses. Don’t hesitate to call us or book some time to come in and discuss any of your questions, concerns or to highlight things that are going well for your son or daughter. 

Lastly, you are encouraged to attend a meeting held here at DGS on Wednesday September 18, 2019 at 6:30pm to find out more about the new school opening in Cranston. 

June 28
Wrapping up 2019

Thank you everyone for another wonderful school year. We are looking forward to a great year in 2019-20. There are some changes coming in relation to our staff as well as our school lunch break.  Staff assignment will come to you in late August; you will receive an email letting you know your child’s teacher and classroom, maybe even a little direction as to where that room is within the school. 


Our school hours are:


8:00 doors open for students – the exception is Thursdays when doors open at 8:15 please plan accordingly. 

8:30 classes begin.

11:50 – 12:30 lunch break this is a change!!!

3:00 all students dismissed.


Our first day of school for students will be Tuesday September 3, 2019.  All new students and grade 4s will proceed directly to the gymnasium.  All other students will go directly to the classroom indicated on the mail sent to families in August.  There will be many staff available to support and help students find where they need to go. 


If you require some extra time to ensure your child’s needs are accommodated please call and make an appointment with one of the following people:


Grade 4-6 students Mrs. Wright or Mr. Bews

Grade 7-9 students Ms. Duffy or Mrs. Numan


The only supply we are requesting from students is a box of Kleenex. 


Thank you for your continued support.


Patty Numan and Andrew Bews​ 

March 21

Spring has sprung and the grass is beginning to rise. There is major excitement in the air!! It’s spring!


This can be a lovely time of year but also a time when we need to work with our young people. Student safety is of major concern to us. Unfortunately, it sometimes doesn’t appear to be of concern to them. So, we must take matters into our own hands.


Crossing the street – please remind students to be super vigilant when crossing the street. They must STOP and look both ways. Too many parents have brought to our attention that students step off the curb and proceed across the street without looking. Cars have had to slam on their brakes and swerve to miss students. Surprisingly, I am speaking primarily about our older students. Please take time to remind your children of their responsibilities as a pedestrian.


I have requested ALL classrooms engage in conversations about being a defensive pedestrian.

At the school, we will be working with a group of interested parents to find ways to address the issues we are experiencing around the school with traffic and student safety.


Riding Bikes and Scooters – This is so exciting for us here at the school. Our building is within walking distance for the majority of our students, but with the wonderful weather many of them will be jumping on their bikes and peddling to school. We have a good number of bike racks outside of the building and, with the Sport Court being constructed, we are adding more.


With bikes come challenges. Students are not allowed to ride anything with wheels on the school grounds - this is a safety concern. You will often see me or someone from my team telling students to walk their bikes, scooters or whatever they may have. This is part of CBE expectations. We also expect students to lock their bikes and scooters up to avoid vandalism or theft – not bringing them into the school. Last year we had a couple of items stolen and our cameras revealed it was not a student who was taking things but an adult. The police were called and the video footage was provided.


Don’t forget it is the law that CHILDREN must wear HELMETS. According to Calgary Police services, about 20 young people aged nineteen and under die from bicycle-related injuries each year in Canada, while another 50 experience permanent disability. Each day we encounter students who are not following the law. You might want to discuss who pays the ticket if the police come by.


Cars – The mornings around DGS don’t appear to be a big issue for traffic. Families are wonderful at stopping, unloading students and heading out. I realize your ability to do this is partly due to the school doors being open at 8am for students. We are happy to do this for our families - we actually enjoy interacting with the students as they enter the building. Now, the end of the day is another story. Please consider whether it is necessary to drive to pick up your children. In bad weather this is understandable; however, when it’s nice out it makes more sense for students to walk. This is great exercise and can allow them time to unwind and clear their minds as they walk home.


We want to work with families and we all have a role to play in our student’s safety.​ 

December 20
Wrapping up 2018

The giving season is upon us. As we enter the New Year, we want to thank you for the amazing group of students we are privileged to work with each day. The year has continued to be very successful. Students and staff are familiar with the structure and routines we have at Dr. George Stanley and we are moving right along. Teachers have been busy organizing wonderful field trips for our students to expose them to different sources of information and opportunities. Ms. Collens and Mrs. Lyons work diligently to ensure students are given different activities, which could be pursued outside of the gym. We are very proud of this part of our physical education program. As well, so many of our students have been going into the foods lab to learn how to make healthy alternatives. I hope some of you have had the delight of tasting these at home as they may have been prepared for you.


Classes are very engaged in their learning tasks and teachers are busy assessing the work alongside the Alberta Program of Studies. It is our hope to provide parents some insight into what is happening in classrooms by having groups of students attend School Council meetings. Our meeting in December saw the grade 8s come forward and demonstrate how they are learning to listen and speak by paraphrasing content. We also had a wonderful presentation by two students about the possibility of having a dress code at Dr. George Stanley. The process the girls undertook was very thorough and provided them with a great deal of information to consider. In the end, it was decided that we would not create a dress code for Dr. George Stanley school as it is totally up to the parents to decide what their children wear each day. As well, it was pointed out by parents at council that a dress code could be perceived as sexist since it really only pertains to girls. The next group to present to school council will be the grade 7s on January 30th. We hope to see many of you in the Learning Commons at 7:00pm.


We held our first set of conferences in November and most families were able to attend. They had the opportunity to inquire as to how students were performing and are well-prepared for the first report card that will be sent home on January 25, 2018. Please know we are always available to meet with parents or have a phone conversation to discuss the student’s progress. Learning and student success is our central purpose.



To support your endeavors as parents, we have been looking for people or agencies in the community to provide you with more information. Our first parent presentation was December 13, 2018, when the Links Program by the Calgary Police Service presented to parents on cannabis. This was very informative for those who attended. I am waiting for some documentation from this agency to place on our school website. The date may not have been ideal and we will look for another opportunity to have the presentation in the spring. Next on the list is a presentation by Paul Davis. He will be speaking to students and staff during the school day about Cyber Citizenship and is presenting to parents in the evening. It will be very worthwhile for parents to attend in order to be in the loop as to what your children have learned. That presentation will take place on January 21, 2019 at 7:00pm in the auxiliary gym. We are currently looking into having someone come to speak to parents about mental health. Societally, we have seen an increase in teenage mental health concerns. Some may think this is a fad; however, that is not the case and we all need to take the signs and symptoms presented by our children very seriously. We will let you know once that date has been established.


Our students continue to be valuable citizens in the school as well as in the community. Student Leadership has held a couple of very successful events. The first one was the food drive in November to support our veterans. The students collected a great deal of food and raised money as well. Their expectations were far exceeded. For Christmas, our tradition has been to support Toy Mountain and this just wrapped up on December 17th. Again, this was a huge success with the mountain of toys brought into our school. A group of our grade 9 leadership students also helped out at the family dance at Cranston School. The feedback they received was wonderful and should make each of you proud of your children. They are so responsible and respectful, and are a joy to work with. It is really important that we all learn how to give back to our community and the students at Dr. George Stanley are leading the way. Advocating for change or clarity is something else we strongly encourage at Dr. George Stanley. We have had students request clarification on our “No Dating” policy and once they hear the explanation they seem satisfied. The dress code issue was raised by students and in the end lead to an agreement we can all live with here at DGS.


Challenges continue to present themselves – such as when the pipe burst and damaged part of our gymnasiums. Once again, staff and students at Dr. George Stanley School rose to the challenge of accommodation. Physical education classes were held outside in not perfect weather and then, to everyone’s delight, we were able to have Sound Kreations come into the school and work with classes on Hip Hop dance. This was extremely well-received by students. As I always say, “In every challenge there is an opportunity,” and we found the opportunity to have our school logo painted onto the main gym floor as it was being refinished. This wasn’t able to be done when the school was being built because the students hadn’t yet selected the team name or symbol. Now we have it and it looks great.


This should catch us up for 2018. Staff and students are looking forward to a restful break. 2019 will bring us many joys and challenges which while require our full attention.



​Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!!

October 01
Busy September

Dr. George Stanley School has had a very busy week.  The flood has caused us to learn how to be very flexible.  We are really grateful to Cranston School for allowing us to hold our volleyball tryouts in the gymnasium.  Our practices will continue there until our gymnasiums are ready for students.  We are also very grateful to Ms. Collins as she has adapted on a daily basis to ensure students receive physical activity during their assigned times. 


The gym is currently out of commission until at least the end of October.  Whenever possible students will be engaged in physical activities outside so please ensure students are dressed for the weather.  Ms. Collens has been able to secure Dance Kreations to come into the school and provide our students with Hip Hop instruction. This will allow students to participate in continued physical education.  This is a huge challenge with a student population of 750+ students. Thank you for understanding our plight.


We have been very busy with an assembly.  Thanks to the grade 7 team who created memes of staff so students will be able to know who everyone is. These memes are very popular and are continuing to play on the TVs throughout the school.


Our Terry Fox run had to be altered do the very rainy day we had on Thursday. Students spent the morning Friday running at different times to accomplish a feat similar to Terry Fox.  This once again attests to the flexibility of our staff and students.  Thank you everyone. 


Our school hosted a Parent Information Evening on Thursday night.  Families were invited in to find out more about the programming taking place at the school as well as to touch base with the teachers.  Your next formal opportunity to discuss your child’s academic and social/emotional progress will be November 22, 2018. These will be sit down meetings with each teacher.



September 12
Supporting students / Classroom blogs

​​We have had a great start to our year.  By the second week all students are attending complementary classes, gym and PAL.  The tuck shop has opened with its limited menu for student purchases.  Healthy Hunger is running daily this year, to give you a break from the mundane task of preparing lunches. 

Our school has really grown this year, our last count was 771 stu​dents.  In grades 4-6 we have 435 students and in grades 7-9 we have 325 students.  Currently we have 38.5 teachers in our building and 14 staff to support our community.  If you have questions or concerns you should direct your inquiries to the classroom teacher, this person is always your first contact. If the teacher is unable to resolve your concerns please contact the Learning Leader for each grade.  

Dr. George Stanley Learning Leaders:
Grade 4 – Mrs. Bains 
Grade 5 – Mr. Berge 
Grade 6 – Mr. Portelli 
Grade 7 – Mrs. Wolframe 
Grade 8 – Mr. Buist 
Grade 9 – Mr. Evans 

If you have significant concerns in regard to your child’s special needs please contact the following people: 
Grade 4-6 – Mrs. Wright 
Grade 7-9 – Ms. Duffy

Of course, when all else fails you may schedule a time to meet with Mr. Bews or myself.  Please note we really want to accommodate everyone’s needs, but coming to us first means we have to stall you and go and find out the information, as it is impossible to for the two of us to stay on top of 771 students. 

Mr. Bews and I are always concerned with the safety and happiness of our students, and want to support teachers in providing quality instruction to everyone.  Providing support to teachers increases the chances of fabulous learning experiences for our students.  

Classroom blogs are changing to Google this year.  It is our hope to have everything up and running by the first of October. Along with the classroom blog which will contain homework opportunities for students, grade teams will be sending home a monthly newsletter via school messenger. The best form of communication is face to face so please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher to request a meeting.  For contact information please visit the school website or call and Mrs. Ardelan or Mrs. Sorge will get a message to the teacher.  

August 31
Welcome Back Everyone!

It is hard to believe we are going into year three at Dr. Stanley School.  We have experienced nothing but growth and a consolidation of our programming expectations and offerings to all students.

The first day for students will be Tuesday September 4, 2018.  The doors will open at 8:00, at which time students may proceed to where their classrooms are.  They will be greeted by their teachers and instruction will begin at 8:30. If a student is not sure of where to go there will be staff available in the auxiliary gym to assist.  All Grade 4 students will proceed to the main gym where they will be greeted by the grade 4  teachers.  Grade 4 parents are welcome to enter into the gym with their children and escort them to the classroom to see where the learning space, after that we ask parents to leave. 

All students will be required to know if they are staying for lunch or going home.  Students in Grade 7,8, and 9 will have a special letter coming home through messenger inquiring if you would like your child to leave campus or not throughout the school year.  Students in Grade 4,5,6 who stay at school are part of the supervised, user pay program and will be required to stay on campus at all times, unless an email is received from the family stating otherwise.  Please note attendance is done each day and any missing students are sought out.

With the growth of our student population our staff has undergone a number of changes.  Within the next couple of days you will be able to go onto the website and see pictures with names.  Please note some of our teachers are temporary as we have a number of teachers on maternity leave.  We know you will give all of our new staff a wonderful welcome to the Dr. George Stanley School community. 

Communication will continue on as it did last year.  Whole school events will be announced on the school website. Classroom blogs will be continuing but will not be up and running until October. This delay is due to a change within the CBE in regard to the program being utilized.  In order for consistency, we want staff to have an opportunity to all be on the same page as to content and delivery.  And finally, if you require specific information you may email the teacher to request a meeting.  We strongly advise face to face meetings in order to avoid miscommunication.  Your classroom teachers are always your first contact.  If you have concerns about a student’s progress your next contact is one of our student services personnel; Mrs. Wright for Grade 4,5,6 or Ms. Duffy for grade 7,8,9.  If at this point you do not feel your concerns have been resolved you can contact the school and speak to Mr. Bews for grade 4,5,6 or Mrs. Numan for grade 7,8,9.  Please note the first contact must always be your classroom teacher. 

The Calgary Board of Education has undertaken, out of necessity, a number of program changes.  And as with all technology and change, we all will need to discover patience, tolerance and understanding.  Everyone within the Dr. George Stanley endeavors to ensure all students are safe, happy and engaged in meaningful learning. 

Ms. Numan, Principal


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