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November 12
Field Trips

Field trips are excellent opportunities to extend classroom learning to the real world. We love to take students out of the building to explore and see what is possible. Teachers put an incredible amount of work into planning and implementing a trip,  unfortunately we are often left scrambling for families to commit to volunteering for trips and for paying for trips. We want students to have these amazing experiences, all we ask is that families let us know if they need to make other financial arrangements. We are having some very difficult conversations at the school level about reducing and/or eliminating field trips due to a lack of commitment. This is the last thing we want to do, but we may not have a choice. ​

If your child has the opportunity to go on a trip, please have the forms returned promptly, please find some time to volunteer and please let us know if the cost is burdensome on your family​ by calling our office. 

October 03

There are so many ways to communicate in this every advancing technological world. At DMC we have chosen to try to keep this as simply as we are able to. We try to keep our webpage as up to date as possible, we want families to look here for the what they need regarding general school ​information. Our teams each update their portion of the webpage weekly with information regarding what is happening in school. 

When you want to know about your child and their progress we have Power School. Parents need a login for this, but once they are in they can access a multitude of things such as their childs attendance, completed assignments and they can pay fees.

Lastly, teachers use Google Drive for students to access and hand in assignments. Parents can see this by accessing it through their child's password. We would encourage all parents to do so in order to support them at home.

We are trying very hard to keep families in the know around what is happening here at DMC. If you are having trouble finding the informaiton you need, give us a call.

September 11

​The focus for this month is the first word in our Mission: Community. What exactly is a community? For us at DMC a community is built on trust and caring. Our goal is to ensure all of our students feel safe at DMC, that they have a trusted adult and that they want to be at school. This is big work! As we all know, there has been a rise in mental health challenges in all of society, particularly in our adolescent population. More and more we are in a power struggle with digital devices such as gaming and social media, all seem far more engaging to many of youths today, yet isolate our children from one another in real​ face to face time. As parents the best thing we can do is monitor the time our children spend on these devices and what they are doing while connected. 

We are one big family here at DMC and we want each of our students to feel like they belong and are valued members. 

August 31

​It is time to start another school year, and the staff at DMC is excited to welcome all of our families. The first few days we have had as a staff have been spent discussing the importance of relationships, especially at the middle school level. Our goal this year is to ensure ALL students feel they have adults in our building that support them and believe in them. We have been working on empowering the staff to take advantage of the early days with students to get to know them, to build a classroom climate that is supportive and risk free. We want to, in turn, empower all of students to succeed in school and in life. 

Our first day with students is Tuesday, September 3rd for grade 5 only. The reason for this staggered entry is to provide an opportunity for our newest and youngest members to find their place in the school free from the excitement of 850 students. On Wednesday, September 4th we are looking forward to all students joining us. This is our fourth year as a school community and we will make it our best yet. As parents and guardians, please do not hesitate to call us with any concerns or questions. With us all working together we know we will be successful​.

June 17

The staff of DMC would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our families for another amazing school year. The 2018-19 session has been filled with great learning for all of our students. We have enjoyed building relationships with them and learning from them in the process. DMC is truly a great place to learn and grow for all of us. 

Of course, we could not do any of this without the great support form our families. Thanks for being there for your children​ and for us as we navigate the tricky adolescent years. This is time when children are trying to figure out who they are, and who they hope to be. We take great pride at DMC in where we started and how far we have come as a community, and we look forward to continuing this adventure next year. 

From all of the staff at DMC we wish all of our families​ a safe and restful summer. To those that are moving on, we wish you the best of luck. To those that are coming back or joining us for the first time, we look forward to seeing you in the fall.

February 20
When Did Anxiety Become The Enemy

​If you read research on anxiety and stress you will quickly learn that both are inevitable. Everyone experiences these states at some point. It is all in how we use them that will decide whether they are going to be negative or positive. When we are anxious about something we can choose to become proactive and use the feeling to get the job done, to tell the truth, to help others or whatever we need to do to move forward. If we choose to not be proactive, to avoid situations, then anxiety is allowed to take over causing problems in our life. 

As adults, it is our job to help children realize that first and foremost, anxiety and stress are going to happen, they cannot be avoided. Then we need to help them understand that only by tackling them head on can we be in control of our anxiety and stress, rather then them be in control of us. Of course this sounds simple, we know it is not all that easy. 

As adults we need to push our children to face these expereinces, and not try to take them away all the time. We may think we are being helpful, but in the long run we are teaching them that someone will always be there to solve their problems. Learing to be accountable is important, learing to deal with anxiety and stress is part of growing up. These are not bad things when we put them in context and we deal with them as situations arise. 

January 09
Welcome Back

​Welcome to 2019!

Exciting times at DMC lay ahead. The Drama production is underway, the cast has been chosen and practices are starting. The title of our show this year is "Into the Woods Jr." It promises to be an amazing experience.

Basketball tryouts are underway, and we are looking forward to another fun and competitive season of hoops. 

We continue to work toward our school dvelopment plan goals of improving in the area of literacy and mathematics. If you interested in  more detail you can find our SDP on our webpage. 

In February we are planniing to show 2 movies offering them on 2 differnet nights, the 5th and the 27th at 6:30. The movies are centered around 2 highly important issues.

Miss Representation looks at how women/girls are portrayed in the media and The Mask We live In looks at the expectaions society has placed on males in how we raise them. You can find more details on our home page. Parents are all welcome along with their children. Please view the trailers offered through the links on our home page.

December 11
Winter Break

It's hard to beleive that we are at our winter break again. Time seems to fly by, especially when so many amazing things are happeing in the school. I would like to take a moment to wish each and every one of you a restful holiday season. We hope all of our students come back ready to learn in 2019. I would also like to thank all of our parents and guardians for their support throughout the year. We cannot do the work at DMC without you.

November 16
Progressive Discipline and Zero Tolerance

​Often when I work with parents around challenging student behaviors the notion of "Zero Tolerance" comes up. There is a belief that schools operate from this stance in Canada. The Zero Tolerance approach to discipline came about in the United States in response to an increased presence of weapons, drugs and violence in American schools. Zero Tolerance did not take into consideration any other factors other than the act itself.  The research around this today suggests that it is "Ineffective in the long run" and has contributed to higher rates of drop outs once students reach high school. There are many stories of students as young as kindergarten being suspended or expelled from school for bringing toy guns or of students defending special needs kids from the attacks of a bully. This is not what discipline was meant to be. We want to look at a number of things when we consider how to move forward. 

The role of the school is to work to ensure students are safe throughout the time they spend learning. We recognize that children of all ages are going to makes mistakes and as much as we must protect students from becoming a victim, we also want to educate those that present inappropriate behaviors. The CBE's approach to discipline is called "Progressive Discipline". The idea behind this is that when we at the school level consider what to do with students that have made mistakes, we consider a number of factors. Our Administrative Regulations state the following:

6) When responding to unacceptable student behaviour, the principal and/or teacher must consider: 

    a) the age, maturity, and individual circumstances including the student’s social, emotional,          developmental and cognitive levels; 

    b) the student’s learning needs; 

    c) the nature and severity of the action or incident; 

    d) the effect of the student’s behaviour upon other students, the staff, the school                          environment, and the community; 

    e) the student’s previous conduct and previous interventions; 

    f) the impact of proposed action on the student’s future behaviour; and 

    g) any other information that the teacher or principal considers relevant in assessing the                response to the behaviour. 

Once these considerations have been made we then must look at how to apply discipline practices 

7) Disciplinary actions must: 

    a) be both corrective and supportive; 

    b) reflect the range of interventions and responses including: 

        i​. universal interventions; 

        ii. targeted classroom and school interventions; and 

        iii. intensive individualized supports; 

    c) include opportunities for students to learn and make amends; 

    d) focus on improving behavior; and 

    e) help students be successful at school.

Academics are the focus of the school setting, however we are also learning how to socialize in society. This requires a response that is fair, yet provides opportunities for students to learn from their mistakes. Of course when actions are more severe, there are appropriate ways to respond which can include suspension, expulsion and working with the Calgary City Police. 

October 15
Rolling it Out!

On November 8th at 6:00 at DMCS we will be rolling out our 2018-19 School Development Plan. In my last blog I spoke about what an SDP is and why we have one. During this evening event, prior to school council, we will look at the plan and answer questions about it. What we do know is that it will center around two goals, one for math and one for literacy. Both of these areas are of huge fundamental importance in the development of a child's learning. All parents are welcome.​

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