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Gr.3/4 Pulley Power
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Help Shape the Future of High Schools and Enter to Win!
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Mad science in Kindergarten
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Gr.1-2 – Slower than molasses in winter!

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October 2019

Possibilities. This is our guiding theme for the school year. It will shape and influence our attitudes towards learning and inspire both our students and teachers through the work that they do. Our teachers have been on a journey of professional development to create tasks that utilize higher order thinking skills to challenge students in exploring their depth of conceptual understanding. Students will be engaging in project work that make them invent, analyze, compare and synthesize information. Our Friday schedule this year is dedicated to project work and developing a “makerspace” and “design-thinking” mindset. We look forward to engaging with organizations to support this work, including Beakerhead and Let’s Talk Science. 
According to a joint research project, The Class of 2030 and Life-Ready Learning, by Microsoft and the McKinsey Global Institute, “by the time today’s kindergartners enter the workforce, activities will substantially change across most occupations and will increasingly require the application of expertise and creative problem solving, as well as collaboration, management, and the development of people.” The Class of 2030 needs to have strong social-emotional skills to have better perspective and resilience to deal with change. As automation continues to affect the workforce, demand for low-skill jobs will decline, and those that require interactions between people, and creative problem solving will rise. Technology professionals, care providers, architects, managers and professionals (engineers, lawyers, and scientists) will be in increasing demand. Skills currently missing from applicants for entry-level positions include teamwork, work ethic, leadership, problem solving, and creativity.
Our scheduled mindfulness period after lunch allows teachers to spend a dedicated period of time to covering our Health curriculum in the context of wellness, along with intentional movement breaks throughout the day. We are also incorporating the concept of loose parts on our playground after a presentation to our staff hosted by Timbernook, a program grounded in the philosophy that children flourish when given the time and space to play in sensory-rich, experiential learning environments. We have noticed that many of our students now choose creative play with the loose-parts instead of competitive sports or the playground structure. 
Thank you to all the parents/guardians who attended our Meet the Teacher evening on September 5. Our Parent-Teacher conferences are coming up on November 21 and 22. These will be booked interviews with the teachers and the purpose is to provide you with initial feedback regarding your child’s academic and social-emotional progress to date. Aside from this meeting and our Student-Led Conferences in March, teachers will communicate throughout the year about your child’s learning. This may happen through personal correspondence, face to face meetings, and emails through School Messenger. If at any time you wish to initiate communication about your child’s progress, please make an appointment with your child’s teacher so that proper time and attention can be given to the conversation. Please refrain from catching teachers at the classroom door without notice before or after school as this is a very busy time for both our staff and students. 
The Calgary Board of Education Three Year Plan continues to be used as a framework to personalize learning for all students. In response to the CBE Three-Year Plan, our staff will continue to engage in Professional Learning Communities and development opportunities with a focus on the CBE’s Literacy Strategy, specifically to do with reading comprehension at a deeper level. As new reporting and assessment guidelines have also been established in the CBE this year, staff continue to work through research-based strategies to document and assess up to date student data to inform next steps in learning.
Though it may seem like high school is far away from now for your child, the CBE is currently encouraging parents to engage with their initiative around High School Success through the Shaping the Future of CBE Schools​ webpage. With continuing growth in enrollment and many CBE high schools over capacity, the CBE is looking for input and creative problem-solving to meet the needs of students now, and in the future. Please visit the webpage for more information and to engage with in-person dialogue sessions for parents. 
Thank you so much to our students and parent community for making our school such an amazing place to learn. Your support throughout the year is greatly appreciated.

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In Grade 3/4 we were experimenting with simple machines (levers, pulleys, wheel & axle, rollers) in Science class and found out how they work, and how they make work easier. We built some simple machines to see how they would work. We..

Elbow Park School Council is hosting our upcoming Family Halloween Dance.Please join us in costume Thursday October 24th 5:30-7:30 in the Elbow Park School Gymnasium (no heels on our gym flooring please). Students must be accompanied by..

RT @yyCBEdu: There are no classes for students on Friday Oct 11 because it is a system-wide non-instructional day. All schools and offices are closed on Monday Oct 14 for Thanksgiving. Have a fun and safe long weekend! #WeAreCBE

We did an experiment in Science called Walking Water. The water walks up the wipes that are in different colors in cups. The yellow and red walked up the wipes and mixed in the clear cup to make orange. Blue and yellow mixed in the..

We were studying the viscosity of liquids in Science class. Some liquids can spread out slowly and some quickly. Some liquids do not mix. This means they are immiscible. We were testing what can absorb water. We used cloth, paper,..

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