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June 30
Enjoy you summer

​I wish everyone a wonderful summer and hope to see all students on September 1. Alberta's Education Minister will announce by August 1 which scenario we will be offering in the fall.

Thank you to all families who participated in the Budget and Fees Survey. Please see the summary report. Elboya Budget and Fees Survey 2019-20.pdfElboya Budget and Fees Survey 2019-20.pdf


Ms. Susan Wright

May 01
Online Learning

We are so happy that so many families have been able to connect with their teachers. Many students have been able to access their leaning online and hopefully connect with classmates.  We realize that this is a diffcult time as we manoeuvre through this new way of being.  Elboya staff is working hard to offer learning online. Please connect with them if you are having difficulties with the online learning. We hope that we can offer a positive learning environment and realize that technology often has glitches and that many family members are sharing devices. ​

Stay safe,

Susan Wright

June 10
Student Leadership Council

​Students on our Leadership Council have made a major difference at our school this year.  We have two Student Leadership Councils.  One is for students from grades 1 - 4 and the other is from grades 5 - 9.  Our Council is representative of all students at our school and all its programs.  We have a balance of diversity represented as well.  

Their input has informed the playground that will be going into the school this fall.  They collected information from students in their class and then shared it at Council.  Also, they have provided feedback to the facility upgrades being made this summer to the outside of our school.  Students three years ago asked to see improvements made to the cement outside staircases and to the cracked concrete tiles around the school.  All our staircases and cracked tiles as well as the front entrance will receive updates this summer.

Students on last year's Council have been instrumental in getting a water refill station here this year.  They have also helped us implement a better recycling program here at the school and have further ideas on how to improve it for next year.  Thanks to all the student leaders for their ideas, their ariculate voices and for representing their class so well!

May 18
Academic Excellence

Elboya is a school community whose students demonstrate academic excellence and strong citizenship.  We encourage academic enrichment for all students and participate in activities that allow students to demonstrate their growth and success.​

Gauss Math Contest

On Wednesday May 15th, 38 students in grades 7 & 8 wrote the Gauss Math Contest put forth by the University of Waterloo. This contest tests their math abilities and problem-solving skills in a fun and new way! Students who chose to participate had 60 minutes to complete the three sections of the test; totaling 25 multiple choice questions. The tests will be marked soon and results will be shared with students at our end of year awards assembly in June! 

Cantando Music Festival Gold

Our concert band won gold on their recent trip to the Con Brio Whistler Music Festival, a three-day non-competitive music festival with a grading option. This is held annually in the beautiful Whistler Village, a 90-minute drive north of Vancouver, BC. For 20 consecutive years, Con Brio Whistler  has turned Whistler Village into a giant Band, Orchestra and Choral camp culminating in a massed choir of over 500, a massed string ensemble, and massed bands of over 1,800 instrumentalists. The village provides a safe, walkable environment for all participants. Students had the chance to work with world renowned adjudicators and attend many festival concerts. We will be celebrating our students’ success at the awards assembly in June! Great job!​

May 10
Mindful May

​Mental health awareness is an important part of our school community.  We are working to develop strong social-emotional skills in all of our students.  We encourage healthy habits.  This month at Elboya, we have decided to bring attention to mindfulness, kindness and mental health awareness. During Mindful May:

  • All of Elboya will be hearing positive messages each morning on the announcements.
  • Students will have the opportunity to drop into some mindfulness activities during specific lunch hours.
  • Students in Grades 6 and 9 will be served a light breakfast before their PATs next week in the cafeteria, starting at 8:45 AM.
  • Next week is also Mental Health Week #Getloud which is sponsored by the Canadian Mental Health Association to end stigma and bring awareness to mental illness and mental health.
  • On Fridays, starting on May 10, Yoga Club will be starting for Grades 7-9 after school in the small gym.​
April 14
Outdoor Activities & Student Well Being

Elboya School has sought out new opportunities for our students to benefit from being in the great outdoors.  We encourage our students to get outside everyday for some fresh air at lunch and recess.  This year we have organized Outdoor School for our grade 6s.  Our grades 7 & 8 students are going downhill sking next week at Lake Louise.  Our grade 4 ski program has happened for numerous years at Winsport and this junior high program will build on that taking our older students to the mountains. We live beside some of the most beautiful mountains in the world and wanted to ensure all students could have an opportunity to visit them.

Elboya's grade six students will be heading to Outdoor School later this spring going to Kamp Kiwanis closer to the foothills​.  Students will have a chance to learn to canoe and learn to build campfires as well as developing other outdoor skills.  Opportunities like this allow our students to learn through play while encouraging the development of amongst other things resiliency, teamwork and confidence building. We believe time spent in the great outdoors also contributes to overall student well being.

Next year, we are planning a sailing trip for those students in our Outdoor Education program in our junior high grades.  Students plan to travel to the coast of British Columbia for this adventure.  More news to come!

February 24
Update on School Development Plan

We believe in a model of continuous improvement. Staff have been learning and then implementing various strategies for three overarching goals this year. We are focused on: 1. Literacy; 2. Mathematics; and 3. Mental health initiatives. This final goal focusing on social-emotional needs is as important as the academic needs our students have. We have been using a K - 9 approach with all three goals so that all students in the school benefit from the work. Please view our school's twitter account to see pictures of this work as well as your child's blog or D2L shell that reflects this work. We also document our work together in a teacher platform called IRIS and will share our best practices this spring at the April Professional Development Day with colleagues.


Friday, March 1 we will continue the work as a whole school in two separate workshops where we will look deeper at the most important conceptual understandings we have in all subject disciplines that will improve literacy and math literacy. As part of this importantly, we will ask: Which students are we not serving well? We will build projects and strategies on this question that day. Our work that day will also allow our Trauma Informed Practice team to lead the staff through work that makes them reflect on the brain-based research around such things as anxiety and depression and how they can make changes in the classrooms and our school to better equip students for success.​

January 25
We love Science at Elboya!

​Kananaskis in the Classroom

This year we have added a new program called Kananaskis in the Classroom.  This program brings parks to schools and will be presenting to our grades 4 – 6 students on Monday and Tuesday next week. On land, in air and on the ground, the water cycle is everywhere. But something is happening to the water! Join a curious fish, a hungry heron, a gnarly goat and many others, as they try and fight the evil forces of Professor Pollution in their quest to save fresh water. This program complements our science curriculum well.

  • Each program begins with a 50-minute musical theatre presentation. This is a high-energy, educational and fun show.
  • Presentations feature original music, exciting characters, curriculum-driven scripts and audience participation.
  • All programs include additional 45-minute small group sessions.
  • This promotes deeper discovery of the topic through natural history props, activities and hands-on exploration.​
Science Decathlon

Four students from Elboya’s grade 9 classes will participate at a science competition prepared by the Western Canada High School Science Club. This Special Event, “Heroes & Villains: A Science Decathlon”, is a fast-paced race around WCHS.  Students from WCHS Feeder Schools & Calgary Science Schools will compete in teams of four, where they complete ten science-related tasks.  Time is critical: the first team to complete these tasks, as well as a mystery task, wins the decathlon. ​ 

December 21
Candy Grams and Student Leadership

Candy Grams were distributed in homerooms on Wednesday during Ugly Sweater day. This year, Elboya students gifted their friends, classmates and our school staff with over 1600 candy canes and a healthy dose of holiday cheer!

Every year, we donate proceeds from this event to different Calgary charities and the Leadership students are working hard to decide how to distribute these funds to make the biggest impact. Once the decision has been made, we will announce it in the weekly message!

Happy holidays from us to you!

On behalf of Student Leadership​

December 09
School Clubs and School Culture

An important part of our school community is created by a strong club culture at Elboya.  Clubs allow students to find a sense of belonging and find like-minded friends. They can engage in projects or activities that are meaningful to them.  We try to create a balance of different kinds of clubs based on student interest and staff knowledge.

New this year are some clubs that work to meet social-emotional needs such as friendship and well-being along with popular new clubs in K - 4 for coding.

5 – 9 Clubs

We have a number of clubs for students to participate in at Elboya.  Please view our website for a listing of many of them.  http://school.cbe.ab.ca/school/elboya/extracurricular/clubs/pages/default.aspx

We will also be offering a Friendology 101 club to grade 5 students shortly.  More information will be posted on our website when we have all the details in place.

K-4 Clubs

All elementary teachers are offering clubs throughout the year, focusing on extending and enriching students’ learning through extra curriculum experiences in various areas. Teachers coordinate and offer various choices of clubs to make sure we allow opportunities for all students to benefit from these wonderful learning options. Some of the upcoming clubs for K-4 include: yoga, LEGO, book club, coding and Narwhal club.  More information will be sent home to you through your classroom teacher.​

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 Carma Cornea, Principal

Carma Cornea
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