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May 29
Pick up of Items/Budget Survey

Every year, we ask for parent input to gather feedback from parents on school budgets and school fees to help inform the decisions we make, and in compliance with legislated and operational expectations. When students, staff and parents work closely together, students experience greater success in achieving their learning goals.  Normally, this process is done through School Council meetings, but with our current situation this is not possible.  As a result, we have created a survey that will allow you to provide your input on a variety of funding topics.  To take part in this survey, please click here.

As we begin to look at school organization for the upcoming year, it is important that we know which students will not be returning to EMJ in the fall.  Previously, we sent out a survey asking this question.  We appreciate all of the responses that we received.  If you are moving and did not have a chance to complete the survey, or if your situation has recently changed, please give us a call in the office and let us know as soon as possible.  For any families with incoming kindergarten students that have not registered yet, we are open during the day to receive registrations, or they can be sent via email.  If you have neighbors with kindergarten aged children, please remind them to register!
This coming week, families will have the opportunity to pick up remaining student work and belongings from the gym.  Student belongings will be laid out by grade and class, with the lost and found and book return located in the middle of the gym.  We will run a schedule Tuesday-Friday next week as follows:
·      Tuesday 8-11, students with last names starting with A-C
·      Tuesday 12-3, students with last names starting with D-F
·      Wednesday 8-11, students with last names starting with G-J
·      Wednesday 12-3, students with last names starting with K-M
·      Thursday 8-11, students with last names starting with N-P
·      Thursday 12-3, students with last names starting with Q-S
·      Friday 8-11, students with last names starting with T-V
·      Friday 12-3, students with last names starting with W-Z
We would ask for safety reasons that we have one adult and child in the building per family at a time if possible in order to maintain a reasonable number of people in the building at all times.  Please also respect social distancing protocols while in the school.  We miss our students and families greatly, but need to maintain a safe environment for all!  If the time above does not work for your family, please give us a call in the office and we can arrange an alternate time.
April 09
April 9th Update

​A huge thanks to all of our families that have been joining us on a new educational journey over the past week and a half.  We understand that many of the things that we are currently doing are new (they are new to us too!), and that with anything new there is always a learning curve.  It has been exciting this week to join in on some Google Meets that have taken place, and to see some of our student's smiling faces.  The school is currently very lonely and empty, and it is wonderful to be able to still connect with our students.  Some of our staff created some window art as a message to our students.  If you happen to be out and walking by, it is above the front door of the school.

As you are aware, the bulk of student learning has been communicated through school blogs up to this point.  In order to maintain consistency for both staff and students, as well as making workflow easier, we will be transitioning to Google classroom.  This is a platform that is easy to use, and much more user-friendly for staff and students.  Students will still be able to access their daily work, as well as connect directly with teachers throughout the day.  All students have a Google account provided by the CBE.  If you need your child's information, please contact their teacher directly.  For a quick tutorial, please visit this link​.

April 03
April 3 Update

​Hello EMJ Families,

We hope you are all well and safe during this uncertain time. We have been amazed at how our EMJ community has pulled together to continue learning. Our teachers have been working tirelessly to design quality online learning tasks. We know this is a learning curve for teachers, parents and students. Thank you for your patience as we work through this together. We know that many families have increased stress so please also be patient and generous with yourselves and your children. 

Next week teachers will continue to post daily learning invitations on the classroom blogs and will have the first 'face-to-face' meeting online through Google Meet. If you have questions, please reach out to your child's teacher(s). Office staff are also available via phone and email during our regular school hours.

As we go into the weekend, here is a video of our hallways that feel empty without students and a fun riddle for your family to solve together. Be safe at home and know, together our EMJ community will continue to support each other and thrive as learners.


March 30
March 30 Update

I hope that you have all had a nice Spring Break, as we all adjust to a new way of life.  As you are aware, programming for students going forward will look different than what it has in the past, as teachers will be adjusting to a different model of teaching and learning.  Our staff are very excited to be back working with students and families this week, even though it will be in a different capacity.  On Monday, March 30th, our teachers are currently engaged in online planning.  As learning resumes this week, there are a number of things that you can expect: 
1.       Sometime today (March 30th), you will receive a call from your child(ren)’s teacher(s).  This is a check-in call to see how our students and families are doing, as well as determining what tools and resources we will need moving forward.  If teachers are unable to connect with families, they will be sending a follow-up email.
2.       We will be using the school blog to distribute daily learning supports for students.
3.       If you do not have access to technology, teachers will be looking at alternatives to support student learning.
4.       Beginning learning plans for students will commence on Wednesday, April 1st.  Future learning will be posted to blogs on the Monday of each week.
As a school system, we are expected to align with the guidelines shared by Alberta Education for continuity of learning and content delivery by division.  Specifically, content delivery for elementary school is as follows:
Kindergarten – Grade 3
  • Education content will focus on language/literacy and mathematics/numeracy outcomes of the provincial curriculum.
  • Teachers will assign an average of five hours of work per student per week, and will be expected to work with their students and parents on the delivery of these materials.
Grades 4-6
  • Education content will continue to focus on language/literacy and mathematics/numeracy outcomes, and there will be opportunity to incorporate science and social studies outcomes through cross-curricular learning.
  • Teachers will assign an average of five hours of work per student per week, and will be expected to work with their students and parents on the delivery of these materials.
Teachers will have office hours where they will be available during regular school times to answer any questions that you or your children might have.  Email is the best way to contact teachers, and they will be responsive to questions during school hours.  Outside of school hours, there may be a slight delay in teachers getting back to you.
We will also be sending out additional digital resources as a school for students that are interested.  These will not be mandatory assignments, but rather some additional supports for home learning that families may access if they choose. 
Although we greatly miss our students and families, we look forward to continuing our learning together!
Chris Radu
For any of our families that require additional support, below are some services that may be of help.
Community Resources
Distress Centre-Mobile Response Team 403-266-4357
South Calgary Health Centre (walk in/Short term counselling) 403-943-9300
Community Resource Team 402-299-9699
Calgary Police Service 403-266-1234
Child and Family Services 403-297-2995
Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868
Kids Help Phone text 686868
Connect (Domestic & Sexual abuse) 1-877-237-5888
March 20
A Message to Our Community

​We continue to better understand the unusual and challenging events of classroom cancellation.  At this time, we do not want to overwhelm students and families with programming expectations or offerings at such an early time of this new reality.  In addition, it is important that consistent messaging and resources are offered to students across the CBE and Alberta.  The resources found on the CBE Learning at Home Webpage have been reviewed by CBE staff and offer learning opportunities for students.  We encourage everyone to involve themselves in different interests, providing some physical and mental rigor.  Maintaining a balanced and consistent routine for children, including regular sleeping and eating times, breaks for activity and outdoor time, and healthy boundaries on screen time is very important in creating normalcy within our days.



This past week has been met with a lot of mixed emotions.  Hallways and classrooms are quiet and simply make up the structure of the building.  The children, whose laughter and and energy is greatly missed, is clearly what makes EMJ the vibrant place that it is.  As we learn new words and protocols such as social distancing and self isolation, we are challenged to contemplate things that matter most in a time of uncertainty.  This notion of a new normal offers the opportunity to take note of what is most important, what we value, and most importantly truly connect with loved ones.

Although the days and weeks ahead will present us each with some difficulties, we will work together to support students.  Please take care of yourselves, your family, and your friends.

Below, we have included some resources to support our families in different ways.

Covid Social Story for Children.pdfCovid Social Story for Children.pdf


General Principles for Talking to Children About COVID - CBE.pdfGeneral Principles for Talking to Children About COVID - CBE.pdf

 Managing Anxiety and Stress - CBE.pdfManaging Anxiety and Stress - CBE.pdf


March 13
Physical Literacy

Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, and knowledge to engage in physical activities for life. This includes movement within and outside of the classroom.  At school, physical literacy is evident in many of the things that we do, including physical games in the gym, outside activities, specific sport skills, recess time, and lunch time.  Physical literacy is key for brain development and lifelong health. Learners who are active find greater success at school, improving concentration and regulation.

This month, we have been exploring concepts of balance, motion, and motor planning using the gymnastics equipment in the gym.


Students have spent the last 3 weeks progressively building their gymnastics skills, starting with mat routines, moving to equipment, and finally completing the mission impossible course this past week.  It is a highlight of the physical education program for many students, with so many new skills and movements to learn!


For more information about physical literacy, please visit: http://sportforlife.ca/portfolio-view/developing-physical-literacy-a-guide-for-parents-of-children-ages-0-to-12/

Mar. 19 - Early Dismissal - 12:15 pm

Mar. 23 - 27 Spring Break - School Closed

Mar. 30 - Classes resume

Apr. 2 Class Photos

Apr. 9 - Fun Lunch (Subway)

Apr. 10 - School Closed - Good Friday

Apr. 13 - Professional Learning Day for Teachers - No School for Students

Apr. 20 - 24 Division One Swimming

Apr. 27 - 30 Scholastic Book Fair

Apr. 30 - Spring Concert

Apr. 30 - Fun Lunch (Little Caesars)

March 06
Playing with Numbers

Playing with Numbers

As part of our school-wide commitment to improving students’ foundational mathematics skills, each class participates in daily number routines to improve their computational fluency. Computational fluency can be thought of as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with accuracy, flexibility and efficiency. These skills are developed over time and improve with opportunities to practice and talk about the strategies used. 


Number talks are one example of number routines students participate in to improve their computational fluency. Students might be shown an image or asked a question, and through teaching and discussion they learn and practice the fastest and most accurate way to solve to solve the problem. Examples of number routines students have been practicing include Math Mashups, Five Finger Fling, Solve Me Puzzles, Splats, Learning Carpet, Dot Card Games, and Paper Practice. Ask your child what number routine they feel helps them practice their math best. 


Playing at home with math is a great way to support your child in improving their accuracy, flexibility and efficiency in computation. Some ways you can play with math at home are to play board games (ex. Monopoly, Dominoes) or visit websites such as Math Before Bed.​


would you rather.jpeglearning carpet.jpgeggs.jpeg




February 28

At the beginning of this school year, EMJ students rebranded the school with a new logo.  Students, staff, and parents were asked to come up with some words that described the school to include in the logo, and it was determined that "creative, compassionate, inclusive" were the words that best described our school.  These are important words that staff and students not only wear on their shirts daily, but also live by.  There are many ways that our school incorporates these concepts into daily living.  At EMJ we highly value student leadership, giving students a voice and means to support the school, the community, and beyond.  One of the key extracurricular groups currently running is "Us to You", a student-led leadership group that works to make EMJ and our community a better place.  The group raises money for important foundations, as well as volunteering time to provide EMJ students with special opportunities.



This week, students in Us to You have designed, planned, and implemented an outdoor "Olympic Games" for the students of EMJ.  There were many different stations and opportunities for students to try different challenges and sports during both morning and lunch recesses.  Students had an amazing time, and were able to learn new skills taught by students in leadership. 


This week was also an opportunity to recognize Pink Shirt Day as a school.  "The theme for this year’s Pink Shirt Day is “Lift each other up”; a simple but powerful message encouraging us to look beyond our differences and celebrate the things that make us unique. When we lift each other up, we see past the things that separate us and see instead the things that unite us as people".  It was great to see such a large percentage of our students sporting pink clothing for the day.  As a school, it is important to remember this caring and compassion not just once a year, but every day.


Mar. 12 - Fun Lunch  (Coco Brooks)
Mar. 17 - Evergreen Theatre Performance, 9:30 am
Mar. 19/20 - Parent/Teacher Conferences
Mar. 23 - 27 Spring Break - School Closed
Mar. 30 - Classes resume


February 21
Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are a key part of engaging our students at EMJ. Every year, teachers take time outside of the classroom to provide additional opportunities for our students. These extracurricular activities go beyond what is provided in the classroom, often tying together student interests with the passions of teachers.  The skills learned in these activities can include sportsmanship, collaboration, teamwork, and of course technical skills in an area that students may not have the opportunity to explore within the classroom.  This year, a number of extracurricular opportunities have already been provided here at EMJ, including basketball, choir, handbells, student leadership, board games club, and Lego animation, among others.  There are a number of clubs that will be coming up in the next while for students to get excited about.  These include drawing club, origami, stretch and breathe yoga, coding, choir, drama, book club, badminton, and others still to be decided.  Our aim is to provide something for everyone!  We are also open to student suggestions, always looking for additional ways to support our kids.

Next week we begin a 3 week gymnastics unit across the school, so please remind students to wear comfortable clothing.  We will also be recognizing Pink Shirt day as a school on February 26th.

Important Dates:
Feb. 20 - Fun Lunch (Booster Juice)
Feb. 24 to Mar. 13 - Gymnastics
Feb. 26 - Pink Shirt Day

Mar. 12 - Fun Lunch  (Coco Brooks)
Mar. 17 - Evergreen Theatre Performance, 9:30 am
Mar. 19/20 - Parent/Teacher Conferences
Mar. 23 - 27 Spring Break - School Closed

February 07
Thriving as Readers

Your child’s attitude about reading and their motivation to read is an important part of their academic success. Student’s feelings about themselves as readers and their desire to read changes over time. We know that there are many simple steps we can take to help students increase their reading motivation and reading success.


Teachers have been working hard towards making sure that books students want to read are at their fingertips. Frequent visits to our school library and filling the classroom bookshelves with books students want to read, has been a focus across all classrooms. Thanks to you, our amazing parents and School Council members, each teacher was given funds to be able to add books to their classroom libraries this week. Teachers asked students what they wanted to read and now many of those books are in students’ hands. 


It can be a struggle for children to put devices down and pick up books. Offering digital reading alternatives such as e-books from The Calgary Public Library, Book Flix and NewsELA is a way to bridge your child’s love on technology with the benefits of reading. It is also important to show our students that there are many reasons to read, for pleasure and for purpose. Reading video game instructions can be a valuable reading activity because it brings their passions together with more time reading. 


At home, you can surround your child with books in different rooms in your house and also in your vehicle. Suddenly a traffic jam becomes an opportunity where they reach for a book instead of a device. The Calgary Public Library is a great place to access books for free, and. all CBE students are eligible for a free library card. At school, we also have our Little Free Library that is filled with books looking for a new home. 


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go!” 

~ Dr.Seuss​


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