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March 12
March 12, 2019

The last few weeks have been very intense for many with the news changing daily with regards to COVID-19 and the drop in the Alberta economy. As adults, we often shoulder a lot for our children and need to occasionally check in with ourselves to ensure we are taking care of ourselves, particularly in stressful times. Please take care of yourselves and put your “oxygen mask” first before helping others.


Key messages for keeping school a safe and healthy place:

·       If your child is sick, do not send them to school. Please call the school to report their absence.

·       If you or your child have symptoms such as fever, cough and difficulty breathing, have travelled outside Canada or have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19, stay home and call Health Link 811

Budgeting for 2020-21

Many families have been asking what next year may look like. This is a very good question to which we do not have an answer at this time. We are attending meetings in the coming weeks about updates and changes for funding and planning in preparation for receiving our RAM (budget) mid-April. Information will be shared at next week’s Council & Enrichment meetings on Tuesday, March 17th at 6:30pm.​ 

March 02
February 26, 2020

The pace of learning has accelerated and we now have a great number of activities taking place in the school. We began our work with our Artist, Ewa Sniatycka on Tuesday and she will be working with all classes throughout the spring to help bring learning to life through the arts. Students participating in classroom based “Who Do You Tell” lessons will start classroom work this week through Spring Break. We have a number of field trips happening in the coming weeks and we will also be participating in a Latin dance residency in April and May.


Reminder to grades 4 & 5 families – PLEASE complete your Accountability Pillar Survey. Thus far, we have 28 of the 100 possible responses. This data is key in supporting the school in developing plans for improvement and a response of this size is not sufficient to give a clear picture of your views as parents. If you require a Random Access Code, please email Sra. Greenlaw tmgreenlaw@cbe.ab.ca to get a code before the survey closes this week.​ 

February 20
February 20, 2020

Line Danging Residency – Thank you SO much to Outlaw Country Dance Studio and their team who have provided a FREE residency this week to our students. Families have the opportunity to come in during their last class to see what they’ve learned and do some boot scootin’ with their kids. www.OutlawDance.com


Thursday, February 20th

9:50 – 10:15    AM Kinder – Sra. Castro & Srta. Paisley

2:45 – 3:15      PM Kinder – Sra. Castro


Friday – February 21st

9:10 – 9:40      Srta. Monica, Srta. Jenn

9:40-10:10      Srta. Van Eerden, Sra. Salamanca

10:10-10:40    Sr. Reyes

10:40-11:10    Sr. Gossen, Sra. Jackie

11:10-11:40    Sr. Perez, Srta. Kelsie

11:40 – 12:10  Srta. Tamara

12:30-1:00      Sr. Traxel, Srta. Paula

1:00-1:25        Sra. Wolf


Next week, lessons begin for students participating in the “Who Do You Tell” program. Please send in your permission form indicating your preference for your child’s participation in the program.


Reminder to grades 4 & 5 families – PLEASE complete your Accountability Pillar Survey. Thus far, we have 20 of the 100 possible responses. This data is key in supporting the school in developing plans for improvement and a response of this size is not sufficient to give a clear picture of your views as parents.​

February 05
February 5, 2020

Thank you to everyone who was able to participate in our Academic Sharing last week at the school. It was so wonderful to hear students sharing their learning and accomplishments with family.

Registration for our school has been FANTASTIC and we are very proud to say we already have 66 students of a possible 80 spots filled for kindergarten, and 4 new grade one registrations! This is something to celebrate and we appreciate you as our families sharing your experiences and your child(ren)’s success in the program with others.

January 29
January 29, 2020

​Last week’s council and enrichment meetings were well attended and we are appreciative of individuals who have offered their services to support planning special events such as the upcoming spring dance and the carnival in June. We look forward to these community events and fundraisers which aren’t possible without the support and efforts of our families. Next Thursday evening, Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse (CCASA) will be presenting to parents about the upcoming “Who do you Tell” program which will be presented to students in their classrooms. Parents will be given the opportunity to opt out of the two, one-hour lessons in classrooms, aimed at the appropriate age and stage of the children. The WDYT educational program offers the facts about child sexual abuse and empowers children, their parents and teachers to speak openly about the issue. Learning about sexual abuse will help children understand they have the right to respond assertively to inappropriate behaviours by adults or other children/youth. The presentation is on Thursday, February 6 @ 6:30-8:00pm in the Learning Commons. This presentation is for adults only, please. Again, parents are encouraged to attend to understand the content of the program and support any​ questions their child(ren) may have.

January 16
January 16, 2020

​Thank you for sending your kids dressed for the weather even though we have been spending the days inside; it’s important they are prepared in case the bus breaks down or you encounter a problem with your vehicles on the way home.


Thank you to our “Junior Leader Supervisors” team who have been supporting students this week when spending lunch and afternoon recess inside. These junior leaders also support students on the playground during the week and provide encouragement and support to students when experiencing conflict or they observe unsafe play. These junior leaders are committed to positive play and making our school a safe and caring place.


Thank you for sharing your love of our school and we look forward to this evening’s open house for next year’s kindergarten / grade one students. If you know of a family who was not able to attend, we will host a second presentation on Tuesday, February 4th at 4:30 – 5:30 in the learning commons.


Next Thursday, January 23rd, we will have our January Council & Enrichment meeting at 6:30. Sra.Salamanca is the guest teacher and we will be sharing the exciting plans for our upcoming residency with Artist Ewa. Parents may not be aware that at the recent Board of Trustees meeting, a vote was passed to no longer spend any instructional dollars to subsidise transportation fees; we are unaware of what impact this will have and know there will be an upcoming dialogue with families regarding balancing service levels and fees for service. We will share what we know with attendees. We encourage families to attend at least one meeting a year and to get involved​.
January 09
January 8, 2020

We hope you had a restful holiday break and we are back at it like we never left.

Today, your child(ren)’s report cards are coming home. Following your meetings with teachers in November and through ongoing communication, we hope there are no surprises. The report card is a snapshot of a student’s progress at this time in the year. This is the final year the school will be printing report cards as we are moving to an electronic format through PowerSchool. Parents and guardians will have access to the report card after today through the PowerSchool App.

We are excited to start up a new session of STEM with Engineering for Kids this week and the first session of MiniPreneurs on Friday. If your child is participating, please remind them and inform the office if they will be not taking the bus

December 05
December 4, 2019

​Thank you to everyone for your time last week at our last council meeting before the holiday break. We had a great turn out of parents to ask questions and speak with Trustee Julie Hrdlicka who came to discuss the impact of the most recent budget. Research shows greater involvement in children’s schooling is positively correlated with overall school success. Thank you for your time and commitment to supporting our school. Another huge thank you to our families for their support for the casino in November and we will receive the funds after they are determined for our quarter within Alberta gaming. These funds make a massive impact and we have been approved by families present to access $25 000.00 to purchase items and form contracts with Artists to support the amazing work happening in our classrooms. Thank you for your generosity and trust in our staff to determine where best to utilize funding to enhance our program. Finally, we have some work to do in filling the boxes for the Mayor’s Food Drive. We have four very large boxes which are looking particularly scant right now and we appreciate you bringing items to donate at next week’s events or through your child when they come to school. Thank you for your generosity in supporting families in need in the greater Calgary community.​

November 21
November 20, 2019

The building is bustling with kids practicing their hoop dancing work, the excitement with the new fallen snow is making for fun times on the playground, and we are gearing up to meet with families this week at conferences. The purpose of these conferences is to check in with your child(ren)’s teacher(s) and determine next steps for learning. Parents are asked to book an additional time with teachers if more time is required. Families are always welcome to communicate with teachers in person, by phone or email throughout the year.

This week, a number of articles have been in the paper and in the news regarding the impact of the October 24th Alberta budget. A letter is being sent to all schools today with further information regarding teachers and contracts. At this point, we do not have any site-specific information regarding the impact of the budget. We will keep families informed and will do all we possibly can to limit the impact to students. This is a very unusual situation, reorganizing mid year, and as a school, we already had felt the impact of reduced funding with hiring two fewer teachers from last school year. We organized combined grades this year to mitigate the impact, allowing all classes to have balanced numbers and student learner profiles. We are working with our Area Director and the system to determine best next steps in our contribution to managing the funding shortfall.

November 13
November 13, 2019

We are mid way through our second week of our Hoop Dancing residency with Jessica McMann. Students are hopefully coming home to share some of the stories and experiences they are having in the gym in this unique experience as a means of storytelling through movement.


Families are invited to a casual sharing of the hoop dancing work in attending students’ last session with Jessica on Monday and Tuesday next week. The intention is to not have a performance but to share the learning in an organic manner, geared at students using their understanding of North American animas and Indigenous stories through movement. Parents are also welcome to come to Jessica’s performance at the end of both days.



Monday, Nov. 25

Tuesday, Nov. 26


Gr. 1 – Srta. Paula

Gr. 1 – Sra. Wolf


Gr. 4/5 – Sra. Jackie

KAM – Srta. Paisley


Gr. 4/5 – Sr. Perez

Gr. 4/5 – Srta. Tamara


Gr. 4/5 – Srta. Kelsie

Gr. 4/5 – Sr. Gossen


Gr. 2/3 – Srta. Monica

KAM – Sra. Castro


Gr. 2/3 – Srta. Van Eerden

Gr. 2/3 – Srta. Jenn



Gr.1 – Sr. Traxel

KPM – Sra. Castro


Gr. 2/3 – Sra. Salamanca

Gr. 2/3 – Sr. Reyes



We are grateful to the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) for their financial support, making this experience possible for our students at Eugene Coste School.​ 

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Yesterday we sent a message to all Gr. 10, 11 and 12 families about diploma exams. Diploma exams are cancelled, but under special circumstances, students can request to write a diploma exam. For more info, see info on our website https://t.co/Vt8kke9SuE

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