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October 29
A Caring Community

As I look at the calendar I am amazed at how quickly these first two months of school have gone. We have had an excellent beginning to our school year with some great community events like Dare to Care, the Terry Fox Run, Family Movie Night and the Halloween Howl.  I feel very fortunate to be a part of this learning community and to participate in these events that bring us together and make us a stronger, more connected learning community. 

At Evergreen, we work intentionally to build safe and caring learning environments where your students feel welcomed, known, valued and safe.  We understand the importance of our learners feeling comfortable and confident in their learning spaces so they can grow socially, emotionally and academically.  As a staff we are committed to building relationships with all our students, getting to know their stories.  We also know that there are instances when our students require a more personalized approach to their well-being needs and we regularly revisit our strategies and are open to exploring new ways to support our students.

Currently, we are in the middle of developing our School Development Plan for the 2019-20 school year.  This process is where we identify specific areas we want to improve our instruction and in turn, see student achievement improved.  We will be sharing the draft version with school council on November 13th.  Our goal this year encompasses three domains: well-being, literacy and math.  We believe that these three components are essential in helping all students succeed at Evergreen School. If you are interested in learning more about our School Development Plan, please join us at our School Council meeting on November 13th at 6:30.  

September 05
Welcome Back!

On behalf of the staff at Evergreen School, welcome back!  We were very excited to have welcomed over 400 students into our learning spaces for the 2019-20 school year.  The first day of school is one filled with excitement, optimism and hope for many students.  It was great to see students reconnect with friends, classmates, teachers and to welcome new friends to Evergreen. 

This year we are exploring the question “What’s Your Story?” in each classroom and chapter 1 began this week as was we begin to learn the stories of our students.  It is our intention that the learning throughout the year is at the edge of our learners’ ability as we provide them with meaningful opportunities to be challenged.  We want our students to take risks in their learning, engage with productive struggle and ultimately prevail as they learn to defy the limits of their learning and grow in necessary ways.   

Thank you for partnering with us to provide the best conditions for learning for each of one of our students. At Evergreen we believe we are better together and look forward to opportunities to work closely with families for individual student success.​

April 04
Spring News

​It is hard to believe we have entered the month of April already.  The school year continues to move at a tremendous pace.  I know after our freezing end to winter we are all feeling pretty good about the nice weather that has moved into Calgary allowing our kids to pull out their bikes and scooters and explore the thawing world around them. 

On March 18th we welcomed 12 Student-Teachers from the University of Calgary to Evergreen.  These practicum teachers are working directly with their partner teachers and are represented in each grade at Evergreen.  I sincerely appreciate the energy and enthusiasm this group of practicum teachers bring and their willingness to share and grow their skills as they engage with our students and their learning.  Evergreen is a great place to be mentored.  

It was wonderful to host parents for our student-led conferences on March 21st & 22nd.   As I engaged with parents throughout the conferences, they referenced how much they enjoyed the opportunity for their children to guide them through their learning. I heard their appreciation for the quality of tasks their children shared and the opportunities provided for students to be creative across the content areas. ​ 

We continue to welcome new students to our school that have recently moved into our community. Thank you to our students who have welcomed these new faces into their classrooms.  They are so eager to assist our new students in any way they can and help them establish a sense of belonging in their new school.  We are also welcoming our new kindergarten students for the next school year.  We have been busy meeting these little learners and their families as the prepare to enter school in the fall. If you have yet to register a little one for kindergarten next year, there is still time.  Please contact the front office for assistance.  

Finally, as many of you may have noticed, construction on the new Elementary School in Evergreen has begun.  I have not received any further details regarding the school but will share the information as it is made available.  



January 16
Overdue Thanks

The start of a New Year always gives opportunity for reflection, and as I reflect on 2018, I have much to be grateful for.  I was elated to join Evergreen School in September of 2018 and have so thoroughly enjoyed my first months here.  There have been many fantastic and inspirational moments that I have witnessed in my short time here. Today I want to highlight one of these moments and give an overdue thanks to our learning community for the December Foodbank Drive spearheaded by Ms. Patterson's grade 2 students. 

In early December, Ms. Patterson's students were determined to collect donations for the Calgary Foodbank and had set goals regarding the collection of food.  Their goal was an ambitious goal of 9 large foodbank boxes full (ambitious because the previous year the school had collected 4 boxes).  Next, they wrote me a letter asking if I would allow myself to be “pied” in the face if the school was able to reach the goal.  After asking if I could choose the pie, I quickly consented to the idea/incentive for their Foodbank Drive.  One of the things I have learned and love about Evergreen is our students' motivation to help others.  Before the first donation, I knew my fate was sealed.

True to form our students and our community well surpassed the goal by collecting 17 large foodbank boxes full to overflowing with food!  When the representatives from the foodbank came to collect they shared that we were the second largest contributor in the city (second to a Calgary high school).  On December 21st, following our caroling and a performance by our hand bell choir, the time had come for my face to meet its fate.  Mrs. Byciuk's grade 2 class had collected the most food and as a result she would do the honours.  Being a baseball player, let's just say Mrs. Byciuk delivered a strike and my face was soon a whip cream canvas accentuated with a smile. 

For me the event spoke to the power of community when groups collectively set out to reach a goal, and it was an honour to have the pie makeover as a celebration of our collective efforts.  Thanks to the many families that shared pictures and videos of the event as my own daughters and family abundantly enjoyed seeing me get pied!  Thank you to everyone that helped make the Foodbank drive a success and for helping us all come together to support Calgarians in need. This act undoubtedly touched many Calgarians that will never know of the efforts of Evergreen School, but our student’s do it because kindness and generosity matter at Evergreen School!​

December 04
Knitting Club Matters!

Allow me to tell you a beautiful story of a small act of kindness having a big impact that will soon reach well beyond the walls of Evergreen School.   One hundred (yes 100!) of our grade three students joined the Knitting Club led by Ms. Bell, Mrs. Engelking, Mrs. Leonard and Mrs. MacDonald.  At lunch hour on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from October-December these students meet to knit toques while having their lunch.  The students were tasked with knitting three toques; one for themselves, one as a gift and one to donate. These toques are all over Evergreen School and I proudly wear the one I was gifted on supervision each day, it is fantastic!  The act of donating is where this story really gains momentum. 

In November, all our grade 3 classes participated in an Open Minds program that allowed them to spend an entire week learning in a unique setting in Calgary.  A few of these programs were located in downtown Calgary.  Students decided that while downtown it would be appropriate to place their donated toque in a variety of random spaces for people to find (Municipal Plaza gophers, statues, benches, tree branches, etc.)  Included with each toque was a note that was created by the student and indicated that the toque was knit by grade 3 students at Evergreen School and was a gift to the individual finding it and they hoped it would help keep them warm this winter.   Apparently one of the toques was found by a lady downtown on her lunchbreak.  She was so touched by the gesture and the note that she contacted Global News to tell them what she had found.  A few days later, I received a call from Gil Tucker of Global news.  Gil explained how the story came to him and asked for some background information to better understand the toques and their purpose.  After answering some of his questions as best I could, he expressed that he would very much like to come out to the Knitting Club and interview the students and staff involved.  As you can well imagine our grade 3 students were very excited to learn that their toques had been found and that their small act was noticed and that it was having a huge ripple effect touching more people than they could have imagined.

Today, December 4th, following a few failed attempts, Gil was able to make it to Evergreen’s Knitting Club today to meet the students and staff involved and add to the narrative of Evergreen’s empathy.  Gil shared that the story would be run tomorrow, Wednesday, December 5th on Global News at 6:00 and 11:00.  I know I will be glued to my TV to catch a glimpse of our amazing students and their excellent example of What Matters at Evergreen School.  What started out as a noon hour club at Evergreen School has become so much more and perhaps thousands will be inspired by their act of kindness.   ​

November 13
Evergreen Remembers

​On Friday, November 9th Evergreen School observed Remembrance Day.  Remembrance Day extended well beyond our assembly as I know each class explored “what matters” about Remembrance Day in their own way. However, if you will allow me to, I would like to share my appreciation for the assembly and some of the enduring takeaways.  Upon entering our assembly you may have noticed that every student was provided with an opportunity to wear a poppy, and a number of students chose to wear their Scouts and Guide uniforms as a demonstration of solidarity for Remembrance Day.  The art work the children had prepared was displayed throughout the gym and transformed the space, setting the appropriate tone and atmosphere for our assembly.  If you were able to join us you know that our assembly was thoughtfully and aptly hosted by our grade 3 students.  These students shared their personal reflections and connections to freedom and peace and did an incredible job of honouring the courage, service and sacrifice of the servicemen and women that have devoted their lives to the protection of our freedoms.  Our music teacher, Ms. Bell led the grade 3s in three beautiful songs: In Flanders Field, Cover the World with Love and Song of Peace/Dona Nobis Pacem.  Each of these songs had a transcendent quality as there is something remarkable, something healing that occurs when children come together to sing about a better world.  During the Song of Peace/Dona Nobis Pacem, students from each class acted as wreath bearers and brought forward the wreaths of remembrance that their classes had constructed to be displayed as a memorial to the fallen.  I would like to thank our students for showing deep respect and solemn reverence throughout the assembly and for reminding me of how fortunate we are to live where we live with the freedoms we enjoy each and every day. ​

October 03
Terry Fox Run

Last week Evergreen School participated in our 9th annual Terry Fox Run.  In the weeks leading up to the event our students honoured Terry Fox for the hero he was.  In their classrooms, in music and in the gym, our students were engaged in rich discussion and deep discovery into the character and courage of this young man.   We are drawn to this story because it touches something inside of us.   We are inspired by Terry's goodness, humility, service and integrity, demonstrated to a "superhero" capacity.  My wish for our school and community is that we can discover a little of that capacity inside each one of us to help us discover the possibilities in each and every circumstance, especially the difficult ones.  

On Terry Fox School Run day, September 27th, the weather was quite miserable in Calgary.  In preparation for our run we met as a school at 1:30 for an assembly.  Following some sharing and a short video we shared with our students that there would be an indoor and an outdoor option for our Terry Fox Run.  In the end about a dozen students chose to run in the gym and the rest of the school headed to the field. If you were able to join us, I trust you sensed the spirit of the event, the energy and excitement was unmistakable. Determination and hope were etched into the faces of our students as together we ran with Terry and joined the 2018 "Marathon of Hope."

As a school community we set a goal to raise $1000 for the Terry Fox Foundation and Ms. Patterson’s class gave us regular updates regarding our progress.  When the final count was in our community had raised $1500! ​ 

September 05

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year!  I am Jason Wilcox, Principal of Evergreen School.  If I have yet to meet you, I look forward to doing so in the coming days.  I would like to begin by saying I am so encouraged by the start of this year.  The energy and enthusiasm that our students inject into our building is what makes the profession we choose so very rewarding. I have sincerely enjoyed the first few days and getting to know the students of Evergreen.  I am touched by their efforts to welcome me into this learning community. 

This year at Evergreen we have welcomed 450 students into our learning community from kindergarten through grade 3.  Thanks to some tremendous work by our front office staff, all students were successfully placed into classrooms despite some challenges with our new student information system PowerSchool.   

In alignment with the CBE’s commitment to personalized learning, I believe in the uniqueness of each student.  In building a culture that promotes learning and acceptance, I believe school should be fun, fair, flexible and firm.  We want Evergreen to be a place where students want to come; where the learning is exciting; where they feel heard and valued; where we find solutions to overcome obstacles in their learning and where expectations on students are at the edge of their ability, attainable with effort.  We want to know them as individuals and as learners to better support them to grow in both academic and social-emotional competencies.  

I am excited for the year ahead, I am confident it will have its’ share of challenges and celebrations.  You have great kids and we thank you for partnering with us each and every day to promote conditions for success so they can be the best "me" they can be.​ 

February 15

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