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RT @glendaleCBE5_6: Learning how to draw from observation and not imagination or memory! Thank you Ewa...we are so excited to continue our work with you! @glendalecbe https://t.co/IRkNSOzdci

Are you ready Glendale? Glendale Family Day #2 is happening tomorrow! Top Secret Challenge—Your Family Dossier contains your mission. See you all in the morning! #goglendale #glendalefiles #familydossiers #community @GlendaleCBEKin @2Glendalecbe1 @3_4GlendaleCBE @glendaleCBE5_6 https://t.co/B1WSTNqjyM

RT @mrdjbuchanan: Making us so proud on a special night at the Saddledome. Great work, @glendalecbe students! #WeAreCBE @WHLHitmen https://t.co/cVlBO5wmpb

RT @mrdjbuchanan: More new books at @glendalecbe https://t.co/UgXbZarYah