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Alert:  All Classes Cancelled - Do Not Send Your Student to School

On Sunday, March 15 the government announced that all classes are cancelled immediately and indefinitely due to COVID-19. We thank the government for ... View Full Details

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Managing Space | Our School is Near Capacity
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Student Resources and Supports for Ongoing Learning in a New Environment
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Principal's Blog - Monday, April 6th
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Update | Fee Refund Process for Families
  • Managing Space | Our School is Near Capacity

  • Student Resources and Supports for Ongoing Learning in a New Environment

  • Principal's Blog - Monday, April 6th

  • Update | Fee Refund Process for Families

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Principal's Message

Principal's Blog - March 20th

Classes Canceled & Moving Forward
I hope this blog post finds all of the families in our Hawkwood School Community healthy and doing well. The pervasive nature of these times has had stressful impacts on our students, our staff, their families, our work and what we understand as normal.
We have seen this week that the function of a school community goes well beyond the learning that takes place within its doors. It becomes a place where our students and their families can connect around common interests, goals and stages of growth.
Plans for next steps in learning are currently being developed and will be shared with you as soon as possible. In the meantime we will try as best we can to keep our school community together and stay connected. Please check in with your child’s classroom posts here, to see if there is anything new.
Learning at Home
Your child’s curiosity will not disappear just because they are not in school. Wondering about things, asking questions and trying to figure things out are things that they do on their own, and are naturally good at.
To help facilitate this continued learning journey, the CBE has posted some resources online that can be found here. These resources include ideas around literacy, math and wellness and are divided into K-6, 6-9 and 10-12 groupings. Check them out.
Walk About with Harry the Hawk
Poor Harry! Harry is missing all of his student friends at Hawkwood School. He finds things way too quiet around here this week.
Harry and I took this opportunity to have a bit of a walk around the school and check out some of the things that he doesn’t always notice when the school is full, fun and busy.
Harry loved the great Ancient Greece Mosaics done by the grade 6’s in our front entrance.
Harry  also loved all of the Read-a-Thon decorations that were put up in the Hawk’s Nest by our fabulous parent volunteers. Harry says keep reading!
Harry got a big kick out of the Kindergarten self-portraits in the hallway. He thought that this one looked like him a little bit.
Harry thought that the mural Mrs. Kang is working on in the Hawk’s Nest looked wonderful. He can’t wait to see the First Nations Holistic Lifelong Learning Model when it is finished later on in April.
Harry even found some friends working in the Bridges Room. Recognize anyone?
Harry and I had a great walk today but he did share that he misses everyone and that it is just not the same around here without the students. He is very excited for the time when everyone returns.

COVID-19 and Stress​

Removing the structures, routines and predictability from our daily activities throws us off and can often lead to higher levels of stress and anxiety. I have spoken to more than one person in the past week that has described the current context as “weird”. It is important to recognize how these higher levels of stress impact us and the people around us. Here are a few coping strategies courtesy of the World Health Organization.
Take care of yourself and each other. We will check in again next week!

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Happy Monday! This week's Principal's Blog .... #WeAreCBE @HawkwoodSchool

If you missed this week's Principal's Blog, here it is .. New blog posts every Monday!!

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