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June 02
Thank You!

I would like to take this final opportunity prior to the end of the school year to send out a few “Thank You’s” to all of the people that make the Hawkwood School Community a great place to learn and grow.


Thank you so much for your unconditional support of all that we do. Teaching and learning (much like parenting) in 2017 is a very complex and quickly changing endeavor. Your direct efforts for the school and indirect support on behalf of your children are what lies at the core of our school community and why we grow so attached to it. I also want to specifically thank the teams of parents from the Hawkwood School Council and Friends of Hawkwood School Society for their direct support of everything we do. Working together to make your child’s school a better place helps all of our students and helps all of us in countless ways.

Teaching Staff

Thank you so much for always focusing on what is in the best interest of your students. Finding through-lines amongst system, provincial and even principal’s priorities while meeting the needs of a diverse group of students is challenging work. Your positive outlook, work ethic and professionalism is noticed and greatly appreciated.

Support Staff

Thank you so much for the wide array of skills and experience that you tap into each day while working with our students. School can feel like a challenging place to be when you have some learning needs. When you find and connect with someone there that makes you feel special, smart and important, it can make the schools days better and more successful.  Thank you for your patience, your flexibility and your professionalism.

I want to wish all of our Hawkwood School Community families a happy and safe summer!

Mike MacDonald


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