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October 10
Teaching and Learning – School Development Plan

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What is a School Development Plan?

Like most areas connected to learning, a good plan starts with asking questions.

What do we do well at Hawkwood School? What areas may need more attention than they have previously received? What can we do differently?

When we look for answers to these questions, we look at multiple sources of data. We collect and review data from report cards, provincial achievement tests, student surveys, and in-class assessments. These different sources provide us with different types of information on how well our students are doing in many different areas.

What is common across these different types of data?

From this Data Story, our instructional focus for the school year will be developed.

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Our plan is also broken down into what “the students will do” and “what the teachers will do”. This year we will have areas of focus for both Math and Literacy.

We are currently in the process of reviewing many different types of information with the intention of creating our Data Story for the coming school year.

What do the teachers do during all of those PD Days?

By the end of October, our School Development Plan we will put into action with the addition of a Professional Learning Plan. The learning journey for our teachers, just like with our students, is a continuous one.

I will be sharing with you how the journey for both our students and our teachers unfolds throughout the school year. Stay tuned!


Mike MacDonald




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