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November 29
Learning, Lunchtime & Thank Yous

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Professional Development & Reporting


We have two non-instructional days coming up on Thursday, Dec. 6th, and Friday, Dec. 7th where there will be no classes for students.


For these two days teaching staff will be putting finishing touches on our report cards as well as working on strategies to improve computation in math and literacy in across all core subjects. We having been working to clarify how we report your child’s progress using comments and success indicators while still responding to system and provincial requirements. The report cards will be sent home on Thursday, December 20th. Our school development plan this year is focused around increasing student achievement in the areas of math computation, and literacy in the areas of Science, Math and Social Studies. The full plan will be published on our school website as of Dec. 1st. On Friday, Dec. 7th we will be working with teachers on strategies in these two areas that includes task design and assessment.


Tweaking Our Lunchtime


Our lunchtime remains consistent at 50 minutes from 12:25 to 1:15. What has changed slightly is that students now spend 20 minutes inside and 30 minutes outside. While supervising our students during lunch we were finding that the vast majority of them were finishing their lunches within ten minutes with some taking 15 minutes and a few taking 20. This was resulting in many students starting their “play time” in the classroom during the last five minutes of the eating period. Adjusting to a 30-minute outdoor period will allow more active play time for our students while still providing ample time for most students to finish their lunch. Any small portions of a student’s lunch that is not finished, they are more than welcome to take outside with them. While lunchtime has a more social and less structured aspect to it than regular class time, students are encouraged to insure they spend more time eating and less time socializing as what they eat will potentially impact how they learn in the afternoon. 


Thank You!


Big thanks to our Hawkwood School Council and Friends of Hawkwood School Society. In just three short months they have successfully planned and hosted a welcome back breakfast, a dance, a movie night, some fundraisers, several meetings and have another Movie Night coming up on Dec. 6th. They also successfully completed a fundraising casino last weekend that will most likely result in $60,000.00 or more, being directly injected into school programs. They are an amazing group doing amazing things. The next regular school council meeting is Wed. January 16th. Stop by and find out what other great things they have planned.


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