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February 10
Principal's Blog - Week of February 10th

Principal’s Blog - Week of Feb. 10th

Well-Being for Learning


“What is right with you, is more powerful than anything 

that is wrong with you”

Nan Henderson

Over the past couple of years we have been using the MindUp curriculum to connect aspects of mental health to various parts of our program of studies. Making connections through science, health and social studies helps our students understand that mental health is integrated into all aspects of our life. Our student survey results last year indicated that our students needed some support with resiliency around their learning. Within the MindUp curriculum there are specific skills and understandings related to resiliency that we will be working through with our students over the next few months. These include learning activities and tasks related to perspectives taking, mindful listening and seeing, and choosing optimism. 

In preparation for this work we spent time during our Friday (Jan. 31) professional learning session looking at the ABC’s of resiliency. These included examining things like adversity, beliefs, consequences and alternatives. Part of this work included a brief video by Kathryn Meisner.

Talk to your child about what it means to be resilient and why it is important to their learning and their life. There are many different types of resources available online that could support these discussions. Some of them can be found here and here.

CBE High School Engagement


You may have recently received the first High School Engagement E-Newsletter from the CBE. Although for many of you the prospect of your child going to high school still seems a long way into the future, decisions that are made throughout this engagement process will impact your child as they reach high school age.

Updated information can be found on the CBE High School Engagement web page. Specifically, this includes updates in the FAQ’s as well as the 2019 Engagement Survey Results.

Science Fair Results


Thank you to all of our families that supported our students in the creation of their science fair projects. It was a great experience for them as well as all of our students who enjoyed seeing them and hearing about the work that went into them.

We had 77 students participate this year, bringing amazing research and experimental projects to share with the rest of the school on Science Fair day. Of these, 7 have been selected to move on to the Calgary Science Fair which is being held on April 17th and 18th at the Olympic Oval. 

The projects that have been selected to move forward are:

Ayden Harrison and Kaden Moehrenschlager: JellyFish research

Kyla Huang: best germination solution

Averi Tang and Melissa Wang: Which potato chips are the greasiest?

Renata Hollander: Comic vocabulary compared to other literature

Cambie Stollery: Compostable straws

Khaliana Abbany and Ahmad Kinawi: Strawberry DNA 

Amaya Abbany and Aiya Kinawi: growing bacterial culture 

Congratulations to all students who participated!

Parking Lot

With different areas for parking and traffic moving two different ways, our parking lot is a very dangerous place for students. Please do not pick up or drop off students in the school parking lot. Even when it is cold! Or you are late! Or the planets aren't aligned. Or the apocalypse is coming! Be safe! 

What is Coming Up This Week

Monday - Feb. 10th

Everyday learning adventures at Hawkwood School

Tuesday - Feb. 11th

Everyday learning adventures at Hawkwood School

Wednesday - Feb. 12th

Fun Lunch - Jugo Juice & Kernals

Thursday - Feb. 13th

Calgary City Teachers Convention - No School

Friday - Feb. 14th

Calgary City Teachers Convention - No School

Heads Up!  

Provincial Family Day  Feb. 17 - No School

Have a great week!


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Big thanks to Harry and Ms. Pearson's grade 6's for helping us remember why we are recognizing Pink Shirt Day on Wed. Feb. 26th. #wearecbe @yyCBEdu @HawkwoodSchool

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RT @TrinaYYC: The Calgary session on Feb 18 changed locations to: Sandman Hotel, 8001-11 St SE & is full. Another session has been added on Feb. 19 at: Polish Cultural Centre, 3015 15 Street NE. There are also virtual sessions Feb 19 @ 1:30pm & Feb 20 @ 7pm. Register

RT @TrinaYYC: For more details on the new K-12 education funding model, please read through the link below - especially the section on “Changes to grant funding” #abed #ableg #wearecbe

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