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January 10
Principal's Blog - Week of January 13th

Hawkwood School Council 

Remember that the first school council meeting of the year happens Wednesday, Jan. 15th at 6:30. CBE board member Trina Hurdman will be in attendance. 

Well-Being For Learning

In addition to goals and strategies associated with math and Literacy, this year’s School Development Plan also includes a goal associated with well-being for learning. Our school system recognizes the significant connection between the mental well-being of students and how well they achieve at school. This school year, each school within the CBE has included a goal associated with student well-being for learning. For us at Hawkwood, we are working on student resiliency. Strategies for students to overcome obstacles, self-regulate when faced with challenges and cope following mistakes will all be taught throughout the year. Some resources that parents may find interesting can be found here.

Science Fair


We have shared that  the best learning most often starts with questions. There is no time when this is more true than during Science Fair. Our annual Hawkwood School Science Fair is on January 22nd. Participating students have already picked up their trifolds from Mrs. Leong in the school office and are busy working through their research and methodology at home. Thanks again to our leaders in scientific exploration, Ms. Drummond and Mrs. Swinton, who have coordinated this great learning experience for the past several years.

What is Coming Up This Week

Monday - Jan. 13

Tuesday - Jan. 14

Wednesday - Jan. 15

Fun Lunch - Booster Juice & Kernals

School Council Meeting @ 6:30 in the Learning Commons


Thursday - Jan. 16

Kindergarten (2020) Open House 6:30 in the Learning Commons

Friday - Jan. 17

Mental Health Community Block 12:30

Have a great week!

January 07
Principal's Blog - Happy New Year

Principal’s Blog - Happy New Year


Hawkwood School Council 

The next meeting for Hawkwood School Council happens on Wednesday, January 15th at 6:30. Come and see what this great group is up to. As a parent, you are already a member of the school council. Agenda items include updates from the principal as well as committees such as volunteer and social. This meeting the council is very excited to welcome CBE board member, Trina Hurdman. If you have a potential item to be added under “new business” please connect with council chair Lori Jaffray at drlori@gmail.com

January 6th Professional Learning

While Hawkwood School students enjoyed and extra day of winter break, our teaching staff were busy at school learning new things.

Members from the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) team from CBE spent some time with us in the morning. Strategies for supporting each of our students and creating learning environments that are accessible and accepting for everyone, were some of the things that we learned.

We also had our partners from Calgary Opera in for a while working through our next steps for our forthcoming production in May. Lots of details and lots of ways to involve all of our students and staff as well as some parent volunteers. More information will be forthcoming about volunteer opportunities in the next few weeks.

Our teaching teams also spent time together planning out some of the details associated with their next learning sprint. Amongst all of the various aspects of their program of studies, what strategies will they be deploying over the next few weeks, while looking for examples of student improvement in a specific particular area?

Welcome back and have a great week!

December 06
Principal's Blog - Week of december 9th

Deck The Halls


Last Friday, our Big and Little Buddy classes connected in the afternoon to bring our school into the festive seasonal spirit. Working together to create decorations to brighten up all of learning areas helps to build a strong sense of community. Many of our school council elves have already developed many decorations that can be found around our Hawk’s Nest and entry way. During our final week, we will also be hosting some seasonal singing on the morning of the 18th and the afternoon of the 19th.

Assessment & Reporting

Our first report cards of the school year will be going home before the holidays on December 19th. Report cards have changed significantly over the past few years and can sometimes be confusing. In our ongoing efforts to create more clarity around this process and how your children are progressing, the CBE has generated a short VIDEO that can be found on the Assessment and Reporting page. This will likely answer many of the questions that might come up regarding the report cards and the assessment process behind. 

Calgary Foodbank

Many of our classes spent time developing the concept of “community”. This often includes discussions around the needs of a community and how they get met. One of the ways that community needs get met is for the people within the community to work together on something that will have a positive impact on others. From now until winter break, we will be raising money and non-perishable food items for the Calgary Food Bank. There will be a jug in the office for money donations and boxes in the Hawk’s Nest for the non-partible food items. All donations will be graciously accepted until Thursday December 19, 2019. 

Book Fair Results

Thank you so much for your support of our Fall New & Used Book Fair. It was one of our most successful book fairs in recent years.

$618 - donated product from Scholastic

$400 - shopping credit for Scholastic

$1398 - cash

Most importantly, we generated some excitement around books and reading, as well as put some new and gently used books into the hands of children.

November 29
Principal's Blog - Week of December 2nd

Bullying - Resources

In addition to the many strategies and programs that we have shared, there are also good resources out there that will assist you and your child navigate the world of relationships and social interaction as they develop their interpersonal skills.

The Unwritten Rules of Friendship - Madorsky Elman & Kennedy Moore

This book provides information and specific strategies for parents and teachers to use with children experiencing various kinds of daily difficulties dealing with peers and setbacks.

10 Days to a Bully-Proof Child - Sherryll Kraizer

This book explores several different strategies that address assertiveness skills and ways to build confidence in your child.

Assessment & Reporting - Math


Our professional learning sessions that are taking place this Friday and Dec. 6th (no classes) will be focused on assessment and reporting. Creating assessment strategies linked to reporting that creates a clear understanding for students and parents relative to student growth and achievement is always the goal.

The report card stems are categories used to organize the curriculum outcomes and assessment information for communication to students and families. This year, the stems on the Math section of our report card have changed. These revised stems:

  • match the specific content areas in the math curriculum

  • provide information directly linked to the math skills and concepts being assessed.

For more specific information on the new math stems, click here.

For more information on report cards in general, click here.

What is Coming Up This Week

Monday - Dec. 2

Week # 3 Inline Skating

Grade 6  Foret, Wilson Field Trip - Youth Link

Tuesday - Dec. 3

Week # 3 Inline Skating

S4 (Calgary Police Service) presentation to Gr. 5’s

Grade 6  Pearson Field Trip - Youth Link

Grade 2 Dong & Patterson Field Trip - Fort Calgary

Wednesday - Dec. 4

Week # 3 Inline Skating

Fun Lunch - Jugo Juice & Kernels

Grade 2 Heagy, Foesier Field Trip - Fort Calgary

S4 (Calgary Police Service) presentation to Gr. 6’s

Thursday - Dec. 5

Week # 3 Inline Skating

HW School Council Movie Night  “Arthur Christmas: 6:00

Friday - Dec. 6

Week # 3 Inline Skating

Professional Learning Day - No Classes

Have a great week!

November 22
Principal's Blog - Week of November 25th

Bullying - Proactive Tools


In many ways, the best ways we can support our students relative to bullying is to develop their interpersonal skills in communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution and resiliency. The following are just a few of the programs we have in place that support our students as they learn how to navigate friendships, learning and conflicts at school.

Mind Up - K-8 brain-focused strategies for learning and living. Students learn how the brain works as well as things like mindfulness, kindness, optimism and perspectives. This program is also directly connected to the health curriculum.

Bullying Circle - This is a presentation that is given at the grade 5 & 6 levels that outlines the dynamics of an ongoing bullying issue, how it starts, why it keeps going, and the role that each member of the group can play in supporting it or stopping it.

S4 Program - This is a Start Smart, Stay Safe program that is supported through our school resource officer with the Calgary Police Service. This program helps to build resilient children that are able to tackle life’s challenges.

Budget Update

While we submitted a new budget plan this week, we will still not know for a while what the implications will be. We did mention in an email earlier this week that we do not have any teaching staff in a full-year temporary contracts, so we did not have to layoff any staff members. More than in previous budget processes, this mid-year budget has system implications which means it will still take some time to sort through a plan that includes 247 schools. 

Assessment and Reporting


Over the past twenty-four hours many of you have participated in our Student-Led Conferences. As a parent, these are important times for you to see what your child’s work, connect with their teachers, ask questions and seek understanding about what and how your child is learning. They are also a crucial time for your child. The reason schools have moved away from an “interview” format that often did not involve the student is because having the student go through and lead the process is an important piece of how they understand themselves as a learner. Understanding themselves as learners (metacognition) has a significant impact on their achievement at school and how they feel about school.

These conferences will be followed up in a few weeks with their first report card of the school year just before winter break. Although there are no scheduled conference until March, we really encourage you to reach out to your child’s teacher with any questions, ideas or suggestions relative to their learning. This can take place any time via email, phone calls or in person. Student led conferences are not the only time during the school year where you can meet with your child’s teacher. With a bit of notification, these meetings can be scheduled any time. If you are noticing something, seeing an issue or have questions, don’t wait, reach out.

What is Coming Up This Week

Monday - Nov. 25

Week # 2 Inline Skating

Tuesday - Nov. 26

Week # 2 Inline Skating


Wednesday - Nov. 27

Week # 2 Inline Skating


Thursday - Nov. 28

Week # 2 Inline Skating

Friday - Nov. 29

Week # 2 Inline Skating

Math Community Block 12:30 - 1:15

Have a great week!

November 15
Principal's Blog - Week of November 18th

CBE Budget Adjustments


The most recent details around the provincial budget impacts on CBE can be found here. Some of the important pieces from this update include information on funding levels for schools, capital expenditures, administration costs and transportation.

How exactly these challenges will impact Hawkwood School is yet to be determined. This coming week we will be formulating a new budget for our current school year. Although changes from this new plan will not take effect until January 2020, we should be able to share some details around the level of impact before then.

Scholastic Book Fair


The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to our school and you are invited to come and share in this celebration of literacy with us!

Now more than ever, reading is vital to leading a better life. Knowing how to read is just the beginning. Motivating young people to keep reading, comprehend what they read and develop the ability to think creatively are the end goals.

Scholastic Book Fairs has the books to motivate more reading. With your involvement, we can inspire children to practice reading and read more often. Together, we can make a difference in their lives that will last a lifetime.

Your support can help a school blossom with new and exciting adventures in reading, stimulating young minds for years to come.

Book Fair Hours

Tues. Nov.19 9:10 am – 3pm (Closed recess & lunch)

Wed. Nov. 20 9:10 am – 3pm (Closed recess & lunch)

Thurs. Nov. 21 9:10am – 12pm, (Closed 12pm-3pm) Open 3pm – 7:30pm

Fri. Nov. 22 8:30am – 12:30pm

November 12
Principal's Blog - Week of November 11th

Provincial Budget Implications for Hawkwood School


Earlier this week the CBE shared some of the challenges it will face as a result of decreased funding amounts from the provincial government. More information can be found here.

How will these challenges impact the teaching and learning that takes place at Hawkwood School? The process of adopting a new, smaller budget in the middle of a school year is a complex process that will take some time to execute. What it means for our system and our school specifically, is yet to be seen. Our superintendents and directors are working hard with our Finance and HR departments to minimize impacts to students and their learning. It is expected that any direct impacts to staff will not occur until January, 2020.

Although there are potential changes coming, we are confident that we will continue to meet the needs of all of our diverse learners here at Hawkwood. As more information gets developed and becomes available, I will continue to share updates via this weekly blog.

Bullying vs. Conflict


One of the most common processes we use when dealing with behaviour at school is navigating the difference between conflict and bullying. A recent internal system review relative to bullying in CBE schools indicated that most principals said that episodes of bullying were rare. Although behaviour of different types and severity, along with different types of conflict, occur at Hawkwood School, bullying is rare. Recent research from MARC (Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Centre) suggests that most problems between children are minor, single-incident events. This reflects the environment here at Hawkwood as our young students learn how to navigate the fluctuating group dynamics of the classroom, playground, different learning environments and how to transition between them all.

Equally important as the incident itself and its level of severity, is the context in which it happens. Is this the first time? Did it happen away from adults? Was there an audience? What was the intent? The answers to these questions and the context they provide helps us distinguish between an incident of school or playground conflict, and something more significant like bullying or harassment.

Next week I will be sharing some of the proactive strategies that we employ at Hawkwood School to teach our students some of the dynamics of conflict and how to resolve them before they develop into a pattern.

Assessment & Reporting - What do the numbers mean?

"In Language Arts, my son got "3's" and "4's", are they like A's?

The numbers, or "indicators", are a reflection of your child's proficiency level on that particular competency and have no correlation to letter grades. A "4" indicator is used when a student demonstrates a mastery level of understanding of a certain concept of skill. Their work may be described as perceptive or insightful.

"My child got a "1" on some stems in Math, what does that mean?"

This means that your child, for those specific areas, is not yet meeting grade level expectations.They are likely showing a "beginning" level of understanding with the quality of the work being vague or undeveloped.

"What does a "2" mean? Are they passing?"

A "2" indicates that your child is demonstrating grade level expectations, but at a beginning level. The quality of their work could be described as adequate or concrete.

There is a wealth of information available for parents on all aspects of assessment and reporting on the CBE website here.

What is Coming Up This Week

Monday - Nov. 11

Remembrance Day - No School

Tuesday - Nov. 12

Everyday learning excellence at Hawkwood School

Wednesday - Nov. 13

Grade 4's have a guest presenter for Science

November School Council Meeting 6:30

Thursday - Nov. 14

Grade 1's are going to Telus Spark

Friday - Nov. 15

Mental Health Community Block 12:30 - 1:20

Have a great week!

November 01
Principal's Blog - Week of November 4th

Assessment & Reporting


How is my child doing at school? How do I know? These are frequent questions common with most parents. The answers can vary from school to school and can also be influenced by the time of year. The short answer is to connect with your child’s teacher. In most cases and email is likely the quickest but phone calls or a meeting would also work. Knowing how your child is doing puts you in a better position to support whatever next right learning steps they are taking. The CBE is doing a lot of work this year examining how student’s learning is assessed and reported. Much of this can be found on their Assessment & Reporting page which will be updated throughout the school year. We are also examining our assessment practices during professional learning time at the school level. Creating a clear understanding with our students and their families about where they are academically and what comes next is a key step to increasing both the engagement and achievement at school.

Over the next few weeks and months in this blog, I will be sharing various aspects of how we assess and report students progress at Hawkwood School

Bullying - Learned Behaviour

Behaviour, particularly in young students, is an expression of need. In most cases it is a form of communication for a child to have some type of need met. In the case of negative behaviour that is repeated and targeted towards another student or students, bullying is often about an imbalance of power and the need to feel in control. By repeatedly demonstrating their power, control and influence over another person, the bully is reinforcing their own sense of security. Concepts like self-worth, self-image, confidence and empathy are complex and directly linked to how we, as young people, interact with the world around us.(Brain Development) When a child grows up in an environment that includes negative behaviours like manipulation, shaming, threats and ridicule, this is how they come to see the world. These behaviours then become part of their own internalized coping strategies. In order to replace these negative behaviours, newer positive ones needs to be learned by the child. More on this next week.

Volunteer at our Fall Book Fair


Our Fall Book Fair is happening Monday. Nov. 18th – Friday. Nov.22nd and we are looking for volunteers to join our team to:

•  Bring creative flair to signs and decorations

•  Organize and merchandise displays

•  Offer a helping hand – set up or pack up

•  Help shoppers of all ages find their perfect book

The book fair will be an exciting celebration of reading with hundreds of fun, engaging, and affordable books for kids to discover. You must have an up to date security clearance to volunteer. Please contact Mrs. Wong in the Learning Commons if you have any questions. We are so grateful for your support!

October 28
Principal's Blog - Week of October 28th



The Education Act defines bullying as the …..

“ repeated and hostile or demeaning behaviour by an individual in the school community where the behaviour is intended to cause harm, fear or distress to one or more other individuals in the school community, including psychological harm or harm to an individual's reputation.”

At Hawkwood School we believe that behaviour is a form of communication. Figuring out the reason behind the behaviour, supporting the learner with alternative strategies and creating boundaries that not only create safe environments, but also feelings of safety, are all big parts of our work and responsibility with young learners. Whenever you have 600+ young students sharing space, transitioning, learning and growing, you will have conflicts. From these conflicts our students learn boundaries, social norms, resiliency, problem solving skills and many other things that serve them very well as they get older.

Throughout the next few Principal Blogs, I will be touching on many of these topics and how they relate to bullying and mental health.

Patroller reminder

Our patrollers have an important job to support everyone cross the road safely before and after school. Be aware they do have a protocol to follow and we should not be crossing the street until the protocol is complete. Our patrollers must complete point, pause, double check and proceed before it is safe to cross.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact Ms. Nicole Pearson or Mrs. Jeanna Day. 

Halloween Dance

Huge thank you to our School Council and Friends of Hawkwood School Society partners for an amazing dance of Friday night. Students, younger and older siblings, families of all shapes and sizes came, danced, ate and had a ton of fun. Thank you to all of our families who came to support this evening. Not only was it a lot of fun, but it was also a very successful fundraiser as well. 

October 22
Principal's Blog - Week of October 21st

Family Literacy Night

Thank you to all of the students and families that attended our Family Literacy Night. The turn- out was great and reviews were positive. Kids and adults enjoyed exploring aspects of literacy from a different perspectives. Thank you to our Literacy Night Committee for putting this wonderful community building night together. Be sure to mark February 6th on your calendars and join us for our Family Math Night.

School Council Halloween Dance


The biggest social event in the fall calendar is happening on Friday, Oct. 25th, 6:30 - 8:30, when the Hawkwood School Council and the Friends of Hawkwood School Society are hosting their annual Halloween Dance. Costumes, prizes and tons of fun for adults and kids await.

Grade 6 Eco School

From October 28th to the 31st, our grade 6 students will be at Eco School at Camp Chief Hector in Kananaskis. This highlight for our grade 6’s each year has them incorporating many aspects of the grade 6 program of studies into an outdoor educational setting. Science, writing, reading as well as some math and social studies are all part of this four day, three night adventure. When they return at the end of the week, our students ( and teacher)s are very tired, a little dirty, and quite happy

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