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December 07
Week of December 10, 2018

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Communicating Through Multiple Means

The Principal's Blog will be a weekly update that will be posted in the website and sent out via email. It will highlight current information as well as give a peek at what is coming up in the next week. Links to the blog will also be sent out via Facebook and Twitter​ so be sure you "like" or "follow" Hawkwoood School in those social media environments. The intent is to communicate what we are doing, why we are doing it and why it might be of interest to our school community.

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Deck the Halls Around the World

Every December our students connect with their big and little buddies to decorate our school creating a very festive atmosphere. This year, buddy classes worked to showcase their diversity throught the following question: How can we represent the diversity in our classrom at this time of the year?

With over 40 different cultures, languages and nationalities represented in our Hawkwood School Community, celebrating our diversity is an important part of creating community.


Scholastic & Used Book Fair

Thank you to everyone for their support of our Fall Scholastic & Used book fair which raised almost $2200 that will support the purchase of many different types of resources for our Learning Commons. We really appreciate all the parent volunteers and staff that helped with many aspects of the book fair including volunteer coordinating, setup, takedown and sales.  We could not do this without all your help!

December 7 Professional Learning Day

On our December 7 Professional Learning Day we focused on integrating learning intentions into our work in Math and Literacy. With each learning task, students should be able to articulate what they are “learning” as opposed to what they are “doing”. They should also be able to indicate how well they are doing on any given task as well as how they know how well they are doing.

The intention behind this is to create learning tasks that engage our students and to have them develop a better understanding of how they learn best.

What is coming up next week . . . .

Monday - Dec 10

  • 3CC & 3 KT are going on a field trip

Tuesday - Dec 11

  • 3IS & 3 MW are going on a field trip

  • Grade 2 author visit in the morning.

Wednesday - Dec 12

  • Darcy Turningrobe will be starting a drumming residency in the Music Room.

  • School Council Executive Meeting 6:30

Thursday - Dec 13

  • Darcy Turningrobe drumming residency in the Music Room. 

  • Kindergarten celebration 6:30 - 7:00. Student drop-off at 6:15.

Friday - Dec 14

  • Darcy Turningrobe drumming residency in the Music Room. ​

November 29
Learning, Lunchtime & Thank Yous

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Professional Development & Reporting


We have two non-instructional days coming up on Thursday, Dec. 6th, and Friday, Dec. 7th where there will be no classes for students.


For these two days teaching staff will be putting finishing touches on our report cards as well as working on strategies to improve computation in math and literacy in across all core subjects. We having been working to clarify how we report your child’s progress using comments and success indicators while still responding to system and provincial requirements. The report cards will be sent home on Thursday, December 20th. Our school development plan this year is focused around increasing student achievement in the areas of math computation, and literacy in the areas of Science, Math and Social Studies. The full plan will be published on our school website as of Dec. 1st. On Friday, Dec. 7th we will be working with teachers on strategies in these two areas that includes task design and assessment.


Tweaking Our Lunchtime


Our lunchtime remains consistent at 50 minutes from 12:25 to 1:15. What has changed slightly is that students now spend 20 minutes inside and 30 minutes outside. While supervising our students during lunch we were finding that the vast majority of them were finishing their lunches within ten minutes with some taking 15 minutes and a few taking 20. This was resulting in many students starting their “play time” in the classroom during the last five minutes of the eating period. Adjusting to a 30-minute outdoor period will allow more active play time for our students while still providing ample time for most students to finish their lunch. Any small portions of a student’s lunch that is not finished, they are more than welcome to take outside with them. While lunchtime has a more social and less structured aspect to it than regular class time, students are encouraged to insure they spend more time eating and less time socializing as what they eat will potentially impact how they learn in the afternoon. 


Thank You!


Big thanks to our Hawkwood School Council and Friends of Hawkwood School Society. In just three short months they have successfully planned and hosted a welcome back breakfast, a dance, a movie night, some fundraisers, several meetings and have another Movie Night coming up on Dec. 6th. They also successfully completed a fundraising casino last weekend that will most likely result in $60,000.00 or more, being directly injected into school programs. They are an amazing group doing amazing things. The next regular school council meeting is Wed. January 16th. Stop by and find out what other great things they have planned.

October 10
Teaching and Learning – School Development Plan

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What is a School Development Plan?

Like most areas connected to learning, a good plan starts with asking questions.

What do we do well at Hawkwood School? What areas may need more attention than they have previously received? What can we do differently?

When we look for answers to these questions, we look at multiple sources of data. We collect and review data from report cards, provincial achievement tests, student surveys, and in-class assessments. These different sources provide us with different types of information on how well our students are doing in many different areas.

What is common across these different types of data?

From this Data Story, our instructional focus for the school year will be developed.

SDP Pathway.png
Our plan is also broken down into what “the students will do” and “what the teachers will do”. This year we will have areas of focus for both Math and Literacy.

We are currently in the process of reviewing many different types of information with the intention of creating our Data Story for the coming school year.

What do the teachers do during all of those PD Days?

By the end of October, our School Development Plan we will put into action with the addition of a Professional Learning Plan. The learning journey for our teachers, just like with our students, is a continuous one.

I will be sharing with you how the journey for both our students and our teachers unfolds throughout the school year. Stay tuned!


Mike MacDonald


September 05
Welcome to a New Year!

​Welcome to the new Hawkwood School website and the 2017-2018 school year!

We are very happy to share with you a website that is more current, more informative and, hopefully, more useful. Over the course of the next few week this website will become the central place for the most current information relative to Hawkwood School. Since we will be able to update the website easier and quicker, it will replace our monthly newsletters with articles and updates that are more current.

This year our School Development Plan will continue to focus on Literacy with additional emphasis on reading and reading assessment. Efforts in this regard will be integrated into all of our professional development for both our teaching and support staffs. 

I want to extend a big thank you to all of our staff and students for an excellent start to the school year. I also want to thank our families in Hawkwood and Sage Hill for your continued support as we strive to make Hawkwood School a place of safe, engaged and personalized learning. 

Mike MacDonald

June 02
Thank You!

I would like to take this final opportunity prior to the end of the school year to send out a few “Thank You’s” to all of the people that make the Hawkwood School Community a great place to learn and grow.


Thank you so much for your unconditional support of all that we do. Teaching and learning (much like parenting) in 2017 is a very complex and quickly changing endeavor. Your direct efforts for the school and indirect support on behalf of your children are what lies at the core of our school community and why we grow so attached to it. I also want to specifically thank the teams of parents from the Hawkwood School Council and Friends of Hawkwood School Society for their direct support of everything we do. Working together to make your child’s school a better place helps all of our students and helps all of us in countless ways.

Teaching Staff

Thank you so much for always focusing on what is in the best interest of your students. Finding through-lines amongst system, provincial and even principal’s priorities while meeting the needs of a diverse group of students is challenging work. Your positive outlook, work ethic and professionalism is noticed and greatly appreciated.

Support Staff

Thank you so much for the wide array of skills and experience that you tap into each day while working with our students. School can feel like a challenging place to be when you have some learning needs. When you find and connect with someone there that makes you feel special, smart and important, it can make the schools days better and more successful.  Thank you for your patience, your flexibility and your professionalism.

I want to wish all of our Hawkwood School Community families a happy and safe summer!

Mike MacDonald


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