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November 27
Thank You's

Cold weather has arrived and we remind everyone to not only dress their child warmly, but to also label all items worn. Every week several mittens, carves, sweaters and other outdoor clothing get placed in our lost and found bins by the door and are never reclaimed. We display them during interview times and when the piles get too large we donate the lost clothing items.

We would like to thank all of our parents who generously provided the delicious food items during our Parent Teacher Conferences last week. We really felt appreciated and we hope all those parents and guardians who attended the interviews were able to better understand what and how their child has been learning so far this year. A reminder that you can communicate with your teacher or the school through a call to the HV office or connect directly with your teacher through the agenda. You do not need to wait for interviews if you have a question or concern you wish to share.

A thank you goes out to the people of Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Hanson Ranch for the hot coffee and delicious bakery treats on Friday. They helped all staff make it through the day with smiles on their faces and energy to burn!

As you have heard from CBE and from the media, our school board is dealing with some large budgetary cuts this fall. Last week I ( like all others Principals in CBE), was asked to work with my area and system supports to see how we could all deal with the financial limitations set forward in this fall’s budget. At this time, I am not able to provide you with any specifics in regards to how the decisions made will ultimately effect Hidden Valley School. As decisions get made and I have a clear picture of what these cuts will mean to us specifically, I will send out a separate email which will detail what we will need to do moving into January. As mentioned before, we had no temporary teachers to cut, but since budgets still have to be adjusted, staff can still be displaced and moved to other schools to make up for the shortfall in the budgets. Thank you to all the parents who have been supporting us as we deal with the situation at hand.

Some things to remember for December. We do not do concerts in December, as we wait till spring when the students have had more time in Music to prepare for concerts. We may do some caroling on the last week of December, but we will not do a full week with class presentations this year. Report cards will only be available online only this year and we plan to have them posted online for review on January 17. More information on our report cards and how to access them online will come your way in January 2020. Kindergarten and Grade 1 French Immersion Information Night will be the first on Thursday, January 9 at 6:00pm in the school. This is an adult only meeting and we invite all parents who wish to hear about the French Immersion program to attend this informative evening. Kindergarten registration will commence on January 20, 2020. Finally, the last day of school before Winter Break is Thursday, December 19 and it will be a regular school day.

Have a wonderful December time as we complete our last learning month of the 2019 year!

Yours in Education, Marguerite Haase

November 04
Time Flies

It is hard to believe that we have already been at school for two months! Time sure flies when we are busy learning.

Please remember to check the daily forecast and to have your child dress accordingly. Temperatures vary greatly and since your child wants to enjoy their recess time outside, it is important they bring all they need to stay warm for the day. Students will be going outside unless the temperature exceeds -20 degrees with the wind chill.

Due to a scheduling conflict, our School Council meeting has been moved to Tuesday, November 5 at 6:30pm. We hope to see you there! Students have been learning about the importance of Remembrance Day and the grade 3 students have been rehearsing for the upcoming Remembrance Day assembly on November 8 at 9:00am. Parents are welcome to attend the assembly and we will have poppies for sale in the office. Each student will receive a poppy to wear to the assembly and we accept any cash onations for the Poppy Fund.

Please note that we do not have school on November 11 in honor of Remembrance Day.

Later this month, we will be hosting Parent Teacher Conferences. This will provide parents with the opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher face to face to discuss your child’s current learning goals. The details regarding School Conferences are included in this newsletter and instructions on how to book your conferences will be emailed to you in early November. We hope to see you at the school on November 21 or 22.

November 01
October Message

It is hard to believe that we have already been at school for two months! Time sure flies when we are busy learning.

Please remember to check the daily forecast and to have your child dress accordingly. Temperatures vary greatly and since your child wants to enjoy their recess time outside, it is important they bring all they need to stay warm for the day. Students will be going outside unless the temperature exceeds -20 degrees with the wind chill.

Due to a scheduling conflict, our School Council meeting has been moved to Tuesday, November 5 at 6:30pm. We hope to see you there!

Students have been learning about the importance of Remembrance Day and the grade 3 students have been rehearsing for the upcoming Remembrance Day assembly on November 8 at 9:00am. Parents are welcome to attend the assembly and we will have poppies for sale in the office. Each student will receive a poppy to wear to the assembly and we accept any cash donations for the Poppy Fund. Please note that we do not have school on November 11 in honor of Remembrance Day.

Later this month, we will be hosting Parent Teacher Conferences. This will provide parents with the opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher face to face to discuss your child’s current learning goals. The details regarding School Conferences are included in this newsletter and instructions on how to book your conferences will be emailed to you in early November. We hope to see you at the school on November 21 or 22.

Read More in our November Newsletter​.

October 02
September Has Come and Gone

September has come and gone and what a whirlwind it was. Between meeting new friends, rekindling old relationships, getting to know new teachers, participating in the Terry Fox Run and learning the new routines, the students had a very eventful and busy month of learning here at Hidden Valley School. Towards the end of the month, the school hosted the Parent Teacher Conferences giving parents the opportunity to meet their child’s teacher face to face. During the meeting, all parents were able to share their thoughts, goals and aspirations for their child for this school year. I hope you enjoyed your interview time with your child’s teacher and I thank you for supporting your child’s learning by participating in this worthwhile start up conference. Know that if you have questions in the future you do not have to wait till conferences. You can connect with your teacher through the agenda or call the school to talk with the teacher or the office.

Every year many parents support our school through various groups, activities, trips and events. School Council and our Fundraising Society are two important ways parents can stay aware and participate in some of the decision making for the school and the students. Parents have already begun to support our school through our Monthly council meetings, our Traffic blitzes in front of the school, signing up to do home reading program and last, but not least, taking care of our teachers by providing food for interview evenings through the Teacher Care program. Thank you to all the parents who provided delicious hot dishes, salads, sides, condiments and desserts. The staff really appreciated this wonderful meal that day, as we started early in the morning and did not end until after 8:30pm. Please note that due to budget cuts, restructuring and changes in practice, the Calgary Reads program is no longer working in the schools this year so we will not be looking for volunteers for the program moving forward.

Did you know- the advantages to reading to your child! Let’s look at how “reading aloud makes adults and children smarter, happier, healthier, more successful and more closely attached, even as technology pulls in the other direction.

A miraculous alchemy occurs when one person reads to another, transforming the simple stuff of a book, a voice, and a bit of time into complex and powerful fuel for the heart, brain, and imagination. Grounded in the latest neuroscience and behavioral research, and drawing widely from literature, The Enchanted Hour explains the dazzling cognitive and social-emotional benefits that await children, whatever their class, nationality or family background. But it’s not just about bedtime stories for little kids: Reading aloud consoles, uplifts and invigorates at every age, deepening the intellectual lives and emotional well-being of teenagers and adults, too.

September 09
Happy School Year Everyone!
The staff had a great start-up with all of the students teaming up with Valley School for the Color Run and getting down to the business of supporting student learning. Our September Newsletter will provide you with all the necessary information needed such as our calendar, bell times, staff information and activities going on throughout the year. This year’s teacher list can be found on page two of this newsletter.

We are strong advocates of literacy at Hidden Valley School and provide different ways to help build your child’s literacy skills in their first few years of Elementary. Math is also a vital part of student learning and we support having our students know and understand the basics of numeracy in all aspects to apply them to everyday life.

This year we will continue to make traffic safety part of our focus for all, and in addition, we will continue to work with our police force through the S4 program so that kids can get to know and trust in the police force, build understanding as to the role the Calgary Police Service plays in society and learn how to be kind to each other and stay safe in all situations.

If you would like to support student learning and play a bigger role in your child’s school, I welcome you to our School Council meetings taking place every second Tuesday of the month in our Library at 6:30 PM. Our first meeting will be Tuesday, Sept. 10. In addition, we need many volunteers for our home reading program, field trips, hot lunches and monthly spirit/snack days. If you want to be part of any of these exiting opportunities as a parent volunteer, please have your current CBE Police Clearance completed. Please contact Kim in the office if you need more information on how this is done, as it can take a few weeks to get this completed.

As we settle into our new routines, we will have our first Parent-Teacher meeting​ in two weeks. This gives you an opportunity to get to know your child’s teacher and share what information you feel you want your child’s teacher to know about your child. You can sign up to visit one on one with your child’s new teacher during the evening of Sept. 19 or the 20 during the morning when we do our “Meet the Teacher” meetings. More information will follow from the school to register online for this important first connection. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns you can send them through your child via the agenda or a written note. You may also phone the school directly during office hours to speak to the Kim or administration in the office. 

Thank you for choosing Hidden Valley School and I wish you and your child a wonderful school year here.


May 30
June is a Time to Reflect

June is a time to reflect. At this time of the year we are all asking ourselves “where did this school year go?” One thing is certain, it may be the final month, but we are not winding down just yet. There is still much to discover, explore and learn before we say goodbye for the summer. Though June is an exciting time, we encourage parents to help their children to continue to get a good night’s sleep albeit the sunnier evenings.

June is a month of consolidating of knowledge as teachers prepare the final report cards for the year. Teachers review reading levels, writing abilities, and overall language acquisition, as well as assess math knowledge, math understanding and many other subject areas to paint a good picture of where their students are at in their learning journey.

June is a time for farewells. For many of our students (and parents) this will be their last year at Hidden Valley. Our grade 3 students will soon make the short trek across the parking lot to Valley Creek School to attend grade 4, or they may be going even further away to attend school, but regardless of where they go, we want to wish them the best of luck in their new schools. Grade 3s you will be missed and we thank you for your kindness, your enthusiasm, your zest for knowledge and the leadership you demonstrated with our younger students this school year.

June is also a time to say thank you. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the most wonderful, dedicated and supportive parent volunteers and School Council volunteers I have ever had the privilege to work with. Your combined willingness to take on any job needed in the school to support our students is very special and rare. There is nothing too small or too big that you won’t volunteer to do and you make this a very special place for all the Hidden Valley kids to learn and grow. You bring us treats and full hot meals and School Council is always supportive when we look for funding to support our varied initiatives. So on behalf of all the Staff I would like to say “we see you going above and beyond for the teachers and the students and we thank you for your support in everything you do to make Hidden Valley the school that always works together for the kids!”

Due to late budget assumptions, the staff and I are only now in the midst of making decisions for staffing and classroom configurations for next year. I will send out an end of June update with important information regarding next year plans. Budgets are tight and some supports have had to be cut back to continue to keep class sizes reasonable. A reminder that your child’s teacher’s name and entrance and exit doors will be sent to you on Friday, August 30 at 5:00pm, just before school starts up in the fall to accommodate for late student registrations in August.

April 29
We Had a Wonderful Warm Productive April

April was our literacy month and the kids had so much fun learning through literacy. Some of the highlights included the visit from Alberta author Lisa Bowes with her “Lucy tries” series, Flashlight Fridays where kids got to read by flashlight, reading with their favorite stuffy and enjoying writing and reading the jokes that were created and posted to classroom doors. No matter what the kids were doing, they enjoyed reading many books and having fun with literacy. Some of the younger kids even had a surprise visit from Pete the Cat who enjoyed listening to stories and making kids laugh and smile in the classroom. An engaging month around books and reading was had by one and all.

April also brought with it our four school concerts showcasing the wonderful learning our students experienced in music classes this year. Concerts included a great deal of beautiful singing, some drama, some instruments (mostly recorders and xylophones) and some dance. The kids really worked hard with their music teachers, Mrs. Fougere and Mr. Ford and I would like to give a big shout out to all the teachers, support staff and our music teachers for helping all of our Hidden Valley kids to put on wonderful concerts for their parents, siblings, relatives and friends. These big productions could not be possible without dedicated teachers and motivated kids and demonstrates how we work together at Hidden Valley to provide a well rounded education for each and every child who walks through the doors.

We had a productive School Council meeting this month whereby I shared with parents how CBE is funded and funds for all of our students. In addition, I shared several slides on how we at the school level go about making decisions for staffing and budgeting. Once I completed the presentation, parents were given the opportunity to ask questions and providing feedback. If you would like to view the “budget engagement” PowerPoint presentation and/or provide feedback please visit our Hidden Valley website. Once you are on the main page please go to the “Get Involved-Community Engagement-School Budget Engagement” tabs to access the presentation and survey. The survey can be found on the second last slide by clicking on the take the survey picture. I would like to thank the parents who attended the council meeting and encourage any of our parents who have new Kindergarten aged children that will be attending next year, or know of interested parents in our designated communities to please register soon so the office staff will have an accurate count as possible for the upcoming school year. One last thank you goes out to parent volunteers who helped with the Traffic Safety Blitz. Our next Traffic Safety Blitz will be held on May 27 – 31.

March 21
April is Literacy and Reading Month!

We are excited to be focusing on Literacy and Reading as a whole school throughout the month of April. Watch for fun events like:

  • Flashlight Fridays
  • Author visit from a local author and illustrator
  • Classroom joke telling
  • Visit from Calgary Public Library
  • “Drop Everything and Read” (DEAR)
  • Visit from a favorite character to each classroom
  • A book gifted to each classroom collection

The focus of literacy month is to provide students with the opportunity to participate in school-wide literacy activities, providing engaging and joyful ways to share and celebrate their knowledge and love for reading and writing. Check out the following information about Lisa Bowes and her wonderful character Lucy who are coming to see us.

Broadcaster/Author Lisa Bowes is providing a unique opportunity to support student learning for the school year 2018-19. The Lucy School program is based on the Lucy Tries Sports book series and promotes both reading literacy and physical literacy in young children.


Who is Lucy?

Lucy is a strong, relatable character that appeals to girls and boys aged 3-8. Through their sports adventures, Lucy and Friends reinforce the benefits of multi-sport participation and the importance of perseverance.


March 04
Hopefully we have seen the last of the very cold weather

With February coming to an end, hopefully we have seen the last of the very cold weather. A friendly reminder that unless it is bitterly cold, our students do enjoy going outdoors for recess so they need to continue coming to school dressed for the outdoors. With having had such a cold February, I would like to thank the Parent Care volunteers and School Council for providing the staff at Hidden Valley the best snacks and hot meal items during the week of Feb. 19-22. We are so appreciative to have such kind and caring parents and a sincere “merci” thank you goes out to all of you for taking such good care of us and spoiling us rotten. We love our students and we love our school and I believe I speak for all the staff when I say we also love our parents and you are the best!

February was a short and busy month and we did it up in style by having both our Pink Shirt day to put an end to bullying everywhere followed by our Carnival (Carnaval) week to learn more about and celebrate the French Canadian culture. During Carnaval, students enjoyed sports like raquette (snowshoes), curling and hockey. We had our door decorating with a Carnival theme and students enjoyed the musical group La Folklofolie. Bonhomme Carnaval paid us a special visit from Quebec and we ended the week with our “Cabane a Sucre” where the kids enjoyed making “tire” by pouring maple syrup onto crushed ice-delicious! It was a great week of activities paid for by our School Council. On that note, I would like to make a special request to all parents to consider joining School Council. We will have several positions to fill for next year and we really need your help and support to continue bringing in special events like our Carnaval week activities, planning hot lunch and spirit/snack Fridays, and organizing special events like our school community dance and our spring activity evening. Our meetings run every second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm in the Learning Commons and all parents are invited to come out and share ideas and lend a hand in continuing to support your child’s learning here at Hidden Valley School.

From now till the end of the year, School Council volunteers will be teaming up with the school staff and police services to focus on traffic safety for our kids at and around the school. Please take the time to read the School Council write up to see what has been planned for spring and how you can help out with this important initiative. Kids’ safety is all of our concern and I am excited to help educate kids about being safe and support traffic safety in the Hidden Valley area for all.

March will be a time to book your Student-Led Conferences whereby your child gives you a tour of his/her classroom and shows you what he/she has learned so far this year. When we design tasks for kids to do, we ask them three important questions: what are you doing, why are you doing it and how will you know when you are ready to move on? Students reflect on their learning to apply it in other situations in the future. Student Led Conference gives your child an opportunity to share their learning with you and reflect on how much growth they have already experienced this year. Online bookings will occur in a couple of weeks and I encourage all of you to come celebrate your child’s learning.

Mrs Marguerite Haase​

January 31
February 2019

January marked the halfway point for the school year and now the days are also starting to get longer. January was an excellent month of focused learning. At this time of year, teachers are paying close attention to their students’ literacy skills and assessing where their students are at, looking at what needs to be reviewed in both literacy and numeracy and beginning new learning for their students. In January we welcomed our artist in residence, Ian Porteous who wrote the book “The Cultural Wheel - Transforming Your Classroom through Cultural Restoration”. He was here for two days and taught dances from three traditions: European, Canadian and Metis, while introducing the students to the four quadrants of the Cultural Wheel (Folklore, Community, Constructivism and Celebration). At the end of both days, our whole student body was invited to return to the gym as a community. This traditional dance experience taught the kids respect, consideration for self and others and a sense of community. We thank Ian for his knowledge and passion. Acknowledgement also goes out to the students and their teachers for their enthusiasm and co-operation during this two-day residency.

We had an excellent turn out for our French Immersion Information Night on January 10. As shared last month, we will now be the designated French Immersion school for both The Hamptons and Sherwood (K-3 students) adding to our warm community school here in Hidden Valley. We are accepting Kindergarten registration ongoing in both French Immersion and our Regular English programs from students who reside in our designated areas. Please let others know to register for Kindergarten here if they wish to attend for next school year.

February is a short month with Friday the 1st being a day off and Teacher’s Conventions and Family Day being days off in the middle of the month. Winter Carnaval week will take place the last week of February this year. Fun activities including the Folklofolie Music group, French Canadian activities/art and yummy eating of maple syrup will make for a fun filled French Canadian week for all.

Please continue to make sure your child comes to school ready for any kind of weather since we have had some beautiful warm winter days followed by some cold windy days and students need to be dressed for all kinds of weather each day.

In the next five months you will see a bigger emphasis put on traffic safety in and around the school. Parents from our School Council applied for and received an Alberta Traffic Safety Grant and will be working on several initiatives including driver error, pedestrian safety and cyclist safety. More information will be forthcoming from our School Council. As always, you are invited to attend our School Council meetings which are held the second Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm in our Learning Commons. School Council works closely with school administration to create a wonderful environment for learning and growing and your new ideas and helping hands would be greatly appreciated in the coming months.

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 Marguerite Haase

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