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Principal's Message

June is Here

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” ​Winnie the Pooh

It is so hard to believe that June is here and 2018-2019 is drawing to a close. There have been so many exciting adventures, moments of intrigue and wonder and personal triumphs, it is almost impossible to capture them all.

At our last Parent Council meeting, I indicated that our Spring Budget had gone down from the previous year. This meant that we would be surplusing 1 teacher and 1 Education Assistant. We also have one of our EDC programs moving to Rosscarrok. This means that an additional teacher and education assistant will also be leaving JSM. This is a total of 2 teachers and 2 Education Assistants. In addition to those changes,  I presented we would be moving from straight grades to multi-age classrooms. In September there will be 3 Kindergarten classrooms, and 7 ½ Multiage classrooms. This will allow students to co-construct their learning and grow with their teachers. As always, if you have any questions, please contact myself or Mr. Patry.

Running and ReadingThis year was the first year with Start2Finish and their Running and Reading Program. Students learned to read, get some exercise and how to set and achieve a goal. JSM’s Ms. Schmideder, Mrs. Jones, Ms. Waters and Mrs. Barlow  joined almost 30 students every Tuesday afterschool to build their endurance for the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon on Sunday May 26, 2019. Our JSM participants were:Muhamed A, Abdallah A, Draiden A, Ali A, Adam A, John A, Makaio B, DC C, Snehal C, Nishka C, Elijah D, Amma E, Ranwa H, Razeen H, Donte H, Paige H, Thawab I, Sydney L, Catherine L, Owen M, Goodness O, Tanisha P, Annabelle P, Ava P, Saahill R, Sierra S, Patrick S, Kisha S, Dorion D, Messi T, Berenice U, Kaegan W and Braelynn Z.

We are so proud of these young people for reaching their goal of completing a 5 klm run. Looking forward to seeing who will be there on May 31, 2020. All Grade 2 students who will be attending Grade 3 at G.W. Skene are welcome to come back and all the JSM students for Running and Reading in October 2019. 

Fundraisers, Parent Council and Parent SocietyThis year, our Admin Secretary and Felicia Caron have successfully coordinated a Cookie and Popcorn fundraiser. These both brought in over $1000.00 that will allow students to attend more field trips. We look forward to continuing these fundraisers, beginning our Parent Society and getting JSM  students the opportunities to extend their learning beyond the school walls.

Elbow ParkWe are very fortunate to have the staff, students and parent community as partners with James Short Memorial. This year we have class collaborations, donations of clothing, snowsuits etc… A highlight this year was the return of the Soccer Camps. Grade 6 students designed, planned and came over to JSM to have all students in the school participate in soccer stations. Elbow Park Parent Council even paid for each JSM student to have a soccer ball of their own. We are very grateful to everyone at Elbow Park and look forward to increasing our opportunities to work together.

Farewell but not Good ByeIt is never easy to say goodbye. Those who are leaving JSM this year have a strong hold on our hearts and while we wish them well on the next steps of their journey, we will miss them all dearly.

Mrs. Cooper, Ms. Syed and Mrs. Naveed have held the roles of Education Assistants in the school, but have truly meant so much more than that to the students that they have worked with.

Ms. Paxman and Mrs. Kelly have been integral parts of our EDC program. It is almost impossible to imagine the program without them.

Ms. Ferguson and Mrs. Sowinski have supported the Kindergarten classrooms in

Mrs. Donamo’s and Ms. Stephens’s absence. While Ms. Viner was able to join us thanks to Classroom Improvement Funds.

Mrs. Naimi has been Ms. MacDonnel’s right hand in the lunchroom.

Ms. Schmideder is moving with the EDC program to RossCarrock.

Ms. Schaming is leaving JSM for Maple Ridge School.

We hope that everyone has a fantastic summer and look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday August 15, 2019.


Mrs. Cheryl Zelmer and Mr. Jon Patry​

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Today is the last day of the school year for teachers and school staff. Thank your for another amazing year. Enjoy your well-deserved summer break! #WeAreCBE

Today was the last official day of classes for the 2018-19 school year! Congratulations to all of our students on your many accomplishments and successes this year. Have an awesome summer! #WeAreCBE

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