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November 09
Upcoming Events

Hello Longhorn Families,


Thank you for keeping informed by reviewing updates from the school:


·         Our Remembrance Day Assembly was Friday.  It was great to see some parents and grandparents attend.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to the assembly.  If you have spare change to send in to support the Canadian Legion for donating poppies to the entire school, you can forward it to homeroom teachers on Tuesday.  See the news article for photos and further details, but highlights included:

o   Alex D bravely shared thoughts on the proud legacy of indigenous veterans in Canadian history. 

o   Madelyn H ? courageously tackled the most difficult assignment facing any junior high student – playing solo of The Last Post.

o   Addi L was awarded the Chad Horn Memorial Award for integrity, selflessness, and active citizenship.  She is a role model for us all.

·         Last Call for John Ware Clothing is Sunday, November 10.  See the news item on the website for ordering. 

·         There is no school on Monday, November 11 due to Remembrance Day statutory holiday.  Thank you to all veterans for preserving the freedoms we enjoy.

·         Parent Council is this Thursday evening, November 14, 6:30-8 PM in our library. 

o   See the minutes from October on our website.

o   This month’s main topic is expected to be budget implications for our school.

o   Regarding the budget, every school in the province is bracing for cuts.  At the school level, we do not know any more information than has been made public from our Chief Superintendent’s message to parents last week.  I anticipate knowing more on Thursday afternoon.  The delay is due to the fact that never before has a government cut education funding partway through a school year.  Further complicating decisions for school districts is the cuts are retroactive to the beginning of the school year, after staffing has been in place for over 2 months.  I will be doing everything I can to maintain our focus on classroom supports.

·         Parent Conferences are approaching on November 21 and 22.  We look forward to seeing everyone then.

o   Thursday, November 21 is an early dismissal day of 11:50 AM.

o   Friday, November 22 is a non-instructional day for students.

o   Conferences bookings will open November 14 @ 7 AM for parents to book.

o   You can go now to MyCBE portal to ensure you are set up to book conferences.

o   Call our office for support on booking conferences, if necessary.

·         Thank you to all parents who responded to my request last week to catch up on overdue fees from September and October field trips.  This still remains an issue though.  I will be sending home individual requests to parents in the coming days.  As you can appreciate, trying to recover fees is taking a great deal of time resources that are better spent on other issues. 

 ​Have a great week!


October 21
Oct 20 Update

Update – October 21

Hello Parents,

Here are a number of items for your consideration:

 ·         Photo Retakes are this Wednesday, October 23 – AM only.

 ·         School Apparel On-line store now open.  Just in time for gift-giving season!


Based on input collected from staff and students, we are offering a variety of Longhorn gear to raise school spirit and promote community. 


o   The store is open now until midnight on Sunday, November 3rd.

o   Deliver date is expected the week of November 25th.

o   All items are for optional purchase through the website.

o   Items such as t-shirts, zip up hoodies, name brand hoodie and/or fleece-lined pants, toques, hats, backpacks, even socks are available.

o   Logo choice includes the current Alberta logo, the retro Pride and Joy logo, a collegiate style name/initials only, and a very retro Longhorn logo that is mistakenly called ‘new’

o   Note:  Once the store closes, there could be opportunities for student athletes to purchase sport-specific apparel organized by their coaches. 

 ·         Hallowe’en – we are continuing with our policy to encourage anyone wanting to celebrate this cultural event by wearing costumes and consuming candy to do so in the community, not at school.  Thank you for your support on this.

We always welcome any feedback or clarification on policies or procedures.  Thanks!


June 26
Last update

The last day of school is a bittersweet day.  We are all tired and ready for a break, but we are also sentimental about the year that was.  We reminisce about the growth we have seen in our students and ourselves over the year with pride and smiles. 

On behalf of the staff of John Ware School, we thank you for trusting us with your children.  If you are leaving our school family, we wish you all the best that life offers.  If you are returning to us in the fall, I will be sending some key information in a separate message soon.

Either way, have a safe and happy summer.  We had a great year.  Thank you for being part of it.

Some last notes:

  • If you paid the refundable $50 security deposit in the fall, we learned this deposit will be e-transferred directly to parents via our central fees department. 
  • The report card is now available on-line in MyCBE/PowerSchool.
  • If you have questions or concerns arising from the report card that went home today, please contact the teacher directly to arrange a conversation.


June 06
June 6 Update


Reminder   No classes Friday, June 5


Staff Appreciation Lunch June 24 – School council is seeking parent support for the annual Staff Appreciation Lunch by providing a dish and/or time.   Please consider supporting this show of appreciation for the staff who care for our children all year.  Please see the signup genius for how you can support.


Key Work Skill Development

One of the most foundational work skills is the ability to be at your post on time.  Each period of each day, teachers are required to record absences and lates of students.  Sometimes, those lates are unavoidable; sometimes, they are from lack of concern. 

On Monday, office staff processed 40 lates by 8:45 AM with no report of a late bus (nearly 10% of school enrollment).  This amounts to missed class time, class interruptions, wasted office support staff time to process, and potentially worrisome alerts to parents. 

Please reinforce with your students the importance of punctuality for school, future employment, and life.  Have a look at Powerschool to see whether lateness is becoming a habit for your student and support them in developing a better morning routine.  If there is a legitimate reason for being late, please call the absence reporting line at 403-777-7930.

As a natural consequence for chronic lates, we will begin detaining students after school.  We will work on time management goal-setting. 


Farewell Grade 9s! – click the link to see the news post and pictures arising from our Grade 9 Farewell and individual award presentation.  It was a Feel-Good day for John Ware School.


Battery Recycling – One of our grade 7 classes has been visiting classrooms to raise awareness about environmentally conscious of electronics recycling.  One small, but important form of recycling is batteries.  All CBE schools collect batteries for recycling, so when you collect your dead batteries, periodically send them to the front desk or the library desk for storage/pick up. 

Thanks for being Green.


Have a great day!



April 15
News & Updates

JW Update | April 15


Date Reminders

                Friday, April 19 is Good Friday – stat holiday, school closed

                Monday, April 22, is a Professional Development Day, no school for students

                Thursday, May 9 – Grade 9 Provincial Achievement Test in Writing


School Council Meeting this Thursday, April 18 @ 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM in library.  All parents can be part of council, so if you are interested in hearing about, or voicing your opinion on topics of school interest, you are welcome to attend.  The agenda will include:

·         Next year council positions

·         Council of School Council – AGM and our vote

·         2019-2020 Calendar

·         Revision of budget expectations for 2019-2020

Minutes for March are posted.  They include detailed information on the funding concerns facing our school and the CBE.  Please consider reviewing.


Advocating for Public Education – Our board of trustees has prepared some interesting information on the financial issues facing the CBE.  It is obvious that education is a feature of every provincial election.  I encourage you to consider the information the Board has prepared and carefully consider the education platforms of the various parties vying for your support in tomorrow’s election.

Here’s the article: Board of Trustees Advocates for Students.


Cheryl Foggo’s Speech on John Ware

At our 50th Anniversary, Cheryl Foggo (producer of upcoming documentary on John Ware)  was asked to speak about the relevance of John Ware’s personal legacy today.  Her words for profound, so if you did not get a chance to attend, Cheryl’s speech is now posted in our news centre for your consideration.


Longhorn Receives Huge Science Opportunity - Han Yang (Selena) Zheng has been selected to participate in the Centre for Education in Math and Computing Workshop in Computer Science for Young Women. This workshop is being held from May 11 - 18, 2019, at the University of Waterloo.

Over 400 students from across Canada applied for the workshop and only 36 students were selected.  It is all expenses paid.

Congratulations Selena!


Math Contest Success – Several students participated in the Pascal Math Contest in February.  Kevin D, Selena Z, and Nadia K finished in the top 25% of all competitors in the country.  John D will receive a medal for his achievement.

Rather than testing content, most of the contest problems test logical thinking and mathematical problem solving.


See here for the full article including photos on the Math Contests.


Calgary Youth Science Fair Success – 10 Longhorn students represented us very admirably at the recent Science Fair.  Students received 3 honourable mention medals, 4 bronze, and 2 silver medals.  Helen L and Noa P took home the U of C Veterinary Medicine Animal Health Award for their project, which included a plaque and cash reward.


See here for the full article including photos on the Science Fair



December 14
Reflections on Results

“A good decision is based on knowledge and not just on numbers.”  - Plato

 A few weeks ago, the Provincial Achievement Test (PAT) results for the province were publicly released.  They were largely positive for the CBE, but some headlines declared we are failing math.  There was discussion of cut scores and a there was a subtext that public education is in crisis.  At first glance, our Provincial Achievement Test results suggest a crisis, as well.  This entry is meant to provide our stakeholders more information to understand the context of our results.  More importantly, this is a celebration of the work we did last year.

As a school principal, I have several reports available to me with many, many graphs and charts available to analyze and utilize in order to improve student academic success.  I am also mandated to report specific information on our School Results Report (the full copy of it can be found on the Our School link on our website.   

We are required to report our PAT results based on the % of all grade 9 students enrolled, regardless of whether students were excused from writing due to being incapable of response or being absent during tests.  In other words, students who either do not write or cannot write the tests count as a zero in our results.  The PAT data for all gr 9 students without the context is negative:

·         English LA 9 Acceptable rate declined 9% to 77%; Excellence rate declined 9% to 24%

·         Math 9 Acceptable rate declined 16% to 62%; Excellence rate declined 13% to 20%

·         Science 9 Acceptable rate declined 9% to 80%; Excellence rate declined 8% to 33%

·         Social Studies 9 Acceptable rate declined 14% to 67%; Excellence rate declined 3% to 27%

There are several primary factors influencing these results, none of which are reflected in the official data.   Our community has become more diverse in terms of individual needs:

·         25% of our students are identified with a special educational need (academic, cognitive, social and/or emotional) and increasing over time.  Many are successfully supported; many struggle.

·         2018 cohort had several students in grade 10 incapable (due to emotional or cognitive difficulties) of completing tests.  The 2017 cohort had 2.

·         2018 cohort of students had numerous individuals with significant needs that were not formally identified.  Several became non-attenders, despite supports. 

The confluence of these factors meant the percentage of students who did not write the tests increased from an average of 4 students (3% of grade 9s enrolled) per test in 2017 to an average of 12 students (10% of grade 9s enrolled) per test in 2018.  In effect, this means our ratings are immediately 7% lower due to non-writers. 

                We are evaluated based on all students, but our results based on the gr 9 students who actually wrote the tests are much more aligned with expectations:

·         English LA 9 Acceptable rate declined 2% to 88% (2% above provincial average)

·         English LA 9 Excellence rate increased 2% to 28% (11% above provincial average)

·         Math 9 Acceptable rate declined 13% to 70% (3% above provincial average)

·         Math 9 Excellence rate declined 13% to 22% (5% above provincial average)

·         Science 9 Acceptable rate declined 2% to 88% (3% above provincial average)

·         Science 9 Excellence rate declined 8% to 36% (6% above provincial average)

·         Social Studies 9 Acceptable rate declined 10% to 75% (1% above provincial average)

·         Social Studies 9 Excellence rate declined 2% to 30% (6% above provincial average)

With the exception of Math (which needs further context below), our acceptability results show we are statistically maintaining our high standards, despite increased needs.  Teachers in each program area have dissected the itemized results and have identified several areas to target.  These can be seen in the School DevelopmentPlan 2018-19 ​document posted online.  

                Regarding Math 9, further context is required.  In 2018, Alberta Education made changes to the test format and to the cut scoring.  Both were detrimental to standardized results:

1.       The test format change was the introduction of a Part A, which tested mental math skills.  The difficulty with that format is those students had not had mental math skills as a focused skill of their program of studies; therefore, they had limited exposure to mental math skill building.  This is now an intentional part of the program of studies that teachers include in most math tasks.   John Ware students did not perform as well on Part A as they did on Part B (the more familiar multiple choice questions that allowed calculator use).  Compared to provincial results, we did much better on Part A than the provincial average, however.    

·         Part A Mental Math acceptable rate 66% (16% higher than provincial average)

·         Part B Multiple Choice acceptable rate 73% (2 percent higher than provincial average)

2.       The cut score change is a complex practice I will attempt to explain clearly and concisely.  Each year, Alberta Education identifies the acceptable and excellence scores once they see the province-wide results.  They adjust the scores to be standardized from year to year.  Put simply, the average of the averages should be standard over time – this average has fluctuated between 2014 and 2017 from 72% to 75%.  This year, they lowered the cut score to 66%.  In effect, compared to last year’s results, the entire province is 9% lower.  If the cut score had been maintained, our results would have been similar to previous years’ results. 

Regardless of interpretation, we know the challenge ahead of us.  Our teachers are dedicated to implementing higher impact strategies to support our students in all areas of learning.

PAT results are important, but they are one snapshot in time that does not reflect all the work we do on behalf of students.  What is missed in this data is how far individual students grow in their learning each year, how rich the learning experiences of students is, how many memorable field trip experiences they had, and how many school culture activities they enjoyed.

We will use the data to do better on this measure.  We will also continue to develop a rich learning experiences to develop strong character, personal development, and promote positive citizenship.

Thank you for your interest and support,

October 15
Cannabis & Youth

On Oct. 17, marijuana will be legalized in Canada for anyone over the age of 18.  I’ve been asked by various people, including an academic, parents, colleagues, and some students what it will mean for us. 

Officially, our student code of conduct already includes prohibition on any substance illegal for minors, including tobacco, vaping, alcohol, illicit drugs, and/or its paraphernalia.  The expectations and the consequences for breaching this part of the code will remain the same (see details on the code of conduct).  We need safety, security, respect, and sober minds for learning.  But stating that does not feel sufficient. 

I am optimistic marijuana legalization will have limited impact on our school.  However, from conversations with students, it is clear to me there is plenty of misinformation about marijuana among our youth.  It is also clear to me that parent/guardian knowledge, opinions, and behaviours regarding marijuana greatly influence the likelihood a young person will access and use marijuana. 

For those reasons, I offer these facts for your family’s consideration and discussion (the facts are attributed to the Government of Canada fact page on cannabis):

  • At any age, cannabis use affects brain function. This includes impacts on:
    • attention
    • memory
    • learning
  • “The brain does not stop developing until around age 25. The younger you are when you begin cannabis use and the more often and the longer you use it, the more likely that it will have a bigger impact on your brain.”
  • “The THC in cannabis affects the same biological system in the brain that directs brain development.”
  • Cannabis use has been associated with increased risk of harms that may not be reversible when it:
    • is frequent
    • continues over time
    • begins early in adolescence
  • Cannabis can be addictive
    • 1 in 3 people who use cannabis will develop a problem with its use.
    • 1 in 10 people who use cannabis will develop an addiction to it.
    • This statistic rises to about 1 in 6 for people who started using cannabis as a teenager.


  • There is evidence medical marijuana or cannabinoid use can alleviate some symptions of mental health issues and/or physical ailments.  From a school perspective:
    • If a student has been prescribed medical marijuana, that information, like all medical information, needs to be shared with the appropriate school personnel (teacher, administration).  That information is protected and confidential.
    • With a prescription, we would work with families to outline private, discrete medical use.
    • Even with a prescription, if a student does not present as fit to learn, they may be isolated or returned home until they are fit to learn.
    • Without a prescription, there are no options for self-medication and this will be addressed as substance abuse.
  • It will become a criminal act to give or sell cannabis to youth under 18, punishable up to 14 years in jail.


One of the 3 stated aims of the Cannabis Act is to “keep cannabis out of the hands of youth.” 

From observations since my time as a youth, my opinion is laws do not keep restricted or prohibited substances out of anyone’s hands - but education might.

As always, mentor our youth positively.  They follow our lead as educators, parents, guardians, caregivers, and coaches. 

  • Know your own decisions around tobacco, alcohol, and/or marijuana have a great impact on your young person’s likelihood to use restricted substances.  If you don’t use, the young people under your influence are less likely to use.
  • Talk with them to explore what they know and correct misinformation.
  • Know who their friends are and what their interests are.
  • Be involved in their social media:
    • You pay the internet and phone bills, so it is your business. 
    • You are legally responsible for any misuse of technology in your name.
    • You are not being nosy; you are being caring when you are connected on-line.
  • Have a safety plan for when your young person finds themselves in tough situations.  This plan should include a non-judgmental transportation plan away from bad situations, no matter the time of day.

For guidance and resources on how to talk with your children about drugs, refer to the Cannabis Talk Kit – How to talk to your teen.

I hope this information has been helpful for you. 

As always, if you have feedback, please reply.

October 04
Info Update

Dear Families,

Below is an update on:

  1. Orange Shirt Day - tomorrow
  2. Demographics forms - please return
  3. Powerschool Marks available
  4. On-going Communication shift
  5. Westjet fundraiser
  6. Cobs fundraiser
  7. 50th Anniversary Committee Support

​​​​​​​Orange Shirt Day:  John Ware School will observe Orange Shirt Day this Friday, Oct. 5.

The Day originated from one person’s experience of residential schools.  This time of year is significant because it was when indigenous students were sent away from home to reside in residential schools until the next spring.  For many, they became victims of abuse, disease, and many died.  It is our mandate as public educators to create opportunities to build community, to build empathy, and to learn from our past to build a better present.  For our school, we will use the day to consider indigenous issues, but widen it to consider how we make our school more inclusive for all our learners.

We are proud John Ware is a diverse, community school.  We constantly need to work on inclusiveness and empathy-building.  Please encourage your learner to support the day by wearing orange.

The following video clip of Murray Sinclair, Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, might offer some talking points for families around reconciliation:  https://vimeo.com/25389165

Demographics:  last week, you should have received paper copies of your personal information that we have on-file at school.  We have discovered errors in our data with the rollover to powerschool.  Please take time to confirm / revise the information and return it to school as soon as possible.  If you have not seen the information, please contact Jodie in the office for new copies.

Marks visibility:  Starting this week, you will be able to see student assignments and assessment through the powerschool weblink (I am told this feature does not appear in the app).  Teachers are learning to use this tool effectively, so if you have feedback or questions that arise, please contact teachers directly.  If you have general feedback, please forward to me.

On-going communication:  Parents have frequently commented how valuable  the weekly updates from teachers have become.  This communication will continue.  With the new websites, we will be creating a repository spaces for this communication.  Teachers will alert you to their updates, and they will move them on-line for future reference.  By next week, this link should be fully functional:


Westjet fundraiser:  Thanks to the generosity of Westjet and one of our parents, we will be kicking off a School Council Fundraiser on Tuesday, October 9.  The draw date is set for Thursday, October 25.  All further information will need to be sent through our commercial email list, so if you want to see the details directly, please visit http://calgary.schoolmessenger.com/cbe_subscribe before Tuesday.

Cobs fundraiser:  Council has asked me to remind parents that if you shop at our local Cobs Bakery in Glenmore Landing, mention the purchase is related to John Ware School.  They will donate a percentage of your purchase to Council for enrichment activities for our students.

50th Anniversary for John Ware:  1968-69 was the first year of our school’s operation.  Thousands of people have attended, volunteered and worked to make us a great school.  A committee has been struck comprised of some parents and current staff.  We have targeted an event date in February.  Our committee chair, Betty Thies, is a dedicated former teacher who worked with generations of students.  She is seeking support from parents with various roles.  For more information, please reply to this email and I will connect you with her to discuss possibilities. 

Thank you for your continued support,


September 24
Sept 24 Info Update

Meet the Teachers BBQ – Sept 27

This Thursday evening, 6:30-8 PM will give parents and teachers an informal opportunity to meet.  School Council is funding a hotdog barbeque with chips, drink, and dessert starting at 6:30.  Weather dependent, food can be picked up on the back basketball court and eaten in our library.  Staff will be available in their classrooms starting at 7. 

​While here, remember to

à         Visit the library to meet with Parent Council representatives

à         Visit PE and Option teachers

à         Stop at the office and fill out a police security check form for volunteering


Terry Fox Run- Sept 28

John Ware is pleased to be hosting its annual Terry Fox Walk/Run on Friday September 28, 2018 at 10:45 am for grades 7-9 students.  Students will begin in their homeroom classes discussing Terry Fox’s legacy, and the reasons they are running.

Our walk/run will follow a route through the community (please see attched map). The course is approximately 3.0 kilometers in length and students will be encouraged to complete the course walking or running for approximately 30 mins. Terry’s Marathon of Hope modeled resiliency as he continued his run through rain and snow. As a community we will carry on this tradition and run rain or shine. We ask all students to come dressed prepared for the weather, including appropriate footwear and water bottle. Teachers will be on hand to supervise and assist students along the way.

As the run is during school hours, all students are expected to take part. Students will be collecting Toonies for Terry in their homeroom classes, and all money will be forwarded to The Terry Fox Foundation.

We are very proud to be associated with The Terry Fox Foundation and believe that our involvement will launch a successful, positive and meaningful school year. We are also very proud of our contribution to cancer research. Please note the school cannot issue receipts for donations, if you require a receipt please donate online. We appreciate the support and involvement of our parent community.

Let’s keep Terry’s dream to find a cure for cancer alive. Thank you in advance.


John Ware School’s 50th Anniversary

2018-19 is the 50th year of our School’s operation.  We have a former staff member who is chairing the committee to organize us for observing this milestone.  We are seeking some parent representatives for the steering committee.  Please reply to this message if you are interesting in offering your skills to this event.  Please reply to this message to express interest.  Thank you for considering it.


Orange Shirt Day – Oct 5

John Ware will be observing Orange Shirt Day on Friday, October 5.  This day of history, inclusivity, and empathy will feature a guest speaker and related learning activities.  For more information on what Orange Shirt Day is, see http://www.orangeshirtday.org/

Everyone is encouraged to wear orange that day.  Purchase of new attire is unnecessary, but the website offers purchase options. 


Calgary Transit Pass Rebate

Families at our school may be eligible for a rebate of Calgary Transit passes for the 2018-19 school year. CBE Transportation will send an email in October to parents/guardians of eligible students to let them know they qualify for the rebate. Families will be able to submit their expired passes for the rebate starting in November 2018. These families can receive a rebate up to $54.90 for each monthly pass. This rebate only applies to monthly passes – no rebate is provided for individual fares or tickets.

To claim the rebate, families will need to provide a scan or photo of the monthly transit pass, both front and back. It is recommended you do this as soon as you purchase the pass. Please ensure you keep an electronic copy of your pass.

More information about the program can be found on the CBE website:www.cbe.ab.ca/transitrebate. Specific information about the 2018-19 program will be added by October.

September 12
Info Update

Dear Families,

The 2nd week of school is underway already and the school is feeling very settled, which is outstanding since we have 7 new staff and 200 new students who joined us this year.  Thank you for your patience and support regarding classroom assignments.

Here are some important notes:

  • Photo Day is TOMORROW, Thursday, Sept 13.  Send your student how you would like to see them in their school photo.  There will be a retake opportunity in a few weeks if your student is absent.
  • Fees are now available on-line through the PowerSchool app.  They can also be paid with cheque or through direct debit if you drop in to the office.  Fee explanation:
    • Refundable security deposit is $50 – this is a mandatory fee that will be returned to the parent who made the payment once library, text, and technology resources assigned to students is recorded to have been returned to us in June.
    • Lunchroom activity fee is $30 to help us with lunchtime games, sports equipment, supplies and other related materials.  We do not charge for lunchroom supervision, so this is to assist us in keeping our students productively occupied.  Your support is appreciated.
    • Yearbooks are $30 – this is an optional fee and is a great keepsake for families.
    • Gym strip is paid for out of school funds for all new students.  If families need to replace lost or outgrown gym strip, or to purchase additional apparel, this is by item ordered.
  • Drop-off & Pick-up vehicle etiquette – if you have the practice of dropping your student in the cul-de-sac by our school, you know there is not enough space for everyone and we need to be mindful of safety first and courtesy first.  They go together.  Please keep these suggestions in mind:
    • Thank you for not dropping your student off in the school parking lot – there are too many pedestrians and staff needing access to make this viable.
    • Consider dropping your student along 98th Ave or 19th Street for the block walk of fresh air.
    • If you drop your student in the cul-de-sac, stay with the flow of traffic, wait your turn, drop off your students quickly, move on so others may do the same.  Do not linger as you will be obstructing the traffic flow.
    • At pick-up time, do not double park, it snowballs and makes things worse for others.
    • Please do not put me in the position to start wearing a high visibility safety vest and monitoring traffic.  Orange is not my colour.  
  • Parent Council’s first meeting of the year is Thursday, September 20 at 7 PM in our school library.  Please consider attending to hear information about school happenings, having a voice in upcoming decisions, and contributing to decisions regarding school council expenses.  If you are interested in contributing to the council in a formal role, please contact me as we have some opportunities for specific roles available.
  • Meet the Teacher BBQ – this was such a popular way to meet other parents and teachers, so we our repeating our BBQ followed by informal conversations with staff.  School council is funding an informal BBQ with staff doing the preparing and delivery.  Details will follow, but mark Thursday, September 27 @ 6:30 PM – 8 PM on your calendars for this event.
  • Fun Lunch Sign up is coming soon.  If you would embrace the opportunity to not pack a lunch every 2nd Thursday or even some of them, our parent council is nearly finished organizing for this year’s series of fun lunches.  Details will follow in a separate message, but only families who have signed up to receive commercial email will receive it.  See the next bullet…
  • Commercial Email Sign up – follow this link to sign up for commercial email:  http://calgary.schoolmessenger.com/cbe_subscribe
  • Tech Talk Tuesdays –our school subscribes to a weekly news item from the makers of Screenagers.  The content is always about youth and technology issues.  Our new Cell Phone Policy was shaped by their resources.  I will be forwarding messages on that I think will be of interest.  I will be judicious about sending only the messages I think are pertinent to our age group and observations of what’s happening at school.  As an educator and parent, I have found many helpful topics and suggestions. 
  • Feedback – please do not hesitate to provide us positive or constructive feedback on any issue regarding our school through your student’s teachers or to me directly.

Thanks for keeping informed,

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