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2019-20 Yellow School Bus Routes & Changes to Calgary Transit Service
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MAPSS Movie Event | Saturday, June 8, 2019
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  • 2019-20 Yellow School Bus Routes & Changes to Calgary Transit Service

  • MAPSS Movie Event | Saturday, June 8, 2019

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Principal's Message

June 2019

Principals’ message
June 2019
“Change brings opportunity” – Anonymous
Another school year is nearing completion and as we reflect on the past 10 months there have been many changes.  This is a good thing.  Change is a part of life.  It is reality.  Change fosters growth.  Change is not comfortable but it is a gift that offers a chance to move beyond what we thought was possible.  We just have to see change through the lens of opportunity.
Humans are conditioned to appreciate structure and predictability yet as Maria Montessori states “growth is not a harmonious increase in size but a transformation” and we have all grown in some way this year.  It is crucial for childrens’ development to create structure and have boundaries yet allow for flexibility in their character.  Children who are given opportunities to encounter changes in their lives become more resilient and better able to navigate life’s curveballs. 
We have the good fortune to have a 3-year relationship with our students in classrooms and although the continuity can be a comfort it is also meant to foster the child’s ability to be independent.  The environment may be familiar but the role and expectations for the student changes every year.  There is no comfort in growth and there is no growth in comfort so let’s continue to embrace change as an opportunity!
We do have a few changes for September as noted below:
Room 1 –Mrs. Legat                                      Gr. 1,2,3,
Room 2 – Mrs. Szeretva                                Gr. 1,2,3
Room 3 – Mrs. Laing-Chan/Ms. Cuvelier   Gr. 1,2,3
Room 4- Mrs. Bahl                                         Gr. 1,2,3
Room 5 – * Ms. Merritt                                 Gr. 1,2,3
Room 6 – Mrs. Potekal                                  Gr. 1,2,3
Room 7 – *Ms. Hubbard                Gr. 1,2,3
Room 8 am _ Mrs. Honing                             kindergarten
Room 8 pm – Mrs. Squire                             kindergarten
Room 9 am/pm- Mrs. Greening                  kindergarten                                                                                 
Room 10 – Ms. McBrien                               Gr. 1,2,3
Room 11 – Mrs. Neitz                                    Gr. 4,5
Room 12- Ms. Tolton                                    Gr. 4,5,6
Room 13 – Mrs. Reinhardt                             Gr. 4,5,6
Room 14 – Ms. Thiessen                Gr. 4,5,6
Room 17 – Mrs. Lister                                   Gr. 4,5,6
Music  – Mrs. Harvie
Learning Support  – Ms. Rita
French Support (Gr. 4,5,6) – Mrs. Reinhardt
Library – Mrs. Khan
*denotes teacher currently on a leave
Our 2019-20 Killarney calendar is available on our website so please remember to take a look at all the dates that lay ahead.
If you ordered a yearbook, it will be distributed in the Fall.  This was to allow our June activities to be part of the yearbook. If your child is leaving Killarney, please ensure we have current information to contact you once the yearbooks have arrived.
We want to thank you for all the special things you do in partnership with the school to offer rich learning opportunities and caring community building experiences.  We are so deeply grateful to have such generous families at Killarney who are committed to our Montessori program. 
Wishes for a wonderful summer and we look forward to seeing you Tuesday, September 3!
With Peace and Gratitude,
Bonnie Caldwell and Rita Traxler


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Will your child be using a yellow school bus or Calgary Transit to get to school this school year? Check out some important updates, including route maps, on our website: #yycbe

Welcome back to our modified calendar school students! Hope you and your teachers a great first day of classes. We wish you a wonderful school year full of learning! #WeAreCBE

Yellow school bus route maps have been posted! We’ve also posted information about yellow school bus transportation and Calgary Transit for next year on our website #WeAreCBE #yycbe

Yellow school bus route maps for the 2019-20 school year are now posted on the CBE website: #WeAreCBE #yycbe

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