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April 30
May 2018

“So in the child, besides the vital impulse to create himself, and to become perfect, there must yet be another purpose, a duty to fulfill in harmony, something he has to do in the service of a united whole.”  Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind.

We often hear of the need to foster empathy and resilience.  Maria Montessori believed that it is the duty of every person to work toward and be part of something great which not only serves individual interests but those of all humanity.  Montessori education teaches empathy and resilience in a variety of ways.  We model empathy to the students and provide opportunities for children to make and learn from mistakes.  When empathy is repeatedly demonstrated by a teacher or parent in the classroom or home setting it helps to set the culture of the learning environment and it sets an expectation for the way one treats others.  When children make mistakes and are taught and modeled how to problem solve, we help to build resilience.  The Montessori classroom allows children to develop self-reliance by making choices and dealing with the successes and consequences of their choices.  The Montessori classroom also encourages children to learn from mistakes and successes by allowing for independent decision-making.  Together, empathy and resilience grow a responsible, caring, and respectful citizen and that is our wish and hope for our Killarney students.

bake.jpgThe recent tragedy in Humboldt highlighted how a community could unite and work for the common good.  Our show of support through quiet conversations with children, Jersey Day, and the Bake Sale demonstrated just how special a place Killarney School is.  Many parents and students felt the emotions of the Humboldt community and when we saw the overwhelming amount of baked donations, we were so proud of and thankful to our school community.  We are comforted in knowing our children are both empathetic and resilient and will continue to find and fulfill their purpose in life.

As we begin planning for next year we recognize our good fortune to have multi-age, multi-year, cohorts of students. The children build trust relationships, grow their capacity as mentors, and develop skills which reach beyond the curriculum.  We work hard to ensure a good balance in each and every learning space and take many varying factors into consideration when we place children.  It takes a considerable amount of time and thought and we thank parents for understanding and having trust in our decisions. Sometimes part of a child’s learning is centred around that socialization-collaboration piece which is crucial in our global culture.

Thank you for continuing to read our weekly updates and teachers’ blogs for the latest and greatest happenings at school.

Enjoy a wonderful month!

Bonnie Caldwell and Christine McCrory


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