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March 02
March 2018

​Excerpted from our March Newsletter​.

Our wonderful Montessori school continues to grow extraordinary people. Our Open House showcased some of the talent we have and continue to nurture with our students presenting and speaking to their Montessori lessons and our alumni returning to share how being a student at Killarney prepared them to move forward into their Jr. High experiences. 

What was most powerful were the moments when the students, parents and staff brought their stories to life through their connections with each other at Killarney School. We overheard many perspective parents comment on the community feel they had as they wandered through the school and chatted with our hosts. It is our belief in this sense of community that truly makes our Montessori school a special place to belong. 

We are half way through our school year and we continue to be busy looking to the months ahead. We look forward to welcoming our new Kindergarten families and will prepare to bid our Grade 6’s farewell. We thank those who have returned the planning sheet for next year and remind those who have yet to do so, to please get them in so we can make plans using the most accurate information available. 

Great thanks to our Killarney School Council​, for the support they offer in providing those memorable “extras” students will remember long past the day they graduate from our program. The Artists in Residence, Fun Lunches, Olympics Day, and the Spring Showcase are just a few recent happenings that KPC has supported and we look forward to the Spring family dance, Sound Kreations, and the year-end field trip! 

We would also like to extend a great amount of appreciation to our Montessori Alternative Public School Society (aka MAPSS) for giving us the resources to purchase new and replacement Montessori materials in our classrooms. Their dedication and support has allowed us to continue to keep our classes well-resourced with Montessori materials and provide students with a prepared learning environment. 

Our School Resource Officer, Constable Hartmann, has visited Killarney School on a number of occasions to help monitor the traffic at dismissal time. We would like to remind parents that our priority is to keep our students safe getting to and from school and that road safety is of concern. Please be sure to cross at corners, park a safe distance away from stop signs and intersections, and allow our Safety Patrols to do their job in a safe environment. We never want to endanger our children so we need to work together to guarantee their well-being. 

We are so very fortunate to have a school with exceptional students, staff, and families. As we head into warmth of the Spring (we are always optimistic!!) we know that our months will bring new growth, new challenges, new opportunities and new connections! We look forward to ‘March-ing’ forward! 

With Gratitude,
Bonnie Caldwell and Christine McCrory


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