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December 05
December Update

As the Winter Holiday approaches, I would like to thank the members of the parent community for their ongoing support of the Science Alternative Program at Langevin School. Countless hours of volunteerism have contributed to our field studies, guest speakers, school council and fundraising societies and other aspects of the learning at Langevin School. The unique aspects of our program rely on your support.

Thank you to the parents who attended our Dare to Care parent evening. In the coming weeks, all of our students and staff will participate in our  work with Dare to Care as we look to establish common understanding and language that will support healthy relationships and resiliency in our school.

We continue to wait for updates on budget considerations and the possible impact on our staff and the organization of our school. We will keep you updated about developments as we know more.

On December 19th, we celebrate the upcoming holiday with our Solstice Celebration. Our holiday giving campaign wraps up as we present our collective gift to the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter. Students participate in Solstice themed science activities and we share in a potluck lunch in each classroom. We look forward to parents joining us for the lunch if possible!

On behalf of all of the staff at Langevin School, I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday! We look forward to continuing our work together in the New Year!​

September 04
Welcome Back!

Welcome to a new school year! Sept. 3 marks the beginning of a new year of exploration and wonder at Langevin School. We are excited to get started and we hope that your summer was restful and holds great memories.

For those of you who are joining Langevin School as new students and parents, we hope that you find the transition into the Science Alternative Program to be smooth. You will find our approach to learning, through inquiry, experience and working with experts, to be challenging and engaging. Opportunities abound in our school to participate in sports, clubs and academic challenges. Most of all, we hope that you find a sense of community and make lasting friendships.

To our returning students, welcome back! You will find that some of the staff has changed and that you may have some new peers joining you in your learning journey. We have already been planning our program for the year and many field studies have already been planned to support your learning. We hope that you are ready to contribute to the learning community, whether it is in the classroom or out.

Communication is the foundation that our work is built upon. We hope that this new web site provides a platform that is dynamic and provides information that is useful. Like you, we will be working to become familiar with the new site and to make it an effective tool in our work together. Of course, other forms of communication about school happenings and student progress will continue to be in place with the primary communication occurring between the classroom teacher and students and parents.

The participation of parents in our program continues to be a vital component of our success. We look forward to your volunteerism on our field studies. Each school year, over 10 000 hours of time is contributed by parents. This is essential for supervision on our field studies and allows you to participate in your child’s learning. We look forward to your continued support of the program through your involvement.

I also invite parents to become involved in our school council and fundraising society. These two bodies provide great support to the school community and provide an excellent way to be involved in the school! I would also like to thank our Council and Society for hosting the welcome back coffee and treats on the first two days of school!

Mr. Dave Williams, Principal

Wonder is the beginning of wisdom - Socrates


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