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RT @HWolder: T’s making our SDP goals come alive in their classrooms thru real world challenges! #inferencing #numbersense #community @ScienceSquad3 @Bison3xplorers @6Yycbe @yycbe https://t.co/5LhOV1kad5

RT @Teach_Thiessen: Mixing Sky Science with Math. Students used protractors to measure angles found in different constellations. After students collected this data they were asked to put their findings on a graph https://t.co/zUYFcgquQy

RT @Teach_Thiessen: Jig saws to brainstorm all of our prior knowledge on constellations ⭐️✨ https://t.co/goc4xwd4zo

RT @mrslarosesclass: Strongest tallest tower challenge! Can you build the tallest tower that can hold the most dominoes? Check out the ideas the grade ones had... #teamworkmakesthedreamwork @wonederers https://t.co/xBgFkbbZzT

RT @mrslarosesclass: Telus Spark! Using our senses we created a variety of mixtures. Our careful observations helped us form hypotheses about why various reactions may have happened. Check it out! https://t.co/0UMWdhq4tD