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May 15
NSS Principal Transition Message

Dear NSS students and families:

It is with mixed emotions that I'm informing you about my decision to accept a secondment position with Alberta Education for the next two school years as a Curriculum Consultant for English Language Learners (ESL) effective September, 2019. As a principal newly arrived at NSS I had expected to be here for 3 or more years, however, this opportunity presented itself and I had to go for it! Some of you may have noticed in my email signature that I'm an olympian as well as having my masters in ESL and as such I have two passions and two paths in life - sport and ESL. Therefore, when this opportunity arose it was a very challenging decision to make as I'm currently working with one of my passions - high performance sport and education. I'm also currently in my first of three years of pursuing my doctorate in education specializing in Language and Literacy. So naturally, it has been a tough decision between my two passions. Ultimately my decision was made to go with ESL as this has been the focus of my post-secondary education and a part of my work experience with CBE and Alberta Education in a previous secondment for ESL.

I've really enjoyed this very special school with amazing students and exceptional staff. NSS is a unique setting and it's partnership with WinSport offers the students so many distinctive experiences and opportunities. The families and coaches have been very supportive of the student athletes as we all work together to provide a flexible learning environment to help them complete high school. It has been an incredible year at NSS getting to know students and families. I've been inspired by the athletic accomplishments, academic excellence and some of the genuine acts of kindness and support between students. Of course there have been a few bumps along the way, and I've been impressed by how students have managed some challenging situations and how supportive the families have been. Overall, it has been a year filled with amazing students and families, fantastic staff and memorable moments.

There will be a posting for the NSS principal this week with CBE and a new principal named before the end of the school year. This means that I will remain with NSS to finish off the school year and be able to transition with the new principal who will be in place for the 2019/2020 school year. The majority of the staff will remain the same and there will be leadership continuity through the talented Assistant Principal Rob Jewan. The NSS staff have been very consisent through the years in providing a quality educational program adapted to the needs of the student athletes. They are a group of professionals who are extremely committed to the students and families at NSS.

If anyone has any questions or comments please direct them my way. I understand that a change in leadership can impact a school yet I trust in the consistency that the continuity of the NSS staff provide and know that there are many qualified principal candidates in CBE. I thank you in advance for your understanding and support of this transition as I move forward with my education specialization which will serve English language learners and their teachers throughout the province.


September 03

It has been great to get to know the students at NSS and meet many of the parents at the Camp meeting last week. This year we are focussed on our student athletes and their communication and ownership of their learning. We want to support them in advocating for themselves in terms of their schedule, academic and training needs. Please support your child by encouraging them to write emails about their learning needs. Help your child by assisting them with how to approach teachers and/or peers about the conditions they need for success. Parents/guardians need to email or phone about absences as ultimately parents/guardians are required to advise of attendance matters. We would also like feedback from student athletes and parents/guardians about NSS and programming. If there is a compliment or concern please let us know so that we can understand what’s working and what’s not. This gives us the opportunity to continue with programs and supports that are working and adapt or change those that aren’t meeting the needs of our learning community. Quite often “the only limits we have are those we place upon ourselves.” Together we can support our student athletes to achieve academic and sport success.


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