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2019-20 Yellow School Bus Routes & Changes to Calgary Transit Service
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New North High School Open House
  • 2019-20 Yellow School Bus Routes & Changes to Calgary Transit Service

  • Back to School Information

  • New North High School Open House

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Principal's Message

Year End Update

​Dear North Haven School Families,
These last few days will be both busy and rewarding as we wrap up a strong year of student learning. At this point we are still awaiting news around staffing for the upcoming year. Currently I am able to provide the following staffing updates:
Fond Farewells to North Haven Staff members:
Mrs. Krista Letts – Thank you to Mrs. Letts for her commitment to serving students for over 20 years with the Calgary Board of Education. Mrs. Letts is retiring and will have more time to spend with family and explore new interests. We wish her all the best and as she heads off into this next phase of life!
Ms. Carissa Henry - Thank you to Ms. Henry for her work with our grade 3/4 students and team this year! We will miss her commitment to student learning and the energy she brought to both teaching and learning. We wish her the best going forward in her career!
Ms. Lindsay Petrie- Thank you to Ms. Petrie for her work with our grade 1/2 students this year! We will miss her passion for teaching our young learners and her commitment to teamwork with her grade 1/2 team.  Ms. Petrie’s dedication to students made for a great year of learning. We wish her the best in her next teaching assignment!
Mrs. Amber Wishart - Thank you to Mrs. Wishart for her work in our Kindergarten program since October. Her caring and kindness made for a smooth transition this past fall with all students. Mrs. Wishart’s creativity supported students through an exciting year of inquiry and learning. We wish her the best!
Ms. Emma Anderson – Thank you to Ms. Anderson for her strong work within our PLP class this year. Her caring and kindness made for a smooth transition this past fall with all students. She has been a great addition to our team and will be missed by students. We wish her all the best in her next teaching assignment!
Mr. Scott Hassett – We would like to thank Mr. Hassett for the coaching role he provided to staff and for his work with students this year. His work has had a positive impact on student learning and mathematics instruction at North Haven. We wish him the best as he transitions to a new school.
Ms. Heather Million -  Thank you to Ms. Million for her dedication to the grade 5/6 students in Room 11 this spring. Ms. Million established strong connections with students and everyone at North Haven will miss her positive nature. We wish her the best going forward in her career!
Ms. Jennifer Murphy – Thank you to Ms. Murphy for her work in our Bridges program this year. She has been a great addition to our team this past year and we wish her the best as she returns to her school.
Back to School and Transportation:
All information relating to back to school for 2019-2020 and transportation can be found on our school website at:
*Please note that student bus passes will need to be reused for next year. Families are advised to store their child’s bus pass over the summer to be used again in September.
We will be acknowledging the many contributions of our departing staff at our ‘Farewell Assembly’ on Wednesday, June 26th at 8:45 a.m. Please join us as we celebrate another great year of learning and wrap up the 2018-19 school year!
As we approach the end of another successful year of learning we will ensure that any future updates will be communicated to the school community in a timely manner.
I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to all of the students, parents and staff of North Haven School. I am grateful to lead a school that is so focused on providing the best learning experiences possible for children. 
Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.
Thank you for your continued support!
Kevin Howell Principal 
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The Board Chairs of the four metro school boards have issued a statement asking the Minister of Education to reconsider the Alberta Government’s ban on seclusion rooms (Ministerial Order 006/2019) #yycbe

RT @MrNrod: @CappySmartCBE had the pleasure of hosting @yyCBEdu Chief Superintendent @UsihChristopher today! Thank you for visiting, listening, sharing, and connecting with our staff and students. #SuperCappy #WeAreCBE

Will your child be using a yellow school bus or Calgary Transit to get to school this school year? Check out some important updates, including route maps, on our website: #yycbe

Welcome back to our modified calendar school students! Hope you and your teachers a great first day of classes. We wish you a wonderful school year full of learning! #WeAreCBE

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