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2019-20 Yellow School Bus Routes & Changes to Calgary Transit Service
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New North High School Open House
  • 2019-20 Yellow School Bus Routes & Changes to Calgary Transit Service

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  • Register for My Transit Ride Orientation Sessions

  • New North High School Open House

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Three-Year System Student Accommodation Plan (SSAP)

Parents and Guardians,
Every year at the end of June, the Calgary Board of Education prepares a report called the Three-Year System Student Accommodation Plan (SSAP). It identifies schools with student accommodation challenges over a three-year timeframe.
Accommodation challenges vary but some common issues include schools being too full, schools with declining enrolment or a shift in student demographics. Sometimes the issue affects only one or two schools, and other times a group of schools need to be considered together.
In developing the SSAP each year, CBE Property, Planning and Transportation employs several sources of information, including annual census data.
Nose Creek School has been identified in the CBE’s 2018-2021 SSAP.
Why is our school part of the 2018-2021 SSAP? Your school’s student enrolment will be affected by the opening of a new school nearby. Opening new schools means some students are able to attend classes closer to home, but it also creates excess space in the schools they previously attended. Accommodation planning is a collaborative process that allows us to carefully manage scenarios like this and consider all practical options.
What are some of the possible changes we could see? If the new school is in the same community as your school, it may require a change to one or more of the school’s attendance areas or grade configuration changes between existing schools in the community.
If the new school is in a new and developing community which currently attends your school, one of the following changes may be required:
§  Students from the community where the school is being built will be designated to the school when it opens.
§  An alternate use for the excess space could be identified for your school (e.g. accommodate students from a different new and developing community, lease of space, other CBE programming or CBE administrative use).
§  Grade configuration changes between existing schools in the community.
When will we know more?
Some accommodation challenges identified on the 2018-2021 SSAP will require attention this fall. Some will be monitored and may not require action for a year or two or even longer. If a change is required at your school, you will be notified well in advance.
How will students, parents and staff be involved? Sometimes there are options to be explored with school communities before a decision is made. Other times there is really only one possible solution, which means school communities will not have opportunity for input on the decision. The appropriate level of involvement is determined by guidelines in the CBE’s community engagement framework, called Dialogue.
How will you communicate with us when you know more?
School principals will take the lead in circulating information to their school communities, using methods familiar to them. When more information is available, your principal will communicate directly with you via email or a printed letter. The school will also post updated information to the school website, share information at school council meetings and communicate through other methods as needed.
How will you communicate with families new to our school?
Information will be provided at the time of registration to help families understand that the school has been identified on the SSAP and there could be changes affecting the school in the future.
How can I learn more about the SSAP and how the CBE manages space for students?
Visit our Managing Space for Students page on the CBE website. If that information doesn’t answer your questions, please email
What if I have other questions specific to my school?
Please contact your school principal. They will also be sharing information about this at their November school council meetings.
Principals may not be able to answer all the questions you have but will work with others at the CBE to provide school communities with the information that is important and relevant to them. ​

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Thank you so much to all of our incredible parent/guardian volunteers this year. Your contributions to our students and school community doesn’t go unnoticed. We appreciate you! #WeAreCBE #SPIRIT

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