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June 29
Farewell 2020

Dear Rosemont families,

Some of you may have noticed that my principal’s message on every report card finishes with the Abigail Adams’ quote, "Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence."  Today, the teachers and I met to review the year.  We considered the goals of the school development plan and the learning we engaged in to achieve the goals.  Everything in our conversation underscored the importance of intention.  Everything in our conversation highlighted the passion and the hard work that our teachers and students bring to learning every day.  Nothing at Rosemont happens by chance.

In each of the farewell google meets, I spoke specifically about our work with resilience.  One of our school development plan goals was to increase our students’ resilience when encountering uncertainty.  This work has been a part of our day-to-day learning since September.  It lived in big spaces including our preparation for the Terry Fox Run and it lived in small spaces including what to do when the learning task was complete.  Often it lived in the learning space, when students needed to take a risk, try a new strategy, or give themselves or a classmate a pep-talkLittle did we know that the work to develop our common language and skills would be put to the test during a global pandemic.  We encountered uncertainty and faced it with collaborative problem solving, risk taking, and positive attitudes – all worth remembering for the next time we are uncertain about anything!

As I’ve said to many of you, Rosemont is a very hard school to leave.  Strength in Community isn’t just our motto; it’s who we are.  Our students, staff, and families all contribute in ways that support student achievement.  It has been my privilege to lead such a strong, vibrant learning community.  I have been excited to come to work everyday to be part of the learning taking place throughout the school.  I have been honoured by the trust you’ve placed in me. I will miss you.

In closing, thank you for a very memorable school year – while other years will blend together in time, this year is one for the record books!  Students, I hope you’ve had a chance to reflect on your hard work and everything you’ve learned.  I hope you’ve thanked your parents for all they have done to support your learning – not just this year but every year.  I hope you feel proud of your accomplishments.   We all look forward to seeing the good things you’ll be doing in the years ahead.

Have a great life of learning!! 

With gratitude,

Mrs. Bobenic


June 01
June 2020

Welcome to June Rosemont families!

As usual, June is a busy month as we wrap up one school year and prepare for another.  Ongoing learning continues with work in literacy and math for kindergarten to grade 3 students and literacy, math, science, and social studies for grades 4-6 students.  At the school, our building is having an internet wiring upgrade and we are having some new storage cabinets installed in the learning commons.  Sadly, there will not be any opportunity to gather as a school community before the end of the year.  We are preparing a video farewell and, when the time is right sometime during the 2020-2021 school year, we will meet together as a whole group to celebrate our accomplishments and say proper goodbyes.  We will schedule student material pick-up for mid-June, scheduled through the conference booking system (more information to follow).  Report cards will be online on Friday, June 26th.  We will not be printing hard copy report cards.

Thinking ahead to September, we have not yet had direction from the Province regarding re-opening protocols.  Please be sure to participate in the CBE  2020-21 Re-entry Survey for Parents.  Your voice is an important part of the decision making process.  The survey will be open until June 11th.

We anticipate our student population for 2020-21 will be 180 students.  If you know you will be moving over the summer, please let us know ASAP.  We will continue to have small class sizes in Division I and large class sizes in Division II.  Our 2020-21 Organization for Learning is as follows:

1 – kindergarten class (approx. 20 students)

1 – grade 1 class (approx. 20 students)

2 – grade 2/3 classes (approx. 21 students)

1 – bridges class (8 students)

2 – grade 4/5 classes (approx. 29 students)

1 – grade 6 class (approx. 29 students)

With only nine teachers, we will no longer qualify for an assistant principal so Mr. Perrone will be moving to another school and Rosemont will return to being a single administrator school.  Mrs. Arseneault will be our learning leader.  The new principal has yet to be appointed.  You will receive an email from your child’s teacher on Monday, August 31st before school starts on Tuesday, September 1st.  Teaching assignments and class lists frequently change over the summer so no information is available before August 31st.

There will be a few changes to our school hours in the fall.  There will be an entry bell at 9:05 for students to enter the school and get ready for the day.  Learning begins at 9:10. On Friday, our day has been extended by 15 minutes so dismissal will be at 1:10.

Monday – Thursday

Entry Bell


School starts


Kindergarten Dismissal


45 minutes for lunch

Gr 1-6 Dismissal



Entry Bell


School starts


K-6 Dismissal


If your child(ren) come to school on the bus, please be sure to register for 2020-2021 transportation by June 14th.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Budget Engagement Survey.  38% of our families made their thoughts known.   We had even participation across all grade levels.  The comments were very favorable.  Comments that were made by more than one family include:  

Continue –

  • support from education assistants,
  • Calgary Reads, music, French, and robotics are valued
  • multi-aging with same teacher for two years is an advantage for our students,
  • small classes in Division I are important,
  • the Division II teachers do a great job with big classes. 

Consider –

  • more parent volunteer opportunities
  • instead of buying meat or coffee, make a financial donation to the school (tax receipt >$25)

Moving forward –

  • Protect what we have

When thinking about fees and spending priorities, parents indicated they would like the current initiatives supported by the Rosemont Fundraising Society to continue with an increased focus on curriculum support in math, literacy, science, and social studies.  Field trips and swimming tied for first place when parents set priorities for the fees they pay, and 100% of grades 5 and 6 parents indicated they value the biannual gr 5/6 Outdoor School learning experience and they think they get good value for their fee.

That’s all for now.  We think about you every day and really enjoy the time spent together in Google Meets.  We deeply value everything parents are doing to support student learning.  We are all doing our best and, as I’ve said before, we all benefitting from our Strength in Community!  I am grateful for our work together so far and I am looking forward to an engaging last month of school.

Take good care,


May 08
May 2020

Good afternoon Rosemont families,

We hope you are well and we miss you!

Today would have been our May Rosemont Day.  Rosemont Days are so special.  We gather in the gym, share learning we’ve been engaged in, and consider ideas from multiple perspectives.  Sometimes we read important books; sometimes we create beautiful art; every time we build our knowledge, our skills, our citizenship, and our understanding of ourselves and one another.  We sing our school song and we grow even stronger as a school community.  As Rosemont Red Foxes, we understand the value of teamwork.  As I was missing Rosemont Day today, I thought about our journey to become Red Foxes.  That was work we did on our first Rosemont Days three years ago.  We focussed on who we are and who we aspire to be.  I’m glad that journey is documented on our Rosemont Website.  You might want to click the link to remind yourself of that good work!  Remembering each step and thinking about the result of our many conversations made me smile and made me feel proud of how we have all come to live our motto Strength in Community

For a group of people who are so accustomed to being together, it’s been challenging for many of us to manage the closure of classes.  We are grateful that staying connected with technology is possible.  For our weekly Skype staff meeting today, all the teachers wore our Rosemont wear!  We are appreciative of everything everyone is doing to be engaged in the ongoing learning directed by teachers and supported by everyone at home.  

I think it might be easier if we were bears who hibernate.  Red Foxes are active year round!  I hope you are finding healthy ways to be active physically, socially, and mentally.

Take very good care,


April 03
April 2020

Good afternoon Rosemont families,

As I consider my monthly principal’s message, it’s difficult to know where to begin… 

On Monday March 2nd, we had just finished our Quest residency and all the gymnastics equipment was back in the gym.  On March 3rd we enjoyed Fun Lunch and completed our second lockdown practice of the year.  One of the things we focus on during fire drills and lockdown practices is that it is our responsibility to know the routines well so we are able to keep ourselves and each other safe in an emergency.  We had no idea how important understanding this concept would become.  When we reflect on all the extraordinary measures currently in place, the goal is to keep ourselves and each other safe. 

Two big pieces of our work during the second week of March were focussed on our continuing partnership with Piitoayis Family School and our preparation for student-led conferences.  Thankfully, grades 4, 5, and 6 were able to enjoy the Round Dance – it was a remarkable experience for us all.  We were very sad that we were not able to share all the student learning at conferences.  As you know, the home-school partnership and our opportunity to meet with parents at conferences is an integral part of our work together.  There will be ways to communicate student progress with you during this health emergency.  We are still working to determine the best ways to meet everyone’s needs.

Everything since March 12th has moved very quickly.  Trying to build normal routines within our current reality is important and often feels impossible.  I’ve been saying to our staff, “We are building this ship while we sail it!”  Each day brings new challenges, new solutions, and new questions.  I know I’ve said it before and it is worth repeating, we deeply appreciate your understanding and patience.  We are all in uncharted waters and we are working together to find new ways to support ongoing student learning.  We’ve already made some mistakes, addressed them, and developed newer ways of doing things.  That learning process will continue.  We know that elementary students spend only a small part of their learning day online yet that is currently our most effective and efficient way to connect.  Teachers are working to provide tasks that leverage the strength of technology while honouring the many ways students learn.  We are excited about the work we have in place for next week and we are looking forward to reflecting on what has worked and what needs to be tweaked for the following week.

One reminder for all our students, that will be reiterated in the Monday morning announcements, is to follow our Digital Citizenship guidelines. Teachers are reminding students of online etiquette during Google Meet sessions.  Respecting one another’s rights and privacy is paramount.

Looking ahead, we will communicate new information as it becomes available, we will maximize all our new skills, and we will continue relying on our Strength in Community!

Take extra good care!!


February 28
February 2020

Good afternoon Rosemont families,

It was wonderful to see so many families at our Quest Theatre performances this morning.  The students have been very engaged in this work.  They love using drama to express their understanding.  Big thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Rosemont Fundraising Society, volunteering at the casino and participating in the many fundraisers.  Residencies, including Quest, along with many of our other enhancements are due to the considerable financial support of the RFS.

Now that the Quest stage is gone, gymnastics will return to the gym.  We will be using the large apparatus and Canadian Climber. Please read the information on the newsfeed so students are prepared to participate fully.  As in previous years, grades one to six students will have an opportunity to participate in gymnastics at lunch.  The dates for each grade are also on the newsfeed.

We are getting ready for conferences on March 12th and 13th.  It is expected that students will attend conferences with their parents in order to celebrate successes together and set goals together.  We intentionally moved the date away from Springbreak so parents could attend during the conference times.  We are committed to meeting with everyone.  Please book your time for either Thursday evening or Friday morning.  The booking system will open next weekend.

As you are aware, we have been working to reduce the garbage we produce at Rosemont School.  Unfortunately, we have not yet been successful.  Our goal is to cut the garbage we produce by half.  When we are successful, our garbage collection fees will be eliminated at the school level and covered by the CBE so that money can be used in classrooms.  We believe the biggest source of garbage is the remains of lunch including garbage and food waste.  Beginning Wednesday, March 4th, we will longer have garbage, recycling, or organics at snack time or lunch.  Everything students bring to school will go back home with them.  We believe this protocol will help parents be better informed about what their children are eating and what they are not eating.  Furthermore, the time our lunch supervisors spend managing garbage, recycling, and organics will be eliminated, giving them more time to spend in classrooms supporting learning.  On Monday, we will bid a ceremonial farewell to the garbage, recycling, and organics bins.  On Tuesday, we have fun lunch so we’ll wait until Wednesday to start our new and improved approach.

Did you know we recycle batteries and plastic writing instruments?  We encourage you to use the battery depots at Lowes or Home Depot and the pen depots at Staples (likely other places as well!) but if you have a few batteries or pens/markers that you’d like to put in our bins, you are welcome to do so.

February began with Science Fair, moved on to Carnaval, and ended with Quest; what a month!  The Science Fair Results are posted in the newsfeed.  In March, we have some exciting field trips including our whole school field trip to the Jubilee Auditorium on Thursday, March 19th.  There will be altered kindergarten hours that day so all students can enjoy Peter Pan.  Please look for field trip forms in your children’s backpacks.  Forms must be signed by legal guardians in order for students to participate.  Please stay up-to-date on field trip fees in your My CBE / PowerSchool account.

I never tire of thanking our whole school community for everything you do to support our school.  Our Strength in Community thrives, in part, because of your commitment to our learners.  Thank you also for your support of public education.  One of the values of the CBE is “public education serves the common good.” It is our privilege to serve your children and the whole Rosemont School community.

Very sincerely,


January 31
January 2020

Good afternoon Rosemont families,

The first half of our year has ended.  Report cards went home yesterday, summarizing the work accomplished so far.  The half-way point of the year is a good time to reflect on where we began, how far we’ve come, and the work we need to do to achieve our goals by the end of June.
During the non-instructional day today, our staff worked with the staffs of Rosedale and Sunnyside Schools alongside our area director, Dianne Roulson.  We deepened our understandings of wellness, examined student writing, and focussed on assessment.  Once we put the writing away, we spent some time examining student math work.  It’s been a busy day!
On Sunday, you may want to point out to your children that that date is 02-02-2020 or 2020-02-02 depending on how you write it... lots of opportunity for conversations about patterns and math in the world!
Earlier this month families of students in grades four, five, and six will have received the Accountability Pillar Survey in the mail.  This annual survey provides Alberta Education an opportunity to connect with Albertans to better understand students’, parents’, and teachers’ perceptions of life in each individual school.  Questions on the survey are accompanied by a scale of responses (e.g., Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree, Very Satisfied to Very Dissatisfied). Each of these scales includes a Don’t Know choice.  If you Don’t Know the answer to a particular question, please skip that question and go to the next one, unless you want your response to count as a negative one.  For more information about the Accountability Pillar Survey, please see the story on our newsfeed.
February will be action packed! The support of our parents and volunteers is essential.  Science Fair, residencies, and many of the classroom extras at Rosemont School would not be possible without your participation.  Thank you!!
Friday, February 7th will be our 3rd Annual Science Fair.  Our scientists and their mentors have been hard at work.  The exhibits will be closed to scientists and judges only until 10:10 am.  From 10:10 until 11:10, parents and all our students will tour through the gym to see all the projects.  The awards assembly will begin at 11:30. The top four projects will earn the opportunity to compete at the Calgary Youth Science Fair in April.
Our Rosemont Carnaval is planned for February 20th and 21st.  Our grades five and six students, along with Ms. Campbell and Ms. McLean, are already planning exciting events to celebrate French culture both indoors and out.  Bonhomme is ready to lead the fun!
We are looking forward to our Quest Theatre Residency February 24th – 28th.  Thank you to the Rosemont Fundraising Society for supporting this new work.  All classes will work with the artists daily.  There will be two performances on Friday, February 28th.  The first will be 10:00 – 11:15; the second will be 11:30 – 12:45.  Both performances will be the same.  The stage fills a large part of the gym so there will only be capacity for 150 audience members per show.  There will be a sign-up genius so parents may sign up for one performance only.
As always, we remind all students and families that our weather at this time of year changes quickly and our pathways can be slippery.  Please take extra care and dress for the weather.
Have a wonderful weekend!
December 19
December 2019

Good afternoon Rosemont families,

The school was buzzing with excitement this afternoon.  Students are looking forward to the winter break.

Thank you to all the families who joined us for our Season of Giving event last Thursday evening.  We are excited to deliver the cards our students made for the residents of the Sage Hill Retirement Lodge.  I spoke with parents who had tears in their eyes, reading the beautiful messages our students wrote, enjoying their artwork, and appreciating the value of connecting with seniors in this special way.  Earlier this week, three of our students accompanied me to meet with Iikiinayookaa to deliver our Giving Tree contributions.  This work inspired many of our students to think about serving others in new ways.  There are new stories on our news feed about the Sharing and Caring Cards and Our Giving Trees.  The World Change Club raised more than $300 for the Calgary Food Bank; thank you to all the bakers and everyone who purchased a treat or two.  Our grades 1 ,2, 3, and 6 students were thrilled to share their robotics work with you and our grades 4 and 5 students loved sharing their musical talents and skills.  Kindergarteners were very happy to host their families in their classroom.  Some of the tree cookies are already on the fence; the rest will be connected in the New Year.  It was a wonderful culmination for some important learning.  At Rosemont School, we work hard to live our motto.  Our Strength in Community thrives when we engage in powerful work together!

This week, we’ve enjoyed being all together to sing songs of the season in the gym.  We were happy to see some of the parents and grandparents who were able to join us.

By the time we are back to school on Tuesday, January 7th the days will already be getting longer.  We’ll be focussed on new learning tasks and looking forward to Science Fair, Carnaval, and Quest Theatre.  In the meantime, on behalf of our staff, may all that you treasure at this time of year be yours to enjoy.

Wishing you peace and joy,


November 18
November 2019

Good afternoon Rosemont families,

There is much to celebrate at Rosemont School and even more to be excited about in the month we have until the winter break.  Please remember to stay up-to-date with our Rosemont Website.  One of the highlights of the newsfeed is an article about the Student Vote, co-authored by one of our grade six students.  Added to the calendar are World Change Club (WCC) events for our division one students this week and division two students next week:  a lunchtime documentary about pandas.  Everyone is welcome.  Every year, the WCC raises money for the World Wildlife Fund.  Students are welcome to make a donation at the movie, if they choose.

Thank you to all our teachers and parents who reviewed last year’s school results and discussed elements of the 2019-2020 School Development Plan (SDP).  The SDP outlines our strengths and our areas for growth.  It helps us set the course for this school year.  We will continue our comprehensive work with mathematics problem solving; this work is supporting our students’ strong achievement in mathematics.  We will also continue our focus on writing.  Last year our work developing content was successful; this year we will continue with strong content and enhance the message with strong content management strategies.  New this year in all CBE schools is a well-being goal.  We will be working to support student resilience and helping students express both their thoughts and feelings in healthy ways. The SDP is in the final editing stages and will be posted on the Rosemont website by the end of November.  Also posted at the end of the month will be our Annual School Results Report and the Report to Parents on Fees. 

Thank you to everyone who attended our Remembrance Day observance on Friday, November 8th.  Our students demonstrated a deep respect for those who have served and included their heart-felt thanks and best wishes in the postcards they wrote to veterans during Rosemont Day.  Ms. Stephenson got to experience, first-hand, the joy of a veteran who received a postcard.  He was very excited to read it and even more pleased that a child had taken time to write to him.  The postcard campaign is administered by Veteran Affairs Canada.  It is becoming a Rosemont tradition that not only gives us the opportunity to share our Strength in Community, it gives us the opportunity to reflect deeply on the personal sacrifices of war and the need to work for peace.

Alien Inline Skating has come and gone for another year!  Thank you to all the volunteers who helped with skates and to everyone who joined us for the family skate night.  Our older students are becoming extremely skilled skaters and the improvement our youngest learners make in just three lessons is remarkable!  Until next year… 

Coming in the next month are parent-teacher conferences on November 21st and 22nd, our monthly Rosemont School Council and Fundraising Society Meetings on November 27th, and our annual Season of Giving event on December 12th.  Please plan to attend them all!

The opportunity to discuss individual student progress with you and your child(ren) at conferences is an important aspect of learning.  We deeply value the home-school partnership’s role in student success.  Similarly, working together for continuous school improvement at our monthly RSC / RFS parent meetings is one of the many factors that makes Rosemont School a great place for students to learn.  We value your insights.

Our annual Season of Giving provides us the opportunity to come together as a community to celebrate the skills and talents of our students and share our good fortune with others.  This year, the evening will have a more interactive format.  Our grades 4 & 5 students will be sharing their musical talents, café style, in classrooms.  Our grades 1, 2, 3, & 6 students will be sharing what they’ve created in robotics in the music / robotics room.  Our kindergarteners will be sharing their classroom work about ships in the kindergarten room.  The World Change Club will host their annual bake sale in the library.  On display throughout the school, will be cards and placemats that students have created for local seniors’ residences and the Drop In Centre.  There will also be a legacy art project that will involve all students and families. As part of our ongoing work of reconciliation and as we live our motto Strength in Community, we have invited the principal of Piitoayis Family School, Iikiinayookaa Yellow Horn, to share with us some of the ways we can work together and how we can make a difference.  We will be learning about the needs of some nearby Indigenous families and helping make their Christmas a little easier; our goal is to raise $2000. We will be asking all our students to discuss with their families the ways they might serve their families or the community to earn $10 that they can contribute to our fund raising effort.  These acts of service are intended to be something different from what children normally do to contribute to their households.  Students will write their acts of service on a card that will be hung on our Christmas tree in the main foyer.  We will keep a tally of our fundraising efforts on a thermometer beside the tree.  We look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday, December 12th 6:00 - 7:30 pm.  It will wonderful to visit with one another and enjoy the season. 

Finally, thank you to all the parents who have expressed concern about the impact Government of Alberta budget cuts will have on public education, our students, and our staff.  Decisions will be made before the winter break; I will keep you informed.  In the meantime, there is information on the Rosemont Website about Alberta Education’s proposed Choice in Education Act and a link to a survey. 

Very sincerely,

Allison E.G. Bobenic, Principal

Rosemont School​

October 07
October 2019

Good afternoon Rosemont families,

October is off to a great start!  Everyone who was new to Rosemont in September is settling in well.  Many of our students have been great leaders, welcoming new people and setting a good example.  September was very busy.  We had two school assemblies, two evening parent meetings, and two days of parent-teacher conferences.  Some of our classrooms made use of the lovely weather and the beauty of Confederation Park in the fall; many of our curriculum outcomes may be addressed observing the flora and fauna at the park.  Some classrooms had guest speakers and field trips, along with our whole school participation in the Terry Fox Run and Orange Shirt Day.

Knowing all the students in our school and working together is important.  All classes have a buddy class of older or younger students.  They connect on important curricular ideas and they gain valuable experience as leaders and followers.  It’s not always the older students leading!  Once each month, we gather in K-6 Rosemont Groups.  September was so full, we didn’t get started until last week.  Learning in these random groups further supports our work together as a school community.  Because the groups are random, with only grade level and gender as sorting variables, some siblings find each other in the same group and some do not.  Sometimes students see friends or teachers who were in their Rosemont group last year, sometimes everyone is new.  The focus last Friday was getting to know one another.  Teachers enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect with students they have taught in previous years and to meet students they haven’t worked with before.  It’s wonderful to hear more students calling each other by name and helping one another on the playground.  The work we do on Rosemont Days is one of the ways we live our motto, “Strength in Community.” 

Our next Rosemont Day will be Friday, October 25th.  It will be a little different from all our previous Rosemont Days.  We will sit in our Rosemont Groups and we will share some of the work that is going on throughout the school.  A highlight will be a choral performance by our kindergarten class.  Mrs. Erickson and the kindergarteners are learning some great songs.  Kindergarten parents are invited to join us.  There will be other sharing assemblies throughout the year.  Grades four, five, and six students will offer music and choral speech at our Remembrance Day Observance on November 8th at 10:45 am.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

We’re looking forward to extending our focus on community to the Pizza and Games Night  this Wednesday.  Thanks in advance to the Rosemont School Council and Rosemont Fundraising Society for hosting this welcome event and thank you to all the parent volunteers who support the many learning activities at Rosemont!

Please remember to keep up to date with our online calendar and the stories in the newsfeed.  Anticipate a Rosemont Reminder email from our school secretary, Cynthia Armstrong, every Thursday.

Take good care,

Allison E. G. Bobenic, Principal

Rosemont School​

September 18
September 2019

Good afternoon Rosemont families,

The first two weeks of school have been action packed.  We have welcomed 15 new kindergarten students and 23 new students in grades one through six.  Everyone is learning new routines and getting to know one another. 

We are looking forward to meeting with families at conferences tomorrow and Friday.  The opportunity for parents, teachers, and students to talk together about learning is very important.  Please be sure you have booked your appointment(s) before the system closes tonight at midnight.  Please remember to bring your Parent Viewpoint form, if you haven’t already sent it back to school with your child.

Tomorrow, Mrs. Armstrong will be sending the Rosemont Reminder.  Anticipate this update on Thursdays each week.  This week it will include information about the Terry Fox Run and Fun Lunch so you need to have signed up for commercial messages at https://cbe.ab.ca/about-us/policies-and-regulations/casl/Pages/default.aspx.  If you don’t receive a Rosemont Reminder tomorrow, it will likely be because you have not signed up.

Our spring-like weather this fall has been catching some students by surprise.  Please ensure students are dressed for the weather as we spend time outside in the morning, at lunch, and at recess.

Thank you to all the parents who joined us for the Parent Information Night on Monday, September 16th.  There is information posted on the Parent Resources tab of our Rosemont website and the PowerPoint is on the sidebar of the Teaching and Learning tab.

Looking ahead, our calendar is full.  Schoolwide activities and class specific guests / field trips are posted in our Rosemont Calendar.  Click on the calendar view button for the month at a glance.

Take good care,

Allison E.G. Bobenic, Principal

Rosemont School​

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 Allison Bobenic, Principal

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