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November 25
French Immersion Information Evening at ***Sundance Elementary***

This is an opportunity to learn more about the French Immersion Program for incoming Kindergarten, Grade 1 students and prospective early french immersion students.

Administration from Sam Livingston, Janet Johnstone and Chinook Park schools will also be present.

This evening will take place at Sundance Elementary on Jan 9, 2020 from 6:30 pm until 7:30 pm.


Sanghamitra Dhar McKenty

September 09
Terry Fox Run | Weekly Messge

Dear Sam Livingston Parents, 

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. 

This past week we hosted Kindergarten parents while their children attended their staggered entry class. It was wonderful meeting the kindergarten parents and we are so pleased to welcome you to the Sam Livingston community. I would like to thank many members of our School Council for helping welcome our parents, giving your time and providing treats. 

We end each year with Sports Day. Mme Cristina and Sam Livingston staff would like to thank the many people who volunteered on this fantastic end of year event last June. Please see the below message from Mme Cristina regarding this year.  

My name is Cristina Alberton and I am the Physical Education Specialist at Sam Livingston school. I am looking for a "Sports Mom" or a "Sports Dad" for this coming school year. The "Sports Parent” will help me organize volunteers and support me with sports events such as; Running Club meet, Terry Fox Run, Sports Day and so on. Also, the "Sports Parent” will help me with the equipment room. This volunteer position could be shared with another parent who would like to be more involved in the school. Please let me know if you are interested and contact me at cralberton@cbe.ab.ca

Throughout the summer, we had several families who kept up the Enviro-Lab by weeding and watering. We would like to thank them for the wonderful job of keeping our outdoor learning space in such great shape. 

Friday, September 14 there will be an Ecole Sam Livingston Welcome Back assembly at 8:30 am. It will be followed by our annual Terry Fox Run around 9 am. Parents are welcome to join us. Please note that if it is raining, we will move this event to Monday, September 17. 

Traffic Safety:  

Please remember to model traffic safety by using the crosswalks and walking on the sidewalks surrounding the staff parking lot. If you drop off on the east side of Bonaventure Drive, please ensure that you use the cross walk at the south end of the school field or at the lights. Jay walking is very dangerous. Drivers, please remember not to pull U-turns in front of the school.  

We offer clubs throughout the year for Grades 1-4. Grade ¾ choir begins this week as they will be performing at the November 9 (10:30am) Remembrance Day Assembly. 

Lunch hour Clubs 

Tuesday and Thursday: Grade ¾ Choir 

The Sam Livingston School Council has created a google Calendar. If you wish to subscribe, go to the link http://ecolesamlivingstoncouncil.org/my-calendar/ . Our first meeting for School Council this year is Monday. September 17 at 6:30 pm in the Labo-Créo (leaning commons).

Bonne fin de journée, 

Mme Susan Wright ​

September 03
Welcome Back
I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and that you are ready to embark on a new year of learning and adventures. I look forward to welcoming many new students and welcoming back many students. 
Please check our Back to School link​ to get information regarding next week. If you are not returning to Sam Livingston and are receiving this email, can you please email samlivingston@cbe.ab.ca  so we can ensure that our information is accurate before Tuesday. 
Buses will be running on Tuesday for all Grade 1-4 students.  There will be lots of staff helping to ensure that students get to their correct entrances and that they take the correct bus home. 
Grade 1 students will enter on the east compound and go to the gymnasium where they will be met by their teachers.  Grade 2 students will be greeted on the east compound to be assigned their classes. Grade 3 students are to go to the west compound and Grade 4 students to the west field.  
Kindergarten students will have staggered entry on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you do not know your staggered entry time, please email the school at samlivingston@cbe.ab.ca
I realize that many parents have been able to login into Power School and check out their child’s homeroom teacher. Please note that this may not be correct. Power School has been down most of today and we understand that there are currently some students with more than one homeroom teacher.  
Kindergarten parents, please bring your child to the west compound at the designated staggered entry time. Teachers will be there to greet you. Parents are then welcomed to join representatives from School Council and me for a brief welcome with Q & A in the learning commons (Labo-Créo) as soon as your child goes into their classroom. Regular classes will begin on Thursday for Kindergarten students. 
Have a fantastic long weekend, 
Mme Susan Wright 
June 28
Happy Summer

I wish everyone a safe and joyful summer.  

For those of you leaving Sam Livingston, we wish you a smooth transition and lots of success in your new adventures. For those who will be back, we look forward to seeing you on September 4.​

Mme Susan Wright

June 23
Me to We / Grade 4 Farewell / Sports Day

Our last week will be a busy one for many of our students. We are starting the week with a Me to We Celebration in the gymnasium at 1:15 pm on Monday.

Our Grade 4 students are working hard on their Farewell Celebration. There is a dress rehearsal on Tuesday at 8:30 am for our Grade K-2 students. You are also welcome to join us. Their farewell will begin at 1pm on Wednesday in the gymnasium. All Grade 4 parents, grandparents etc. are invited to attend. 

All students will receive their report cards on Wednesday. If your child will not be at school, please provide the office with a self-addressed stamped envelope and we will mail it to you. 

We are excited to end our year once again with Sports Day on Thursday morning. The Sports Day committee has organized many activities which include many parent volunteers. Thank you in advance for helping us. Please note that if the weather is not conducive to an outdoor event, I will send a message to parents before 7:30 am indicating that students will have indoor activities and we will not need the support of our volunteers. 

The 2017-18 school year will end at 11:30 am on Thursday. 

We would like to wish a couple of our teachers good luck in their new adventures.

Mme Kristen Walker will be at Hidden Valley School and Mme Vanessa Zentner will be at Westgate School. They will be truly missed at Sam Livingston. They will both have a much shorter commute to work. We are welcoming two experienced teachers to Sam Livingston, Mme Jennifer Deurbrouck-Penney from Hidden Valley and Mme Nathalie Gingrich from Westgate. Mme Jennifer will be teaching Grade 4 and Mme Nathalie will be teaching Grade 1.

Mme Nadine will be full time next year and is moving to Grade One. Mme Litia will be taking a year's leave of absence. Mme Anna W. will be teaching Grade Four.

We are very pleased to have 9 lunchroom supervisors in the fall. We are welcoming 4 new staff members:

Maria Torres (currently at Belfast School), Michelle Herrmann (currently at Sundance School), Abra Greffen (currently replacing a lunchroom supervisor on leave) and Winter Peters.

Check out the Back to School 2018-19 section of our website.​

Mme Susan Wright

June 17
June 17

On Monday June 25 at 1:15pm Sam Livingston will be celebrating the work done over 5 years to build a school in Kenya. If your child is very talented in an area and would like to perform that day, please contact Mme Cangemi @ rlcangemi@cbe.ab.ca. You are also invited to attend the celebration.  

Thank you to those parents who have already volunteered to help us on Sports Day. We are still looking for more parent volunteers. If you are available on June 28 between 8:30 and 11am. Please note that if the weather is not conducive to be outside for Sports Day, we will be having an inside activity day that does not require any volunteers. 

On Tuesday, June 19, students will be participating in a Walk for Water led by the Me to We Club. If you have any questions about this walk, please contact your child's teacher.  

Popcorn day, June 27- Our last popcorn day of the year is free and School Council will be providing popcorn for all students. Please note that the popcorn is prepared in bulk, using vegetable oil and "butter-flavoured" popcorn salt. (It is the same flavouring that has been used for years.) Because of the volumes they have to pop, they aren't able to do custom orders. Please contact the popcorn team at ecolesampopcorndays@gmail.com if you do not wish for your child to receive a popcorn. 

Happy Father's Day, 

Mme Susan Wright 

May 26
May 26

Dear Parents/ Guardians, 

There is no school Friday afternoon (June 1). School finishes at 11:30am. There is also no school for students on Monday, June 4.  

We Read last week was a great success. Students were reading both inside and outside the school. At this event, we raised $500. Thank you! 

You are invited to preview the Volunteer Tea performance on Wednesday, May 30, from 8:30-9:30am. 

You are invited to the Volunteer Tea on Thursday, May 31 from 8:30-10:40am. Performances begin at 9am. We can't thank you enough for the many hours that you spend helping us offer rich learning experiences to your children.

This is a reminder that we discourage students from bringing valuable and expensive personal items and electronics to school as they are subject to loss, theft or damage. The school cannot be responsible for the loss of personal items. If a student must bring a cell phone, it is to remain off and in his or her backpack at all times during school hours. Parents who wish to contact their child during school hours may call the office. 

Please note that there is a city of Calgary Bylaw that states that dogs are not allowed on school grounds. Thank you for respecting this bylaw.  grounds.http://www.calgary.ca/CSPS/ABS/Pages/Bylaws-by-topic/Dogs.aspx. 

The transportation pre-registration period will end on Monday, June 11. Transportation pre-registrations can be completed by using My CBE Account. To be included in the yellow school bus route planning for September, parents must pre-register by June 11. Any registrations received after that date will not be considered until route changes are done after Thanksgiving. The more registrations we receive by the deadline, the more efficient route planning will be for September. 

Please note that we will not be ordering any new lost bus passes this school year. The last order was placed yesterday. 

We certainly encourage active living practices with children such as riding a bicycle to school. Upon arrival at the school and for the safety of all students, cyclists are expected to walk bicycles on school grounds during school hours. When bicycles are brought to school they should be locked in the bicycle rack provided.  

Monday- Grade ½ Choir 

Tuesday- Me to We Club- Grades 3 and 4 

Wednesday- Running club- Grades 1-4 

Bonne fin de semaine, 

Mme Susan Wright ​

May 11
May 11

Next week our school will be celebrating La semaine acadienne. Classes will be learning about the acadian culture through songs and activities throughout the week. We ask that your child dress in blue, red and white on Thursday (the colours of the Acadian flag) to celebrate the week. Thursday afternoon the entire school will be participating in a parade called Le Tintamarre. If you would like to know more about this acadian celebration, check out this link

We are also very pleased to be hosting approximately 100 Grade 2 students from King George School on Thursday. The grade twos have been corresponding with their buddies (en français) throughout the year and they will finally meet face to face.  
Wednesday will be WE Read Together. The Me to We club is organizing a time when all of our students will read with their buddies.  
Lunch Clubs 
Monday- Grade ½ Choir 
Tuesday- Me to We Club- Grades 3 and 4 
There is no school on Friday for students as it is a System Professional Learning Day. All of the Sam Livingston teachers will be at Granary Road gathering ideas about integrating science into the curriculum.  
Have a wonderful weekend, 
Mme Susan Wright 
May 06
May 4

Dear Parents/ Guardians, 

As you do your spring clean up, please have a look and see if you have any single thin gloves that you could donate to the Labo-Créo.  

School Council- Our AGM is Monday at 6:30. Have a look at the agenda.  Everyone is welcome. 


Monday, May 7 is School Bus Driver Appreciation Day.  


I am pleased to say that our new Assistant Principal, Mme Rayna Bergerman will be starting at Sam Livingston this Wednesday. She will also be present at our School Council meeting on Monday. I would like to send a huge thank you to Mme Sulek for her invaluable support in the office during our transition.

This Thursday afternoon we will be having a practice lockdown. Please read the attached letter to better understand the procedure. lockdown letter Sam Livingston.docx 

Lunch Clubs

Monday- Grade ½ Choir 

Tuesday- Me to We Club- Grades 3 and 4 

Wednesday- Running club- Grades 1-4 



Mme Susan Wright ​

April 27
April 27

Dear Parents/ Guardians, 

  • Plans for next year form 
  • Hats on for Mental Health 
  • Traffic safety 
  • Gymnastics 
  • Lunch Clubs 
Plans for next year: If you have a child in Grades K-3 and have not yet returned the blue form to your child's teacher indicating your plans for school next year, can you please email the school at SamLivingston@cbe.ab.ca to inform us of your next year plans. This information is very important as it helps the school determine staffing and classes for September.    
Hats on for Mental Health 
We encourage students to wear a hat on Wednesday, May 2 to support Mental Health. Staff will be focussing on creating a compassionate classroom. 

Traffic Safety 
You are invited to join our walkabout on Friday, May 4 from 7:30-8:30am. This is an opportunity for parents, along with Ever Active to give feedback on how we can improve traffic safety around the school. This could include an idea like making entrances to the school field more visible using bright paint. We will meet on the south east end of the school yard.  
Please read the attached important parent letter regarding gymnastics. 
Lunch Clubs
Monday- Grade ½ Choir 
Tuesday- Me to We Club- Grades 3 and 4 
Bonne fin de semaine, 
Mme Susan Wright ​
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