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Deadline to Pay Outstanding Fees / Save Historical Receipts is June 30, 2019
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Register for My Transit Ride Orientation Sessions
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Simon Fraser School June Newsletter
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Responding to Air Quality Alerts
  • Deadline to Pay Outstanding Fees / Save Historical Receipts is June 30, 2019

  • Register for My Transit Ride Orientation Sessions

  • Simon Fraser School June Newsletter

  • Responding to Air Quality Alerts

Simon Fraser Urgent Request for Volunteers

Good Morning Parents and Guardians,Unfortunately we have not had any parents come forward to volunteer to join the Grade 6 students at theInglewood Bird Sanctuary tomorrow, Wednesday, May 22, for the day. We are in need of at least two, preferably four volunteers or I will be in a position to cancel this very exceptional trip. If you can help us out tomorrow, please let me know at your earliest convenience, before 2:00 PM today. This will be the [...]

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Simon Fraser Westcoast Sailing Program 2020

Good Afternoon Parents and Guardians,On May 3rd I went around to the Grade 8 classes to speak about our Westcoast Sailing Program, and hand out early registration/application forms. The response from students was extremely enthusiastic. With the growth of student numbers going into next year I was anticipating easily filling three trips which would be between 65-68 students. Generally we have the majority of applications returned within the [...]

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Volunteers needed for Track meet

Dear Parent/Guardians,due to the rescheduling of the track meet we are once again in need of volunteers to make the day run smoothly. If you are available to volunteer on Tuesday May 14th, could you please contact Ms. Meagan Craig at Please note that the location of the track meet has been changed to Glenmore Athletic Park.Thank you again for all your help in making Simon Fraser such a great school.

Chad EdmondsAssistant [...]

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Principal's Message

Principal’s Message - June 2019

​Hard to believe that June arrives tomorrow.  How time flies when you are having fun.  May was a seriously busy month.  Grade 8 Performing Arts students enjoyed Story Book Theatre.  Westcoast Trip 3 aboard the SEA ship Duen was quite exceptional with amazing adventures, great sailing & weather, and awesome students.  The Track & Field team did us proud at the T & F Divisional Meet, as did all of our Badminton Teams at their respective Divisional Tournaments.  Our Grade 5 students enjoyed their CPAWS trip to Fish Creek.  Gr 8 ENVOE students enjoyed their canoeing.  Grade 6 students had a great time at Inglewood Bird Sanctuary.  We had an exceptional turnout at our final School Council Meeting of the year.  Special thanks goes out to our Executive, including Heather Janett, our Chair, Cayley Young, our Secretary, Amber Abbott, our Treasurer, Jennifer Beeler, our Key Communicator, Rita Samrai, our Volunteer Coordinator, Karen Warkentin, our Fundraising Coordinator, and Shannon King, our Casino Coordinator.  And very special thanks goes out to Past Chair, Alan Morasch, who Chaired School Council for the previous four years, and to Karen Warkentin who has coordinated fundraising for a number of years.  We appreciate all of you!  The Gr 8 ENVOE Spring Camp was a great success earlier this week.
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​​June will feature a number of culminating activities beginning with Bike to School Day on Tuesday, June 4. This year’s Spring Concert – outdoor version, will be held on Wednesday June 5.  ENVOE 9 students are Kayaking on Thursday, June 6.  The Grade 9 Year-End Celebration takes place on Thursday, June 13 beginning at 5:00 PM.  Tuesday, June 18 is our last full day of classes, and will be a trip day for all grades.  Grade 5 & 6 students will go to Whispering Willows Park; Grade 7 students will go to Heritage Park; Grade 8 students will go to Telus Spark; and Grade 9 students will go to the Zoo.  Every day that the Grade 9 students write a Provincial Achievement Test (PAT), there is an early dismissal at 12:18 PM.  These dates include June 17, 19, 20, 21 (Friday-no PAT), 24, & 25.  Grade 7 students will also venture off to the Calgary Public Library on the morning of June 20th.  As noted in the calendar, students will be dismissed early on Report Card Day and buses depart at 11:00 AM.
​​As presented at School Council on May 27th, schools are facing some very difficult cutbacks in funding, including Simon Fraser.  Though we are expecting a number of students attending Simon Fraser, well above the projection of 490, Principals were directed to plan for next year based on the official student projection.  Because of this, I am in a position to cut 1.2 FTE teaching positions, which will be difficult since we are adding two additional classes for next year.  Hopefully with the additional students, I will be able to hire additional teaching staff before school starts in September.  We are currently dealing with a lot of ambiguity as we move into June.  A final newsletter will go home with Report Cards June 27, with updates including specific detail on which teachers are affected by the cuts, and information on retirements.  Unfortunately, we are also losing the additional staff that we have in the Learning Commons, Ms. C. Schreiber, who has provided such exceptional support to classes, student groups, teachers and ELL students.  Ms. Schreiber will be back in the classroom next year.  Extra supports for learning are being trimmed excessively across the board.  I will keep you posted.
​​Bruce Johnston

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Today was the last day of classes at many CBE schools but we aren’t done yet! There are still Physics and Science 30 diploma exams tomorrow and some schools have one more day of classes #WeAreCBE #onemoreday

RT @UsihChristopher: So proud of #WeAreCBE Grade 8 student Nora Keegan who has just been published In Canada’s premier peer-reviewed pediatric journal! Impressive young lady!

Join us for the Board of Trustees public meeting today at noon at the Ed Centre or stream the meeting online. The Students Come First: Budget Report for 2019-22 will be debated and voted on by the Board #yycbe #WeAreCBE

Good Luck Habiba! We wish you all the best at the North American Braille Challenge this weekend #WeAreCBE

We are proud to honour National Indigenous Peoples Day by sharing the stories of some of our major events, celebrations and learning opportunities that brought Indigenous culture, traditions and ways of knowing and being into our schools. #WeAreCBE

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