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"No Time for That" Tour with Elsie Morden stopping at SJAM!

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​Hello there, SJAM families.
Further to my message on Monday that we will be not be unlocking our main doors until 7:45 AM each day, I am following up with more information in hopes of providing clarity.
As written in our Student Handbook (pg. 6) and on our school website, "Students will be supervised from 8:05AM – 3:30PM. Students are not to arrive or enter the school before 8:05AM unless they are under the direct supervision of a teacher. Students are expected to leave the building within one half hour of dismissal unless under the direct supervision of a teacher". Our SJAM Student Handbook was shared with students and parents at the beginning of the school year and provided to our new students and families upon registration.
The reason that we ask that students not arrive/enter the school until 8:05AM is because we have a duty of care to provide supervision of students 15 minutes before school (8:05-8:20AM) and 15 minutes after school (3:15-3:30PM). If students are permitted to be inside the school before or after these times, we are also required to provide supervision for their safety and well-being.
Since the beginning of the school year we have had a growing number of students arriving at school as early as 7:00AM and entering the building following the arrival of our Facility Operator who has been leaving the door unlocked for staff members. All staff members have keycard access to the building so the Facility Operator will no longer be leaving the doors unlocked.
Our Main Office opens at 7:45AM, which is when we will unlock the doors. For the remainder of this school year only and in support of students who need to arrive a little bit earlier than 8:05AM, they will be allowed to enter the foyer with the expectation that they will be seated and quiet until the school opens at 8:05AM. Supervision will be provided in the foyer only beginning at 7:45AM. If students are creating a lot of noise, they will be asked to wait outside (weather permitting) until 8:05AM. Students can make their way to their lockers at 8:05AM when supervision of the entire school, including the front entry begins. As the year progresses, we will assess the future sustainability of being able to provide supervision between 7:45AM and 8:05AM in the 2019-2020 school year and beyond. Communication regarding next year supervision will be shared this Spring.
Students who arrive earlier than 7:45AM for athletics, clubs etc., will be let into the school and supervised by the sponsoring teachers of activities.
I hope that this helps to build your understanding and support.
If you have any questions, about this or other topics, please call or email me anytime.
Thank you.

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#SJAM parents/guardians are invited to join us at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, Nov. 13th to learn about our school development plan and share your feedback with us. Following this, a regular School Council meeting will take place.​ #SDP #ParentGuardianVoice #StudentCenteredLearning

Congratulations to our very own Principal, Ms. Lori, who is being celebrated by @Indspire with a 2018 Guiding the Journey: Indigenous Educator Award. We are so proud of her and grateful for her leadership. ❤️

We are so darn excited to have @DaveAlexRoberts at #SJAM sharing his stories. We have all of his books in our Learning Commons. Thank you #WordfestCalgary ❤️

#SJAMflashback to our first #OrangeShirtDay when we were honoured to spend time with #PhyllisWebstad Phyllis shared her orange shirt story & then we showered her with SJAM hugs and love. Hiy hiy Phyllis. We will wear orange again on Monday, Oct. 1 & we will never forget. ❤️#TRC

A huge thanks to @Ed_Matters for helping our school establish a #MakerSpace We could never have done this without you. ❤️

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