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May 28
Weekly Message - May 28

Good morning all, and Happy Grad week to you!

We all know that this one is different than any other Grad before, but it is certainly no less important. Grad is a time to reflect on the past, and look forward to the future. As the world begins to open up again, it’s important to note that the grads of 2020 – possibly more so than any Grad class in recent history – have a critical part to play in how the world resets after a major event like the pandemic. You are in a unique and special position – I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity that is being afforded to you.

Just a couple of updates this week:

• A reminder: there will be no classes on Friday May 29. Friday is Graduation Day, and regardless of pandemic circumstances, we will recognize it as such

• On behalf of the staff and faculty of Sir Winston Churchill High School, I want to congratulate all of our graduates for a job very well done in trying circumstances - congratulations to the Class of 2020!

Be strong, be proud, and be kind to your self and those around you as we continue to make our way through these challenging times – I hope and trust that I’ll see you all again soon.

Mr. A. Rajan ​

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May 22
Weekly Message - May 22

Hello All

 I’ve been thinking this week about what we may have gained, what we may have learned from the odd and disquieting circumstances under which we’re finishing up the school year at Churchill: I’m continuing to look for silver linings, and I hope you are too.  One thing I’d like us all – students, parents, teachers and staff – to think about is what we’ve learned about ourselves over the last couple of months, and how we’re going to use what we’ve learned going forward, regardless of the road ahead. If we’ve learned to study and teach and communicate and engage in new and different ways, I hope we’ll all add all that to our arsenal of life skills in the months and years ahead.

 A couple of administrative points for this week:

  Churchill admin staff is busily planning for the 2020 -2021 school year, and we’re planning with the assumption that we’ll have a ‘regular’ September start up. That said, we know that there will be some aspects of start up that certainly won’t be ‘normal’, and we want to assure students and families that, as the situation evolves and we learn more, we’ll keep you up to date on any changes to our school opening procedures.

A video message will be sent to the Graduating Class of 2020 on May 29, 2020. The address will include our Valedictorian message as well as a message from your Churchill Administration.

 As always, I want to encourage students to stay engaged with their learning as we move toward the end of this school year, and remind you that your teachers, Guidance staff and school administration are all here to support you.


Mr. A Rajan

May 15
Weekly Update

​Good morning all – I trust you’re all staying safe and well. 

Thank you again for continuing to ‘dig in’ as we all work toward the end of this very unusual school year. As we look forward to summer and the slow opening up of our economy, I encourage you to continue to be careful with yourself and those around you, and also to try to make a deliberate effort to carry on with some of the ‘good habits’ – being more friendly and engaged, maybe getting closer to elderly relatives - you’ve developed during this time. 

 As usual, a few administrative items this week:

•             We’re optimistic and hopeful that classes will resume in our building in September, and to that end we’re deep into the planning for the 2020 – 2021 school year that means plans and decisions about budgets, staffing, and timetabling and scheduling for our students. As always, there will be difficult decisions to make given our limited resources, but I want to ensure our Churchill students and families that we always try our very best to do what’s in the best interest of our students and their learning.

•             A reminder to students that Fridays are scheduled for tutorials/instructional times, where students can get an extra help they need from their teachers. Teachers are available to help – I urge students to take this opportunity and get the additional support they may need.

•             Our Guidance Counsellors are now scheduling meetings with students for next year. Students, if you haven’t submitted your course requests to our Guidance Counsellors, please ensure that you do so as soon as possible.

•             Again and as always, I want to remind students and families that the staff at Sir Winston Churchill  - Admin, Students Services, Teachers and Support Staff are still here and willing to support you should you need us – don’t hesitate to reach out.


Mr. A Rajan

May 08
Weekly Message May 8

Good day to all on this cool spring day – I think we’re all looking forward to the greener and warmer days that will surely follow. While you’re out enjoying the improving weather over the next few weeks, please continue to follow the lead of our health care professionals: keep your distance and be careful with yourself and those around you. The more we all do our part, the sooner we’ll be able to get back together in our own building. The hard work and support of everyone – students, teachers, and staff – as we move towards the end of this very different school year continues to be very much appreciated.

Notes for this week:

  • Honour Role certificates have been sent out. If you think you should have been eligible and haven’t received one, please contact us at the school. As a reminder, the criteria for the Honour Role is an 80% overall average, and the criteria for Honours with Distinction is a 90% average.
  • Students who have applied for Returning Grade 12 status will be notified in the near future.
  • A reminder: teachers will be posting marks in PowerSchool – marks will be gathered to provide a cumulative average. Your marks may fluctuate but please note that your June final mark cannot go below the March 13thmarks that students have already received.

One last thing this week: along with our Churchill grads, students all around the world will be graduating in the next few weeks. Former President Barack Obama will deliver an hour-long televised prime-time commencement address for the Class of 2020 on Saturday, May 16 – I suggest that you might want to listen in.

Details here:


Have a good weekend, and be safe.

A. Rajan, Principal 


April 24
Weekly Message

Good day all – I trust that you’re all staying healthy and safe, and please know that you’re all on my mind, every day.

We know that taking classes on line, and not being with your friends and teachers and Churchill staff can be tough, but I’m encouraged by the hard work, resolve and positive messages that have been coming in – positive messages in a difficult week, a week where we also grieve with our fellow citizens in Nova Scotia.

To the positives for this week: a heartfelt and broad-reaching thank you to all of you for the work and diligence you’re putting in under these difficult circumstances, and a couple of specific thank you’s as well:

Thanks to the Flames Foundation and the United Way, for their loan of Chromebooks to Churchill students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to get on line for class, and

Thanks to ‘All In For Youth’ for the Superstore and Coop gift cards for families in need in our Churchill community.

And a couple of administrative points for the week:

Administration and the Grad Committee teachers continue their work, and met this week to discuss how important it is - to honour, recognise and celebrate the Class of 2020, even in the difficult circumstances we find ourselves in: details will be coming out soon.

Graduates will be receiving their certificates and their yearbooks this year, as well as a ‘Grad 2020 keepsake’ – after those costs, the balance of grad fees will be refunded.

CBE online Summer School has been confirmed. Whether there will be face-to-face summer school classes this year has yet to be determined.

As I start to work on my Grad speech for the class of 2020, my mind turns to the positives that can and must arise from the challenges of the current circumstances.  For example, please see the news story from our Leadership Class - Virtual Spirit Week! . 

Talk to you all next week and, as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out – We Are Churchill!      


Mr. A Rajan

June 13

Sir Winston Churchill has been named the Greatest Briton of all time. Churchill is among the most influential figures of the 20th Century. He has been celebrated as one of the greatest statesmen in history. He was the courageous and inspiring Prime Minister of Great Britain during World War II. As a writer, he won the Noble Prize in Literature for his lifetime body of work. Apart from his great political and literary contributions, Churchill was an accomplished painter, soldier and gifted orator.

Our namesake gives us much to be proud of and fuels our ambitions. Sir Winston Churchill High School is a place where compassion, choice and challenge abound, in keeping with our school motto “non scholae sed vitae” (we learn, not for school, but for life). Our vision is to help students become competent, caring, productive and responsible adults living successfully in a democratic society.

We believe “the greatest influence on student progression in learning is having highly expert, inspired and passionate teachers working together with school leaders to maximize the effect of their teaching on all students in their care” (Hattie). With a student population of about 2200 and a teaching faculty of over 100, we offer a rich and robust range of programing. Our diverse learning population requires a comprehensive approach. Therefore, our Resource Program offers a broad range of supports including a school psychologist and Graduation Coach. Our International Baccalaureate program is the first of its kind in Canada. We have one of the largest International programs with over a hundred students attending from around the world. Our vast program extends beyond the traditional classroom walls to include extra-curricular opportunities in athletics, arts, music, clubs, Model UN and Debate.

Students at Sir Winston Churchill are encouraged to participate in their choice of activities. It is our belief that programs both in and out of the classroom support a strong sense of community while enriching the high school experience for individual students.

Together we endeavour to educate, inspire, nurture and celebrate our future generations. We Are Churchill!

Arvin Rajan, Principal


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