Get to know our principal and what’s going on in our school.
June 28
Farewell to Grade 6 Students

To Our Outstanding Grade 6 Class of 2020
It is my honour to share in the celebration of your final year, this June 2020, at Sunalta School. I hope you feel the pride we share in your accomplishments; in your friendships, your academics, and your leadership. You have made a positive impact at this school and we thank you for your contributions, collaboration, and above all, your kindness. This is a significant milestone (one of many to come) and should be a time of reflection as well as a moment to consider the future.
 As you move on to a new school and exciting adventure, please take with you the many happy and joyous memories you have of Sunalta School and hold them close to your heart. Relationships are the key to a happy life, and our wish is that you feel a little sunnier and brighter because of your time in this building.
Sunalta School, as you know, is an architectural landmark in Calgary and as such, connects you to a little piece of history. You will always be able to remark, “I went to that beautiful, old school with amazing kids and great teachers!” As your first years of school are the building blocks of learning, I hope you remember some of the strong and skilled staff that shared excellent pieces of advice and learning. You have engaged in a rigorous academic experience and many of you have remarked at how grateful you are to have been at Sunalta. Our staff wish you great success. Also take the time to thank your families for being there for you as you’ve experienced some challenges as well as many celebrations during your elementary years.
It is a privilege to have been your principal in your last year at Sunalta School. I have cherished the opportunity to observe you making responsible choices as well as taking risks, both in the classroom and in your own lives. I also wish to send my appreciation to your families for supporting and caring for our community school in many unique ways. Thanks to each and every one of you for making the world a better place. I hope you continue to share your gratitude and kindness with others, be optimistic about your future, and continue to be outstanding sunny Sunalta alumni.
June 23
June 15 Updates

Our staff send thanks and gratitude to all of you for staying alongside us as we finish off our school year in a new way! One more week of ongoing learning will be shared with you and we look forward to our final Google Meet times. The Grade 6 students will be taking part in classroom virtual farewells on Friday and we wish them great luck and all the best as they move on to their new schools and experiences. Sunalta alumni are known for their leadership, kindness, and strength in learning. We hope they will come back to visit as they will truly be missed.
Sunday is National Indigenous Peoples Day. It is a day recognizing and celebrating the cultures and contributions of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis Indigenous peoples of Canada. Our staff and the CBE Indigenous Ed Team encourage families to share in the celebration of the beginning of the summer solstice. Check it out on Twitter at CBE Indigenous Ed Team@Indigenous_cbe
Student Belongings – if you were not able to pick up student belongings or drop off books/kindergarten envelopes, please come to the school next week between 9-2pm and we will direct you to the library where items are still available. Any belongings not picked up by June 30th will be donated.
Report Cards - We are intending to share 2019-2020 report cards with families online given the COVID-19 restrictions, through MyCBE/PowerSchool. Once logged in, select the “Report Card” tab to view the report card after June 25th. If a printed report card is required, please contact us through school email at sunalta@cbe.ab.ca to have a copy of your child’s report card printed and available for pick up on June 29th. If you have difficulty accessing your Power School account, please contact the parent account help line at (403) 817-6373. A copy of your child’s report card will be placed in their Official Student Record (OSR) by June 30th. If you have trouble accessing MyCBE/PowerSchool please click here
See your teacher – staff will be driving around the neighbourhood around our Sunalta school on Monday at noon. We would love to see lots of waves and big smiles from our students and families.
June 06
June Updates

Our first full week of June. Thank you to all of the students that have sent a happy picture or quote to our artist, Vania. They are looking beautiful and the artwork and art quotes are a real treasure.
 Over the past week I have heard that some children and families are losing steam with maintaining the on-going remote learning. I understand – I really do. What is most important right now is to know that there is no right or wrong way to get through this situation and we know how you are feeling. We have all weathered a great storm and everyone has different familial circumstances. Our staff want to reiterate that you and your child’s physical and mental wellness continue to be most important. We have all appreciated you connecting with the staff and sharing the ups and downs of the emergency teaching and most importantly, how your child is doing. Thank you for being with us.
As we start to wrap up this year, I will provide you with as much information as possible to finish off the final reporting, transitions and making sure next year preparations will be as smooth as possible considering the ambiguity we are living in during the current times.
Student Belongings Pick Up: Our staff will be bagging and tagging student items. A pick up time for these items will be provided next week to be prepared for the week of June 15-19. Unfortunately we do not have space in the school to store these items over the summer. Anything not collected will be donated.
School Council Meeting: Our final school council meeting will be on Skype on Wednesday, June 10th at 6:30pm. A brief reminder will be sent out on Tuesday. Here is the Skype for Business Link
IPPS Mailed Home If you child has an Individualized Program Plan (IPP), they will be mailed out via Canada Post the week of June 15th. A copy of your child’s IPP will be filed in their official student record (OSR) at the end of June. If you have not received your child’s IPP by June 24th, please call the school. For a student that lives in more than one home, we will send it to the first address in PowerSchool. If you have questions, contact your child’s teacher or Ms. Vieweger at lmvieweger@cbe.ab.ca
Staff Drive By Visit our staff will be having a vehicle parade on Monday, June 22 at noon. Our route is still to be determined, however, it will be within our walk zone boundaries.
Budget and Fee Engagement If you haven’t completed our Budget and School Fees survey, please consider completing it. This feedback will inform our decisions for the 2020-2021 school year. Here is the link for the survey: Sunalta Budget Engagement Survey
 “Creating Together during the Spring of COVID-19” An Art Project for the Sunalta School Playground!
Art teacher Vania is presenting an exciting art opportunity for all Sunalta School and Scarboro community students!  Students K-6 can draw or paint an art work that reflects this very unusual spring season. Simply take a picture of the artwork with your student’s first name and grade, and send it as an attachment to artprojects.vania@gmail.com.   If you need inspiration, look up “Vania Dimitrova Art” on YouTube.  Vania is hoping to create a beautiful art installation from all of the images. 
Bridges Program Shift Sunalta School has been the home to one of CBE specialized settings known as Bridges for Grade 1-3 students in Room 20. This program will be leaving our school at the end of June as it has not had the enrolment required to sustain the setting and students were travelling a great distance to attend. In the fall of 2020 the setting will be at another school with the CBE. We want to thank Ms. McFarlane, Mr. Crowhurst and the our students in Bridges for being contributing members of our school community.
Budget and Fee Engagement
We are asking all families to take a few moments and provide us some feedback on our budget decisions, given the parameters for which we have control, and some feedback around school fees. This feedback will inform our decisions for the 2020-2021 school year. The survey is currently open and will remain open for two weeks until June 12, 2020.
May 22
May 22

Dear Sunalta Students and Parents,
Spring Showers bring May Flowers!! Everything is blooming, the birds are chirping, and the grass is looking greener every day (notes Mr. Mitchell). Our staff hope you are all spending some time in the fresh air taking in the signs of Spring. During our PD Day on Friday, Ms. McFarlane shared with us a special 5 senses mindful experience. When you are outside try: 5 things you see, 4 things you hear, 3 things you smell, 2 things you can touch, and 1 thing you can imagine! A wonderful way to feel calm and present!
Classes for Next Year - Teachers will be sitting down in the near future to put together classes for next year. This is a thoughtful process that takes into account such things as academic strengths/needs, inclusive supports required, student working relationships, student leadership, learning styles and individual personal attributes. Getting the right balance takes a considerable amount of time and contemplation.
On-going Learning/Report Cards – our on-going learning delivery will remain status quo for the remainder of the current school year. Our last day of online learning classes will be June 26th. Report cards will be available for on-line viewing in Power School My CBE / PowerSchool after the 26th. Thank you so very much for supporting your children with their lessons and please remember a family’s well-being and mental health is most important during this complex time in the world.
"Creating Together during the Spring of COVID-19” An Art Project for the Sunalta School Playground!
Art teacher Vania is presenting an exciting art opportunity for all Sunalta School and Scarboro community students!  Students K-6 can draw or paint an art work that reflects this very unusual spring season. It could be a rainbow, birds, butterflies, pets, bunnies, landscapes, the school, uplifting sayings, even thank you quotes. Simply take a picture of the artwork with your student's first name and grade and email it to Vania.h.atanasova@gmail.com.   If you need inspiration, look up "Vania Dimitrova Art" on YouTube. Vania is hoping to create a beautiful art installation from all of the images.
Have a great weekend and stay well!
April 27
April 27, 2020

Dear Sunalta Families:
Wishing all of you a bright, sunny weekend. As Einstein said, Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. As Earth Day was on Wednesday, there are many opportunities to get outside and celebrate our Earth. Our Eco Warriors would have loved to have had a school-wide celebration in recognition of our care for the environment and the Warriors work on environmental awareness this year. Their giant mural “Wash your hands” is still taped to our stairwell and is a gentle reminder of their care for ourselves, each other and the environment.
On Tuesday night, with patience and understanding, our School Council and Parent Society endeavoured to host our monthly meeting through Skype. We are thankful for all those that were able to connect with us and feel blessed for the care and humour everyone brought to the meeting. Our school community shared that their children are healthy and well and families are supporting each other during this stressful time. Next week they will have updated information regarding the Think-a-thon, Grade 6 Grad and Extra-curricular activities. A big thank you to Stacey, Renee, Norma-Jean, and Nancy for leading the meeting! They are excited to have a strong following on their Facebook page as they keep our Sunalta families connected and informed. To follow them go to the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/328658737970830/?ref=share
As always, our Sunalta staff would like to thank our families for their support, compassion and kindness.  We are thankful to you for supporting our new Mathletics program. Staff completed a professional learning training session yesterday to better understand the possibilities. Students will receive instructions and login information over the next week (grades 1-6).
Another useful link from a magazine that we usually send hard copies of is:   http://www.calgaryschild.com
Thank you to Olga and Adele for assisting Ms Harnett and our staff in creating a poster of our message to our families from our well-loved staff.
wash your hands.jpg
March 24
March 20, 2020 Update

Principal Message March 20, 2020
Dear Sunalta Families
As I wrote earlier, it has been a challenging week and we have missed our students dearly. None of us have ever experienced such an event as the one we are in currently and we all have questions and concerns, as well as worries too. Thank you for your understanding, support and patience as we work through these unchartered times. Your messages to staff of kindness, understanding and care are greatly appreciated.
Today, you should have received a message from Christopher Usih our Chief Superintendent of Schools. The most current information was provided for your review.
Dr. Hinshaw tweeted “The days and months ahead will be difficult for all of us.  We need to face this pandemic together and respond to this extraordinary crisis with extraordinary kindness. I want to remind Albertans: it is together that we will overcome.”
More information will be forthcoming on the front page of the CBE corporate site www.cbe.ab.ca Be kind to one another and take care of yourself, family and friends. Let our students know we are thinking of them and look forward to seeing them again. Thank you all for your understanding, support and patience. #albertacares
If you are a parent of a student at Sunalta School, consider connecting with our School Council Facebook Page Sunalta elementary school parents and look at our Twitter posts SunaltaSchool@SunaltaCBE
Christine McCrory
Principal, Sunalta School
Sunalta School
(403) 777-8590

This message is from the Calgary Board of Education (1221 8 Street SW, Calgary, AB, T2R 0L4, phone 403-817-4000). You can unsubscribe from receiving certain messages that are considered commercial electronic messages as defined in Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation.
February 27
Sunalta Winter News

Sunalta School maintains a high level of academic success and a multitude of exceptional experiences to build a strong community school within our vibrant city.  
Learning/Science Fair: Did you know our Learning and Science Fair has been an annual event for over 20 years? Certainly a highlight for students to learn from others and recognize the incredible achievements of our young learners. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our celebration evening as well as gratitude to our judges for volunteering their time and expertise. Our students and their families loved sharing their passions with our larger community! Four groups will continue on to the Calgary Youth Science Fair (CYSF) in April 2020.
Some student quotes:
              “…kids are busy in school learning the curriculum. The learning fair gave us the chance to share our lives and interests outside of school. It encourages us to share topics that we think other kids will be interested in.” (gr 6)
              “I felt happy and glad I had a partner and friend to work with.” (gr 2)
              “kids need to learn from each other, especially from different grades.” (gr 3)
              “I was exhausted to have to explain my project over and over, now I know how teachers feel” (gr 3)
              “I was nervous and it was hard. My friend and I met a lot and had to compromise on our ideas.” (gr 5)
              “being able to do the research and work at home was a great time with my parents” (gr4)
              “the person that tells the other person learns a lot about it too!” (gr 1)
              “I felt really proud. I know how I’m going to make my presentation even more interesting next year” (gr 5)
Professional Learning:
On January 31 our staff spent the morning with three of our Alberta Health Services team (Speech and Language, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist) that support our school. The topic was understanding Executive Functioning which is how are brain takes in new information, remembers, and is able to retrieve information previously learned. We discussed how we can best support students with flexible thinking and the development of social skills, setting and achieving goals, and being able to prioritize tasks. As well, an emphasis on understanding and trying new teaching strategies to support working memory and self control were shared. As our School Development Plan is centered around math discussions and higher-order thinking, our experts shared their knowledge regarding mental flexibility, teaching conceptualization, and the ability to reflect on completed work to ensure it is correct. We are intending to continue to build our collective understanding of this important (and teachable) topic.
School Council: School council updates are on our website including January minutes. Mr. Bradey Thompson, Principal, Mount Royal School, shared some great tips and tricks for transitioning to Grade 7 and an overview of our proud community feeder school.
Pink Shirt Day: On Feb 26th - Take your kindness to new heights! This Pink Shirt Day, and every day. Let’s Lift Each Other Up!! The theme for this year’s Pink Shirt Day is “Lift each other up”; a simple but powerful message encouraging us to look beyond our differences and celebrate the things that make us unique. When we lift each other up, we see past the things that separate us and see instead the things that unite us as people.
January 24
January 24, 2020

Dear Sunalta Families

Thank goodness we have been able to go outside ALL WEEK! Everyone seemed joyful and invigorated! Our ELEV8 Lacrosse residency was a huge success. Thank you to Ms Vieweger for organizing and scheduling this great opportunity – and to our parents for providing the funding. Remember there is no school next Friday and report cards go home on Thursday.
School Council –Program Teacher, Ms Beth McFarlane and our Family School Liaison, Ramona Braun, shared information regarding our Bridges program, a specialized class grades 1-3 at Sunalta School. They also discussed the importance of talking about our mental health and taking time to listen to our children when they talk about their feelings. Ms. Braun also raised awareness for the Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868 which provides kids and teens access to a professional counsellor by phone to discuss their issue or concern 24 hours a day.
Learning Fair: Our school-wide learning fair will be held on Thursday, Feb 20th from 6-7:30pm. Many students have decided to enter and received their trifold this week. We are looking for volunteers to be Judges. If you have time on Feb 19 and 20, please email Ms. Vieweger at lmvieweger@cbe.ab.ca
Sunalta Book Sale February 24: Grade 3 students will be having a Book Sale on February 24.  All books will be $1.  Proceeds will go to an orphanage/school in Kathmandu, Nepal called the Orphan and Children Education Association of New Nepal - "OCEAN Nepal".  Ms. Aldridge knows this charity well. Please feel free to ask her about it or go to their website at www.oceannepal.org for more information. If you have any books to donate, please bring them to the Rooms 8 or 9.  All books in good condition are welcome and you can bring them in any time up to the 24th. Thank you!
Bell Let’s Talk - Bell Let’s Talk Day is about increasing awareness, reducing stigma, helping to change behaviours and attitudes about mental health issues. Bell Let’s Talk has developed a mental health initiative and 5 ways to help end stigma. Wednesday, January 29, 2020 https://letstalk.bell.ca/en/
Eco Warriors – our in-school Eco Club Warriors participated in Eco-Leaders conference at Ralph Klein Park. Some of the workshops included: Biodiversity in a Changing Climate and Climate Change 101. Our club will be actively making some changes to our understanding of environmental issues and asking our school community to support them through reducing waste consumption at our school.
Out of School Clubs – Yoga and Art are continuing this term. Mad Science and Glee Club will begin in the Spring. Forms will be sent home closer to the date. Thank you Ms Justine and School Council for coordinating these opportunities.
Sunalta Parents Facebook Page – our school council is hoping you will consider joining their Facebook site Sunalta elementary school parents
Twitter: SunaltaSchool@SunaltaCBE
School website: http://school.cbe.ab.ca/school/Sunalta
January 13
January 13, 2020

Dear Sunalta Families,
Happy New Year! We wanted to send ‘Thanks and Gratitude’ from our staff to our families for their well wishes and kind gestures before the Winter Break. It has been a calm and peaceful start to our year with everyone noticing how ready and excited our students were this week.
Weather Advisory-We are expecting some chilly days for the next week. If our temperature dips below -20 degrees Celsius including wind chill factor, students will be supervised inside. We use Current Calgary Weather from our website http://school.cbe.ab.ca/school/Sunalta
to determine the temperature. Patrols will also be cancelled.
Learning Fair: Our Sunalta School annual Learning Fair is scheduled for Thursday, Feb 20, 2020 from 6:00-7:30pm. Please see the attached letter for more information!
School Development Plan
As part of our Wellbeing Goal in our School Development Plan, we welcome Constable Hartmann our school constable attached to the Start Smart Stay Safe S4 program. He will be joining classes monthly from January to June.  Each grade group has selected different lessons within our S4 program.  Police encourage students to use their strengths and to continue to develop their skills to keep themselves and their communities safe. Lessons shared by police officers:
• Using problem solving skills
• Making healthy choices
• Using respectful communication skills
• Building healthy relationships
• Being digitally safe
• Being safe at home, at school and in the community
• Serving others to build an inclusive, resilient community
School Information for Next Year: As we begin to make initial plans for next year, we need to know if your family will be continuing at Sunalta School next year. There will be a form sent out for you to return. Thank you!
Extra curricular Our Sunalta Parents have organized several clubs that start again this month. The Art Club and the Yoga Club are opportunities for students to take part in an after school activity. Forms are available at the office. Thank you to Ms Justine for coordinating this.
Reporting: Report cards will be sent out on January 30, 2020. Please refer to the CBE website for some information regarding reporting that would be of interest to parents https://www.cbe.ab.ca/programs/curriculum/assessment-and-reporting
December 15
December 16, 2019

​Sunalta School continues to shine bright with many opportunities for student leadership as well as generosity during the month of December.

Warm Feet for the Street! Sunalta School and Community will continue its tradition of participating in the Warm Feet for the Street Project (Mustard Seed) to provide homeless individuals with a pair of woolen socks stuffed with personal care items to make the street a little easier.
Inn from the Cold Drive: we are looking for critical childcare supply donations ex: diapers, powdered formula, winter coats, snow pants, baby toiletries, and/or Walmart of Superstore gift cards. Please put items under the tree and/or bring gift cards to the office. Thank you!
Did you know… according to Alberta Reads research:
·       49% of adult Canadians have low literacy skills
·       100% love to read for pleasure in K 54%
·       by grade 4, 33% read for pleasure
·       by grade 8, 19%...
·        by grade 12 10%...
·       20 minutes/day for a child’s first 5 years= 1.8 million words
·       To develop a solid foundation in language we need to READ, Talk , Sing, and Play
How to read aloud to your child: Plan to read with them away from distractions. Choose a book everyone will enjoy and hold it so you can both see it. This is applicable to older children as well. Closeness and being together ‘time’ is a beautiful way to be together.
Where are the books? You can have books lingering in the car, in the bathroom, on the floor, everywhere! Go and explore your local library.
Do you have a special reading place in your home? Send a photo to our school and we will create a reading ‘post it’ for our bulletin board by sending your student photo to us at sunalta@cbe.ab.ca or to our parent facebook link Sunalta elementary school parents
Professional Learning
Our staff have been further developing their abilities in facilitating mathematical discussions with their students.
Mathematical discussion occurs when students are engaged in talking about their mathematical thinking and reasoning. Through rich discussions, students exchange ideas, agree, disagree, conjecture and justify their thinking as they make sense of the mathematics together.
Why is mathematical discussion important?
Research tells us that students learn when they are encouraged to become the authors of their own ideas and when they are held accountable for reasoning about and understanding key ideas (Engle and Conant, 2002). Students make and defend mathematical conclusions using logical reasoning and evidence. By stating their ideas clearly to others, they often come to understand their ideas more fully. By understanding other students’ ideas, they can see and evaluate alternative ways of thinking and build connections or modify misunderstandings.
Big Brothers Big Sisters – we now have 7 BBBS matches with our Brokerlink mentors. Thank you to Ms Neufeld for leading our mentorship program. Students from Sunalta take a yellow school bus to Brokerlink every Friday to participate in a one hour mentorship program.
Our staff and students wish everyone a restful and memorable winter break. Remember school begins again at Sunalta on Tuesday, January 7, 2020!
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