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School Council | February Message

Kindness is One Size Fits AllWhile every day is a good day to be kind, we wear pink shirts on February 27th to mark the official PINK SHIRT DAY where we encourage friendship, kindness, inclusion and compassion. We were overwhelmed by the number of Be Kind t-shirt orders that we received last month and are looking forward to seeing everyone in PINK on February 27th!

Fun LunchFebruary's Fun Lunch is provided by Papa John's Pizza and will be on [...]

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Kindergarten Registration Starts on January 14, 2019 at all CBE Schools

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    Principal's Message

    April Message

    Happy April to all. It seems we just return from Spring Break and we are off and running for the final three months of school. This year we have lots going on.

    Opera Project

    Kris Demeanor has completed all his recordings and Darcy Turning Robe is in the process of putting finishing touches on his work. Children are practicing their songs in preparation of the next steps in the opera process. The Director, Lauren Woods, begins working with students this month. We are preparing a list of tasks that we will need help from our parent volunteer community such as costume creations and set design. We need to have Lauren’s final approval before sending it out for sign up and will continue to keep you posted as we progress along the timeline.

    There will be three performances, one per day, during the first week in June. This is due to the incredible interest in our work with Saa’kokoto, Darcy Turning Robe, Kris Demeanor and Lauren Woods around developing an Indigenous Opera. It is a uniquely collaborative endeavour and as we share our work, Saa’kokoto and I have been receiving requests from a variety of community members, far and wide, to come and see the students perform. We will be sending invitations with an Eventbrite sign up embedded in the design. This way you will be able to go in and register for the performance that best suits your needs. The performances will be June 4 – 6, as follows:

    ·       June 4th at 9:30 a.m.
    ·       June 5th at 1:00 p.m.
    ·       June 6th at 5:00 p.m.

    We will also be hosting Eric Harvie students to attend our dress rehearsal prior to the performances for other audiences to attend. We look forward to sharing our work with our K-4 Sister School.

    Publishing Project

    Our writing project with Saa’kokoto is continuing along nicely. All class projects have been completed and we are in the process of reviewing costs through publishing companies. These books will be completed and ready for sale at our opera performances during the first week of June. We are eagerly anticipating our series of books depicting our yearlong writing project with Saa’kokoto. The submissions are all based on our time together in the coulee listening to Saa’kokoto share stories of the land and its inhabitants. These books are truly a treasure to have.

    French Immersion Transition Plan

    On May 6 we are inviting all of the students transitioning from Varsity Acres and Banff Trail Schools to Tuscany School for the morning. We are designing 5 centres to help our new students become familiar with Tuscany School while bringing their voice to the design process. Staff of Tuscany School will be setting up a tipi under the careful eye and wisdom of our Elder, Saa’kokoto. He will be running one of the centres to discuss “moving camp” with the students. This entails stories about giving thanks to an area that has provided so much of its resources, beauty and nourishment before moving to another location. There are lessons about what the group needs to take with them and how they will bring their gifts with them to the next location. Mrs. Gainor and Mrs. Glowacki will be running centres around design thinking. One will be a chance to bring ideas and what is important from Varsity and Banff Trail Schools. The other will bring student voice to the design process of creating spaces that reflect the beauty of languages alive visually. Students will bring their thinking to the design process and see how they can influence the way Tuscany School can reflect multilingualism throughout the school. Mr. Jorgensen will run tours through the building so students can become familiar with what is already here and where things are. Students will be able to engage in conversation and have a snack during this time. I will be reading a story called “What do you do with a chance?” to look at ways we can bring our strength and courage to times of change and see opportunities presenting themselves.

    Our grade 4 students will be able to help guide the students as they work with Tuscany children from K-4 through the design thinking process. Our grade 4 leaders have shown themselves to be ready for the transition to middle school in the fall and will be excellent role models supporting children as they transition through the centres.

    Our students will spend the afternoon rotating through time with Saa’kokoto for tipi teachings. This way everyone will be able to receive greater understanding about the tipi and its important role in the lives of our Indigenous families.

    Volunteer Tea

    We are going to do something different this year with our Volunteer Tea dates. We know so many will be involved with the development of our Indigenous Opera that we would like to wait until later in June to host our Volunteer Tea. Some of you would like to be able to book time off from work to attend so I wanted you to know in advance. We will send out dates later in the month once we have confirmed dates and times.

    So enjoy the last of the snow and the warming of the earth in preparation of brand new growth. This is always a beautiful season to watch the buds form on the trees and Mrs. Batchelor pull out the tools for gardening, checking them for any repairs in preparation of what’s coming.

    Don’t forget to vote!​
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