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School Council | March Message
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CBE Spring Break Fundraiser
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Frequently Asked Questions | French Immersion

School Council | February Message

Kindness is One Size Fits AllWhile every day is a good day to be kind, we wear pink shirts on February 27th to mark the official PINK SHIRT DAY where we encourage friendship, kindness, inclusion and compassion. We were overwhelmed by the number of Be Kind t-shirt orders that we received last month and are looking forward to seeing everyone in PINK on February 27th!

Fun LunchFebruary's Fun Lunch is provided by Papa John's Pizza and will be on [...]

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Kindergarten Registration Starts on January 14, 2019 at all CBE Schools
More Students to Access High Quality CBE French Immersion Programs
Winter Celebration | December 19

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    Principal's Message

    March Message

    ​In like a lamb, out like a lion as the saying goes. We can be grateful for so many things and one is that the cold helps reduce harmful bugs and such that can plague us in the spring and summer. Another thing we can be grateful for is acclimatization. I now believe -17 feels balmy! I appreciate everyone’s patience in receiving my newsletter. We have been very busy over this past while and I would like to keep you all up to date on Tuscany news.
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    The Tuscany School Administrative Team had the opportunity to visit both Banff Trail School and Varsity Acres School to learn about Carnaval. At both sites we found the energy and enthusiasm by staff and students to be tremendous. The Carnaval events at both school environments demonstrated such a strong commitment to learning outcomes and design thinking by students and staff. We look forward to learning more about cultural components through our students coming into Tuscany School and the support of our System Assistant Principal, Ruth Radetzky.

    Ms. Radetzky has been spending a great deal of time between F. E. Osbourne School and Tuscany School helping us develop strong strategic plans for the creation of our dual track program. One of our next steps is to organize a field trip for students currently attending Varsity Acres School and Banff Trail School to come to visit Tuscany School. We would like to take the students through a similar process as we took the parents through on January 24th. This way children will work through components of what they value most about their current school, what they can become excited about by coming to Tuscany, leaving a legacy at their current schools and participate in the design of the way we become our new Tuscany School celebrating bilingualism at the heart of our school.  Our Elder Saa’kokoto will be one of the major leaders in this work to help children “move camp”.  His leadership, wisdom and guidance will help children work through the process of change through story telling and teachings. We are working on finalizing dates for this to happen as there are major events happening at all three schools and Elder Saa’kokoto is in great demand within Calgary Board of Education. We will find a date that will work for all and share that with you soon.

    The Blackfoot writing project continues to build in its momentum and students are moving into finishing their projects by March 21st. Saa’kokoto has been in twice during the writing process to listen to and provide feedback to students in the iteration phases. The students have been so excited to share their work with Saa’kokoto and delight in his arrival at the school. This has been such a powerful project for students to be immersed in the Blackfoot culture through traditional oral story telling and then share what they have learned from their Elder. Their knowledge of the Blackfoot culture and language has been so deeply felt by the school community and word has made its way out to the surrounding communities as well. Curiosity about how we are working with our Elder Saa’kokoto and the students of Tuscany School has led to great conversations far and wide. For this reason, we will be holding 3 shows of our opera “Na’as Heartbeat” during the first week of June. We are in the process of designing our invitations and posters to share with our interested audiences, inclusive of our families and outside interests.

    Opera work is coming along nicely. Our director, Lauren Woods, has been putting together ideas for staging the script. Her work with us officially begins mid April. In the meantime, Mrs. Gainor has created a spreadsheet that will help guide our need for parent volunteers through construction, artistic talent, costumes and an assortment of other duties as assigned. Once we have something firm in place we will be inviting all volunteers to join us in our work.

    Kris Demeanor and Darcy Turning Robe have recorded music and lyrics for the children to learn and they have been practicing this on a daily basis. Ms. Miller has been incorporating it through music classes to give as much exposure to the material as possible. Keep encouraging your children to sing to you at home as this will help them build more confidence and fluency around the lyrics and melodies.

    The last of our school wide field trips to the Glenbow will finish on March 15th with the grade 4 students. The Glenbow has been such an amazing place filled with information and artifacts helping us to build our understanding of the Blackfoot history and culture. We are thrilled to have had this opportunity to deepen our knowledge acquired through Saa’kokoto this year and extend it beyond our neighborhood. Our children are open hearted and feel a connection to the history, culture and the land in ways we could only hope for. Thank you to our parents for taking this journey with all of us as you have supported and encouraged us and learned along the way. When you invited Saa’kokoto to our School Council meeting in February it was so apparent that you are so open to learning and walking alongside while holding your child’s hand. My heart is full.​

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