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Hats off to CBE Schools for Cutting waste by the Ton
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Pumpkin Fest!
Halloween Boogie | A Tuscany School Council Dance

School Council | October Message

A message from Tuscany School Council

We hope that everyone's school year is off to a great start! The council started the year with successful welcome week activities, including delicious Starbucks coffee and hot chocolate on the first day of school. These events were sponsored by Sobey's, Starbucks, COBS and SPUD and were enjoyed by all who attended. We thank all of you for joining us in a fun way to start the year and we thank our sponsors [...]

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Walk to School Week
Important MyCBE/PowerSchool Update for Parents/Guardians

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    Principal's Message

    October Message

    Welcome to October and the wonderful weather that takes us from cotton shirts to snow pants in a matter of hours. We all love our seasons and hope they don’t all occur within one day this October.
    We started September in such a caring and beautiful way with a focus on our overarching theme “Many Voices, Shared Stories, One Land“. Our Elder Saa’kokoto came to take us all from our EDC (ages 3-5) through to grade 4 out into the coulee to listen to his masterful art of sharing storytelling through the lens of the Blackfoot culture. We immersed ourselves into the surrounding land, described by Saa’kokoto as Na’a’s art gallery. Na’a (Mother Earth) provided us with spectacular colours, rich aromas of the moist earth, plants and trees. Bird songs filled the air; during one of the sessions three hawks were flying above us calling out to each other. We could feel the changing air with its coolness. We gathered visual imagery, descriptive vocabulary, sensory experiences and beautiful stories to bring back with us to begin our year.
    ​​Our Elder is teaching us terms in Blackfoot and shares Na’a is the Blackfoot term for mother. So if your child comes home and shares this term with you it is one of great importance. Children will also be learning names of animals, plants, numbers and greetings as our journey grows. During our time on the land we have recorded stories shared with us and have access to audio recordings in Saa’kokoto’s voice. This allows us to revisit the stories hearing them from our Elder, Saa’kokoto; his first language is Blackfoot. The next series of dates spending time on the land with Saa’kokoto will be October 15, 16, and 17th.
    Our year will continue to build upon the rich connections of the oral traditions of the Blackfoot sharing stories used to teach all children the importance of home, family, community, responsibility and integrity to name a few. This journey enhances our work around the Circle of Courage with a focus on Belonging, Generosity, Independence and Mastery. 
    It also leads into the engagement of our students as recipients, recorders and creators of stories. Working with a master story teller children are able to hear the language, the voice inflection, and the sounds produced by the teller. They watch facial expressions and body language of the story teller creating interest. Children become familiar with characters and the lessons they learned and paint pictures in their imaginations. They can share the stories with themselves and other audiences recreating the experiences and then become the creators of stories enhancing them with the skills they learn. 
    The work with Calgary Opera Librettist Aaron Coates has begun. Aaron is visiting classrooms to glean ideas for the storyline of the opera created by the students this year. This also gives children the opportunity to make the connection of story telling through the lens of opera. All our work with Saa’kokoto contributes to the creating of our script. This will be developed over time.
    We can continue to draw upon the stories and characters to help our students relate to experiences and lessons learned. Teachers will continue to take children out on the land to immerse them in literacy and numeracy so watch for volunteer opportunities where you can join us. We will continue to share our work with you as the year rolls on.
    We want to continue to reinforce our commitment to a peanut free school. A number of our students have allergies to peanuts and while we work vigilantly to ensure the safety and security of all of our students we cannot do this without our parent community supporting us 100%. Please ensure your children are not bringing peanut products to school and label all sandwiches with WOW butter or a peanut free equivalent so the lunchroom staff know you are helping us keep children safe.
    I will be sending out a separate letter around Hallowe’en treats as these can cause a great deal of worry to staff and parents of children who have severe peanut allergies. I want to give everyone a “head’s up” around Hallowe’en candy. Keep the treats for home and send the nutritious snacks to school. This will help children consume in moderation and not have high sugar content during the school day. All of us appreciate your efforts to work as a strong community supporting the children as they grow and learn.
    Just a reminder to ensure your children are prepared for the weather whether they spend it indoors or outdoors. October can be highly unpredictable so we want students to be prepared to be outside whenever possible. Please label your children’s clothing and shoes. We find ourselves with a large number of articles of shoes, clothing, water bottles, containers and cutlery in our lost and found. We need help to reduce this collection this year and one way to do that is to return lost items to their rightful owners. We thank you in advance for looking after this.
    Please join us in welcoming Kathy Krause to our staff. Ms. Krause has taken over the duties of Lori Wilson Trent and has quickly become a member of the Tuscany family.
    We are also welcoming Kristal Spencer to our EDC. She is taking over for Emily Cadman who is moving to another school to work in grade 2. Ms. Cadman has been a gift to Tuscany School and we will miss her very, very much. We know she will be greatly appreciated by her new school and staff.
    Our first Professional Development Day is October 26th so we will not have school for students on that day. Staff will be engaged in professional learning all day and we want to remind you of this non-instructional day for your calendar convenience.
    Stay warm and dry and share lots and lots of stories.​
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