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Principal's Message

June 2018

​Dear Parents:
“The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover, to create {people} who are capable of doing new things.”
Jean Piaget​
“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela

June has always been a reflective time for me. Amidst all of the excitement and activity during this month, I tend to look back over the year and see how far we have travelled.

We started strong with teachers engaging in our literacy strategy as part of our school development plan goal. Teachers attended Literacy Network sessions, Literacy on the Land sessions and attended literacy professional development sessions throughout the year. Rosemary Nixon, Karen Gummo and Heather Mackay, our guest speakers were instrumental in providing students with masters in which to engage through conversation and analyzing their work at various stages. Michelle Woo joined the staff through our CIF grant money to help support the work within the classrooms. All of this supported work helped students to engage in building strong skills in understanding how we can express ourselves through visual literacy starting in kindergarten and building upon those skills and talents to write purposeful and meaningful documents in a variety of forms. Our Professional Learning Community meetings brought student work forward to share, analyze and engage in rich dialogue about teaching, learning, assessment and task design. The students and staff shared this work through conferences and celebrations of learning. Teachers went above and beyond the call to bring such focus and attention to the writing process and enriching the students’ experiences in every grade.

We have been part of Design the Shift cohort for some time now with Mrs. Gainor and Ms. Quennell starting us off. This year, three additional teachers attended the Design the Shift work throughout the year to continue to build capacity on staff. They were able to bring back tremendous learning to the staff and students throughout the grades to strengthen our ability to have a foundational understanding of the design thinking process, a deepened development of the design thinking mindsets within each and every classroom and help carry on the work of our collaborative professional learning community.

Our Learning Leaders continued to attend the Galileo network series of professional develop to help us build upon our knowledge of best practices. With a focus on learning intentions teachers were able to help students understand the importance of the work in which they were engaged and the “why” of the task. This work helped us to stay focused on the importance of task design and thorough assessment practices. We introduced the terminology of “calibration”. We shared this at School Council to help parents understand the 1-4 scale of achievement in the report card. To calibrate means we have a consistent understanding of each 1-4 indicator not only between grades but across schools at the same time. This has been part of our Professional Learning Community conversations to help us analyze student work consistently and share our understanding with parents in a clear and concise manner. 

Our work to engage in the Indigenous strategy continued with mural creations with Ryan Jason Allen Willert. The south facing panels depict Chief Mountain and the strong relationship with the Black and Grizzly Bears. We were very fortunate to have Ryan return in the spring to work on the next series of murals with the students. This series focuses on west and the importance of Grandmother Moon. The panels reflect the strong relationships with the otter, black bear, grizzly bear and buffalo. We will be finishing our series in the fall with the four panels focusing on the north.

We have been fortunate to work with our Elder Saa’kokoto throughout this year. Elder Saa’kokoto is a gifted story teller and has shared his wisdom and knowledge about the land through story telling. We will continue this work with Elder Saa’kokoto starting in the fall.

The Leighton Centre sent out artists to work with our children using a variety of medium to help enrich our study around trees. Brandie Cormier worked with our grade 4 students to create the beautiful mural on the garage door. The City of Calgary worked with the grade 4 students to create an artistic mural around trees during the early part of the year. All the talents on staff also contributed to the beauty of visual representation and literacy throughout the year and allowed us to share our work at the Gala. It was a grand display of the talents of all of our students. We had an added bonus on having donations from family members and community artists along with donations from outside the community. The incredible gift of artistic representation is so appreciated by the staff and students of Tuscany School. We want to thank everyone for the incredible showcasing of these talents.

We connected with the Sisterhood of Schools throughout the year attending events at both Twelve Mile Coulee School and Eric Harvie School to share our talents and appreciation of music and art. The Arbor Day celebration was another unique opportunity to bring all 4 schools together in the spirit of celebrating our strong, vibrant community through the gift of music. St. Basil choir, Twelve Mile Coulee jazz band, Eric Harvie eco club and the student population of Tuscany School all shared their beautiful musicwith our guests and each other. We welcomed Mayor Nenshi, Calgary Board of Trustee Chair Trina Hurdman, representatives from Sandra Jansen, our MLA’s office, our City Councillor, Ward Sutherland, members of the Calgary Board of Education and Calgary Catholic School board, Tuscany Community Association, Tuscany School Council Executive, Youth Council representatives and Administration from all 4 schools were in attendance. We were able to plant a Larch tree to replace the one lost two years ago along with having trembling aspen added to our area around the outdoor classroom. It was a special day for all of us and we were fortunate to have so many of our dignitaries in attendance to mark the day. Our Volunteer Tea was attended by near 200 people and we were able to share our tremendous appreciation for all of the incredible work accomplished by our volunteers. It warms my heart to see so many hold all of the children in this strong community safe in your arms. Through your work we all belong to each other, care for each other and continue to build and showcase the very heart of Tuscany every day.

I would like to recognize the extraordinary staff of Tuscany School. This has been a very busy year. Each and every staff member has leaned into the work with such positive energy, enthusiasm and engagement. When Mrs. Gainor was awarded the Conoco Phillips grant earlier in the year, Mrs. Glowacki was the first to say, “How can I help?” The next step invited teachers and students to join them in the work and in what seemed to be minutes but actually evolved over months, the Conoco Phillips project gained momentum leading children into analyzing the importance of space; its purpose, who uses it and how can students understand how to create designs that bring that space alive. Schoolwide field trips were completed, design prototypes were created, prototypes were tested and a Gathering Space was transformed. All of this was done by the entire staff and students engaged in rich learning experiences throughout the year. This is but one story of multiple stories in each class across the grades.

Our Support Staff has also brought their talents to the front of everything they do from our office staff, Mrs. Marriott and Mrs. Wilson-Trent, to the library with Mrs. Mansey, to our Educational Assistants Mrs. Ladouceur and Mrs. Soroff; to our Lunchroom personnel .

A special thank you goes out to our Mr. Zielke, who always goes the extra mile to look after our school, our staff and students and those who call this building their home away from home. We thank him for all of his hard work.

As we finish these days in June, Tuscany School wants to wish you a wonderful summer, safe travels and love and laughter along the way.


Cindy White, Principal

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